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Still stuck on the first level =/

After managing to avoid both the switches and land near the thwomp, I am now stuck with nothing to do except let the timer run out.

Help pl0x?
How about one relying on chasing a mushroom all the way to the end of a level, with more creative things than just a path and noteblocks. Maybe creative use of shells/shell jumping to bump the mushroom places?
I'd say springboard and shells too, fantastic difficulty curve, "difficult" kaizo levels without puzzles or the need for frame advance are hard to come by, but what I like best.

Also, survival challenge.
Yet another question, on latest post.

Another Question: When you finish your TAS, I assume you click "record avi" and save that file. Problem is, it says that the file is like a million kb, and will take 160 minutes to upload to youtube, which is ridiculous. It's nothing to do with my internet connection, and I'm clearly doing something wrong. Does anyone know a way to decrease the file size so I can upload within minutes? Thanks in advance.

I apologize if I am in the wrong forum, but it seems as if the most knowledgeable in this area would be here. Basically, I've just started wanting to tas seriously, so I downloaded Snes9x v1.51, and I'm not sure how this frame advance works.

I expected you to be able to hold what ever keys you need to for a frame, then press whatever you've configured to be the frame advance key to go to the next frame, but it won't let me hold other buttons and then press my frame advance key; I have to press it without holding anything else, which seems to defeat the object.

Could someone please explain what I'm doing wrong, many thanks in advance.

Edit: I've also seen people using the "save screenshot" key over "save#" but I'm not entirely sure how to load, or switch between screenshots using the former. A brief explanation would be appreciated.
You could make a springboard and shells esque big boo (hopping around on the eerie), with more than 1 screen? Could stick in some invisible blocks (outlined ones), could even make boo fire stuff at you. Maybe several stages of boo, to catch out the people expecting it to be simple? Just my input.
Could level 7 be broken in the last room by using the shell to duplicate the yoshi block and get an invisible yoshi?
I've just done a TAS of this if you're interested in seeing it. The speedrun ends before the purple boo room, since that has no exit. I included the automatic level in the video though since I thought that was pretty neat.
I don't know a lot about lunar magic, but the platform tile isn't actually part of mario, it just seems to sit above him. I can duck when I'm big mario and see me ducking, with the platform still floating above me where it was.
It seems I can't view this in lunar magic? I'd like to have a look at it all before I go ahead and play it.
Is anyone currently working on a tas, or even a playthrough of this? I'd love to see a video.
Posting what I've noticed:

In Yoshi's house, the room before the one with the killblock face, the pipe is cutoff and you can enter it from below, not sure if intentional.
Release your WIP? :D
1st level, bit where you have 2 green shells before the jump, 1 failed to spawn. I thought I had missed something but I checked lunar magic, and for some reason only 1 spawned instead of 2.
Also, is an "edge" hack now an official sub-genre? Or it is just a joke between various tas-ers?

I would assume kaizo hacks to be just difficult levels, savestates highly advised, harder kaizo hacks may need slowdown in some points.

Pit hacks are generally played with slowdown on all the time, possibly requiring frame advance at a few points, several savestates are a must.

Edge hacks, if an actual genre, seem to push the limits of the game and what frame advance can do. Most notable aspects would be the use of shelljumping repeatedly across a floor of munchers before hitting the ground, difficult midair block duplication, and keysurfing (grabbing and letting go every other frame)
Despite the interesting graphics, I saw that most, if not all of the levels I played were just edited levels from the original. The bit with the 3 layers of invisible coin blocks after the pokeys weren't fun, and I stopped playing there.
You've clearly thought a lot about the storyline (after the creation of the levels I assume), but that doesn't make it any more fun to play =( sorry.
Found a few little breaks:
The goomba jump is very possible without the first bullet bill coming in.
With the black fuzzy thing (what are they called?) I assume you're supposed to duplicate the block and have it roll over so you can spin jump off of it? The jump to the bit with the note blocks is also possible without doing that, just by getting running speed and using the shell to land on the 1 square platform, you can jump all the way over to the ledge with the note blocks, with 49 speed.

I'm doing a (poor) tas of this atm =)
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