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Another neat thing I found, after you get the mushroom in the first room, and become small and have to spin jump with the shell onto those 1 square ledges, you can actually throw the shell off, bounce off it, and regrab it in midair and land on the next square. I know you said it was an old pit hack, but if you wanted to make it harder or revive it, sticking munchers or something there might be something that would interest you.

(red arrows not needed, blue arrow I didn't touch the lower ground)
After going through all my old hacks I had downloaded, played this again, still stuck on the intro. Screenscrolled both ways, went as far right as possible, no help. Also, are there any videos of this?
I think this is a fantastic idea. I've been wanting to make a kaizo hack for a while but could never be bothered, so this will encourage me. Plus it should prompt a flood of interesting hacks to download, like the last one did.

(you should be a judge)
I don't think we can choose a leader, unless he/she was like the only moderator.

imo, Gbreeze, Sokoban and tfb should be the judges, mix of difficult and creative hacks and plays.
I did actually think about suggesting tfb as a judge, because I think he is an incredible pit hack designer. Despite his lack of literacy, his TASing skill/knowledge will aid in the judging of the hacks in the difficulty contest.

I completely forgot about sadistic designer. Maybe 4 judges?
So. Gbreeze is happy to be a judge, Soko you in? I'm guessing anyone that has been mentioned should be judge-worthy.

Should we have 2 categories, creative and difficulty, and participants can enter into either (or both, if they have enough time to make 2), or just submit 1 hack, and is judged on creativity, difficulty, aesthetics, fun, etc collectively. All hacks must be submitted within 20 days of a new official thread being made?

I think tfb means creative as is creative use of having to keep running speed in places, and having to chuck shells in crazy ways. As far as jumping about and pushing the use of purely shells to the limit (as far as I've seen from videos), it's creative. In terms of the possibilities of Super Mario World as a game, all the things you can do with it and originality, it's not creative at all.

Peoples descriptions are all relative.
What were the specifics of the last contest? Like criteria for the hacks and how they will be judged?
Does someone want to make an official "this is happening, here are the rules, lets go, start making hacks nao" thread, or shall we keep talking =P
When I'm recording a movie (movie record), then ragequit and want to come back to the same movie and carry on with it later... how do I do that? I can play the movie I had made up until the point where I stopped, then how do I extend my recorded input without neglecting my previous recorded input?

I've been wanting to TAS a lot of things, and now I've finally found the time to start, and when I returned to continue my play of ga2, my fingers like broke on me and lost my immense progress (getting the first key). Any help is much appreciated :D
Well since you said Ultimaximus was too busy to host an official one, and I haven't seen any other mods lurking, I guess there is no possibility of confirmation, so basically it's down to someone to start an "Unofficial 2012 kaizo contest" thread looks at sokobansolver
Ta muchly.
Finish or upload nao =P Also which level (on lm) is the "hard" one?
Is it possible to walljump from any angle as long as you've got 32 speed? For example this:
Which format do you recommend and where do I get a decent converter?
I've made a short video if anyone is interested =)
Originally posted by GbreezeSunset
Originally posted by ShadowDragon121
I got to the end of the room 1
How do you get in the door?

Oh, there's a glitch that allows you to half-enter the screen by having a item (such as the key) push you. So after you get the key from the dragon coin, bring the p-switch and key and yoshi, and let the key or p-switch or whatever push you enough to go into the door.

The 1st room is one of the hardest rooms.. if you get past that it's all not too hard really. I wasn't aiming for "the hardest pit hack ever".. I was more aiming for "the coolest pit hack ever" :P

How would you get the p-switch over to the door, since you need to press the p-switch to get past the invisible block, assuming the yoshi+blue shell bit is a break. In other words, exactly how did you intend people to play this level?
I've been thinking. What's the hardest game ever? Like of anything ever ever and stuff. There used to be the fad of "I wanna be the guy" being so ridiculously hard as nails, and famous for just that. It was playable on its own, but as soon as tools were introduced, it became easier than the original kaizo mario. The hacks people make and release using this website are far beyond comparison to "regular" games people would play on a console. So difficult in fact, that using intense slowdown and even frame advance can still keep a game at a very high difficulty. I personally have seen difficulty hacks of at least 7 other games, and none of them even compare to the standard shown in Super Mario World hacks. If any knows of any game or hack comparable to these hacks, please inform me as I'd love to know. Could the hacks posted on here enter the guinness book of records for the official "Hardest game ever"?

So I ask you this: What is the hardest game ever? Item Abuse? Living on the edge? WoDM? Pitiless? Glitch Abuse? Wii sports?

After watching walljump abuse, I'd say in terms of difficulty, that does indeed look like the hardest, closely followed by glitch abuse 2, and then maybe LotE. Pitiless is in its own category, seeing as it's although apparently fiendishly difficult, and has complicated puzzles that even the best TASers have given up on. So while walljump abuse and pitiless feature entirely different types of difficult, they both deserve to be at the top spot.

I've seen a couple of videos of WoDM, and a few people have said that glitch abuse 2 is "easy, you should try WoDM" but they may just be haters. We will just have to wait until it is released.

Back to the original question, is there any game from ANY other franchise that could compete with these?
Edit: I think the hunger games is pretty tricky.
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