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Unrelated, but I just saw Jerry's avatar below his name... Dat cloud, scares me so much, I remember he was a complete bastard to beat.
How do you supposedly travel downwards with a key? Like you are grabbing it very quickly then letting go, etc. I've heard you hold down something for alternating frames, but not sure exactly what. Help would be appreciated.
inb4 gbreeze tas' with the new found breaks.

My exams will be over in a few weeks, and I'm thinking of starting my first ever hack. I have very clear ideas for want I want to be in the game, yet have no knowledge of lunar magic, so it's going to be fun learning about how to use it. From what I've picked up from other threads and hacks, decent ideas I plan to incorporate are:

-Having 1 life, requiring you to get all 100 coins in the level up until the halfway mark, die, and respawn on the next part of the level (will need revising, ie coins reset upon entering level, be careful with shell juggling to gain lives, etc).
-Having to juggle yourself via 2 shells, while lava flows up and down, so you don't die. Will progress to required walljumping, and staying airborne with the use of only 1 shell, which is possible but very difficult (I could only manage 4 shell jumps, see my youtube account for visual).
-Having to juggle a mushroom (or 2) using a cape; not sure how to incorporate this yet.
-Controlling a coin snake while walljumping; I have tried my best to create a layout that will avoid any breaks, involving a floor made out of brown blocks, and a p-switch in a ditch with an invisible coin block above, requiring the player to p-switch jump instantly so it cannot be taken with.
-Underwater wallcatch door/pipe entry.

This is not a "request for ideas because I'm too lazy to make up my own/stuck for ideas" thread, more like if there is anything creative, or more importantly fiendish, that you would like to see in a pit hack.

Don't expect this anytime soon, or even at all, but it would be nice to share things people have always wanted to see in a hack.

Originally posted by GbreezeSunset
If you want to I'll PM you some glitches I found to use in pit hacks, which I won't release to everyone cause I'm using them in my Item Abuse 2 TAS

That would be cool, send me a message on youtube.
Newest question: I'm at sprinting speed with a shell and a p-switch. I need to jump, drop the p-switch, jump off of it with the shell, and then shell jump from there. How do I drop and jump off the p-switch while keeping running speed? I've tried letting go 2 frames before my speed is 47, then 6/5ing to try and catch up with the p-switch, but I just can't. The only way I can catch up is if I let my speed stay at 49, but then I can't resume running speed after. Help please =/


That is the 3rd frame I've held up for, and the 4th frame I've been facing away from the wall, still isn't working =(
read 4c
New question at top.
So I don't need to press forward on a frame or anything? Literally just fall into the block at 49 speed, and hope for the best, since I don't understand all this subpixel business. Would it be worth learning about lua script and stuff before attempting this, or just try randomly?
I seriously can't do it by just randomly trying, and I clicked a link on tasvideos to the lua script, didn't understand much, so I'm pretty much screwed =/

I've managed to get 49x speed and at least 33 y speed when hitting the corner, do I need to hit pretty much bang on the corner or like a tiny bit higher/lower?

For example, I'm not clipping =(

I decided to try jumping on all the different frames possible while reaching 49x and 33y, while beginning to hold right on all the different frames during those jumps, and also altered the time I held jump in midair to sstay airborne longer, and still haven't done it, so trial and error has failed me. This whole lua script is baffling me and screwing up things as I needed to download a new emulator so I'm way out of my comfort zone. So, I've quit doing this bit lol, going to leave it to shadowdragon who is collabing this with me. If he can't do it... May God have mercy on us all.
Pit of despair/death and item abuse are iconic pit hacks, yet are outclassed by several other pit hacks previously mentioned.
When does the lava kill you? I have no specific knowledge, but I'm assuming as long as the block boundary isn't the same pixel as the lava-death boundary, the answer should be yes.
I know close to nothing about this, but are you positive you can do it when the shell is upside down?

All of this happens the frame before my speed hits 0. When standing against the wall, I have 130xposition, so 132xposition and 240subpixel (which is F0) should be perfect.

But I'm just not clipping. Any advice please?
In order to walljump, your xspeed needs to be at least 33, and you must be travelling with some downwards momentum. You must jump at the wall between 2 block boundaries, doesn't matter which way you are facing as long as your going fast enough. It may take several attempts, but eventually when you hit the wall you will "catch" it; it will seem like you are standing on something. This will only happen for 1 frame, so you need to jump on that frame (press the jump button a couple of frames before it).

Here a tutorial by bobmario511:

On my channel (HoorayForJay) I have tutorials on 2 different types of one-sided walljumping (for when you get comfortable with walljumping). One-sided walljumping enables you to practically scale a vertical wall by repeatedly walljumping.

Hope this helped =)
Easy, get sprinting speed (not sure if you need 49) and duckjump so you catch the wall in the top corner. When you catch that wall stand up straight away, and try running into the wall, should get pushed through it.

Do you know how to do the next bit with the yoshis? I don't =/
Originally posted by SoulJester726

EDIT: Landing here is the most difficult thing in wall jumping to perform. Took me about 3 hours to confirm it was possible, but recreating it only takes about five minutes, which is still longer then any other one takes.

It is really hard to explain all the factors that go into making this possible, you will just have to take my word for it that it is the most difficult wall jump. However I was planning on making a tutorial on how to do this. If I do, I will link it here.

Is the fact that it's a p-switch the thing that makes it hard? Or is it hard with any 2 items?

I also heard that you ragequitted at glitch abuse 2. I'd like to see you beat our time when we're done tasing it (because I know it's going to happen). Surprised that me and shadowdragon, 2 relative noobs, have gotten to level 6, which is furthest anyone has got since it's release. Should have got more attention, it's a lovely hack.
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HoorayForJay's Profile - Posts by HoorayForJay

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