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Tip: Yoshi wings take you to level C8 or 1C8. Which one you get depends on the overworld level you're in.Not logged in.
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Why did you lose respect for gbreeze? The whole "Alex" thing? Personally, I think glitch abuse 2 is very challenging, but remains more or less fair throughout. I haven't played a lot of pitiless; only up to the room with the mushroom on the left in the munchers, sort of gave up working it out since I'm not great with puzzle hacks. Did you smv desync completely or just half of it? I'd love to see what you've done so far even if it isn't much, just to see how it's solved.
In other news, this shell jump has been irritating me for a while now, just can't seem to get enough height while still being able to re-grab the shell:
Glitch Abuse 2 is longer and prettier than lote. If lote is harder, then completing ga2 should be a good form of "practise", since I'd like to at least give lote a go. I really want to see a video/solution to most of pitiless since I'm crap with working out puzzle hacks.

Back to the other hilarious topic of tfb pouting, he sent alex his tas folder... then what happened?
I'm on level 10 atm, boo is on level 20, so we'll find out soon enough :D
I can't do it either =/ inb4 gbreeze didn't test it and has to edit it and we have to do the room again.

Btw, the first jump with the springboard, how did you do it? I put the shell on the edge, and got running speed with the springboard, then just ran off the edge and continued, but getting running speed seemed to take too long.

I believe this is what shadowdragon is on about. I can't bloody do the clip either, even with these values. Maybe they only apply to big/caped mario? Also caped corner clipping is going to be so much easier...
According to the picture, the furthest I can go is 10x, 240sub, and then I pressed right for 1 frame, and 2 frames later (when I start moving) the first frame my feet move I'm at 11x and 0sub, so I'm assuming that's what I need to hit.

ps. I don't use lua, so all I know is 240sub = F0.
Only the second to last image appears on this thread, but you can just right click, open image in new tab, and it works.

This is frustrating, why isn't it working?

yczedit: dear lord that is one huge image, please don't post it directly in the thread like that
Only just realised who you are lol. You don't grab both, you grab one and chuck it upwards, then quickly grab the other and jump out of there. Just try different frames, I didn't find it too hard so there must be something you are doing wrong.
I just realised you're small. I don't even know if it's possible when you're small. After the bit with the p-switches, you should get hit in by the munchers, but pick up the flower from your reserve and hop through the munchers while you're still invincible, then the glitch should be far easier.
I use the non-lua version of snes9x 1.51. I've tried 1.43 and the lua version of 1.51, but little things stress me out and I think I'm sticking with my current version.
40000 O_O Jesus you must be optimising like crazy, we're on level 11 or so at 40000 re-records, you are gonna smash our time I think, but hopefully we'll get dibs on "first glitch abuse 2 completion" =P
The red level is level 5 out of 20 levels, 3 anti-break rooms, and 1 boss.

We started it about a month ago, on level 11 now, so yeh it feels like forever.
Do you need to do the whole turn around in midair then chuck it behind you then bounce off it, or do you have enough height to just touch it so it gets kicked, then jump off it that way?
Another weird problem we had, in the 64 speed room of your hack, we needed to kick a shell, so we pressed ABAB from savestate. That made us end up spin jumping on the shell. So we tried pressing BABA from the savestate, which made us kick the shell, but ended up spin jumping off the end of the floor, making it impossible.

BUT. I entered the door to the level 1 frame later, and everything worked out fine. I have no idea why that worked.
I think I'm being an idiot...

First level, after the triple bullet bill jump, a bullet bill appears and there's 2 thwomps to the right of me. What do I do to get across?
There's already an lp and a tas of this, in case you didn't know.
idk, literally type "super seamus world 3" in youtube, loads of results.
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HoorayForJay's Profile - Posts by HoorayForJay

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