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Tip: If you set the upper tile of the door to act like the lower tile, two-tile-high doors can be entered even while riding Yoshi.
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Round 2-1

[ GldMsh ][ ? ][ x2 ][ MtlMsh ][ ? ][ x2 ][ 10 ][ W ]
[ ? ][ 2 ][ ? ][ x2 ][ 10 ][ ? ][ 5 ]
Bank - 212 coins

Oh Pieguy314 found a win block!

pieguy314 - 212 coins
Fabio - Metal Mushroom


Here you will only find three 50 coins, two multipliers, two win blocks, and two bowser blocks.

pieguy314 - 212 coins
Fabio - Metal Mushroom

Hum... This blank space is no longer blank.

50, x3, 50 and another 50..
You found all three already?
Bank - 250 coins

pieguy314 - 212 coins
Fabio - Metal Mushroom

Hum... This blank space is no longer blank.
Oh yay, an spc thread. :V

ShiverStar Theme - Kirby 64

Shiver Star's theme is one of my favorite Kirby themes. :P

Hum... This blank space is no longer blank.
I'm using Romi's Addmusic. This is my first time using it. My problem is that when I go to the level with the custom music it freezes at "Mario Start." This is all that I did.

I expanded the rom, opened opened cmd.exe in the addmusic folder, typed "Addmusic.exe smw.smc LEVEL"
Then I typed, "Addmusic.exe smw.smc -se" because it needed the nspc patch.

I opened Lunar Magic changing the music to 21, saved.
I then played the rom in my emulator, went to the level and it freezes at "Mario Start."

I also patched the MORE.asm on the first page of this thread.

Hum... This blank space is no longer blank.
I ported another song. :V
Paper Mario - Wish of the Princess


Edit: Oh and if anyone is wondering, I made that makeshift chorus using @2 and @3. Both use the adsr command,
$ED $49 $ED.

Hum... This blank space is no longer blank.
Eh, I might as well post a few things.

A spell card I made for Utusho I made.

Subterranean Solarflare
This would be normal mode.

And this is showing a few things, Utsuho firing bullets in the style of how she fired them in Touhou 11, flying across the screen, shooting bullets. This also shows graphics I made.

I made the bullets, the hex(circle around Utsuho), the frame and Reimu's focus graphics(the stuff around Reimu.)

I'm intimidated by the other images. o.o
Last minute entry anyone?

Here are a few spc of ports I have done recently:

River Belle Path from Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles:
With samples:
River Belle Path S
Without samples:
River Bell Path

Manta Storm from Super Mario Sunshine with samples:
Manta Storm

In this section I'll show some older ports, but the better of the bunch:

Light track from Kirby Air Ride:

Forever Forest from Paper Mario 64:
Forever Forest

Now some pictures of a project I have been working on:

Here is an animated .gif of coins and blocks I made as well as fg gfx:

And a picture of the overworld:

*note the proportion error at the middle top has already been fixed.

I hope you all enjoyed viewing these. :P
Thanks for the comment. :)

Here are a few more spcs:

Battle Rock Galaxy from Super Mario Galaxy
Battle Rock Galaxyv1.7

Gate Way Galaxy from Super Mario Galaxy
Gat Way Galaxyv1.15

Riolu, to get to the secret meadow in both worlds; right down up right down.

As for sheik's hideout, I forget how to get to the big chest, but if you go to the highest floor, there will be a large hole that you can walk on and fall in to the floor below.

Hum... This blank space is no longer blank.
AHHH! Why wasn't I informed earlier?? I'm joining! Sign me up.

Hum... This blank space is no longer blank.
Oh. Hmm. There is a download at doujinsoft, but that would require everyone that isn't registered to register.

Plus that person would also need to update to version 1.10, link to SWR, and maybe get the english patch.

Hum... This blank space is no longer blank.
Is the tournament dead?

*a few hours later*
Edit: Alright, I'm kinda getting annoyed at how slow this is going...
I doubt you can upload folders.
I have never, ever had to install hisoutensoku, neither has anyone I know.
If you need administrative power to install an extracting device, get permission from whoever has the administrative powers.

Here is link to a post earlier in the thread.

And a repost of the Hisoutensoku main page.
Hisoutensoku Main Page

Hamachi using:

Ok I made a network in hamachi for all of us to use.
What you do is go to network>join an existing network
For ID put:
SMWC Hisoutensoku
For Password put:

Ok now to play against another person, one person hosts and the other connects to the host.
The hoster will tell the opponent what the port number is.
(almost always 10800.)

Now for the opponent to connect:
Copy the hoster's Hamachi IP and port like this
(using mine as an example)
After you do that choose the 5th selection in Networking in Hisoutensoku after the hoster has started hosting.

There may be several problem when connecting;
You may not have an updated hisoutensoku, you may have internet problems, etc.

I hope this all helps...

Hum... This blank space is no longer blank.
Oh ok cool, I hope you get it all working. :P

Hum... This blank space is no longer blank.
*Random art post*
Going for touhou-ish texture style.
Original character, etc. etc.

Some random art:

Icy Background

Abstract Background

Fractal Background

And a Painting I'll probably never finish

U no take my art k?
Hey if we can't get two more players I made a bracket for the tourney for 14 people. (Assuming we are using a bracket.)

I also made random pairs of people for this bracket.
Edit: Also again, it will be best for everyone participating in the tourney to join this network in hamachi to make it easier to communicate and proceed with the matches of this tourney.
SMWC Hisoutensoku
password is

Hum... This blank space is no longer blank.
I already made a hamachi channel for the tournament. Two people have already joined the channel.
Channel ID: SMWC Hisoutensoku
Password: touhou

Hum... This blank space is no longer blank.
Sniggerb0bble, Teff007 could delay your match, that is if it is ok with whomever you are fighting.

Hum... This blank space is no longer blank.
There is still five of you who aren't in hamachi. >.<
There are eleven people in it now for this tournament.
In hamachi join
SMWC Hisoutensoku
Password is

Hum... This blank space is no longer blank.
So, I won against Lucas and stuffs. :<
I'm not going to make any presumptions.
*glares at Teff* :V

So, do I need to give you the replays?

Hum... This blank space is no longer blank.
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