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Do I not have any say in this? I mean, I fight the winner of this match that may be held back. :<

Hum... This blank space is no longer blank.
Alrighty, I won against Gemini for round 2.

Hum... This blank space is no longer blank.
Originally posted by Teff666
To Whoever that owns the Hamachi Room:

Since I still don´t have the Internet reconnected, please erase all of my usernames until new advice.

Request Accepted.
Lol this round is going slow. :V

Hum... This blank space is no longer blank.
I won against Idiot9.0.

Hum... This blank space is no longer blank.
That is unfortunate. :/
But, that doesn't mean you can't join the hamachi room.
SMWC Hisoutensoku ;network name
touhou ;password

Hum... This blank space is no longer blank.
I won. :D
It was a close five matches. Yes, five.

The first match was between me, Yuyuko and Raibys, Yukari.
I won the first match.

The second was me, Yukari and Raibys, Komachi.
I won again.

The third match was me, Tenshi and Raibys, Patchy.
Raibys won.

The fourth match was me, Yukari and Raibys, Patchy.
Raibys won again. (I was scared. <:V)

And the final match was me, Yuyuko and Raibys, Patchy after three rounds I won.


Hum... This blank space is no longer blank.
I guess I'll start posting some art here.
I drew Mary from the game Ib.

Hum... This blank space is no longer blank.
I put a lot of thought into what I value in games, why I like them,
and what makes them better than others in my mind. It wasn't easy at all. #ab{:P}
Here is my top 15:

#15 Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past

Just because Link to the Past is the last on this list doesn't mean I don't like it!
There are plenty of other games that aren't on this list that I love.
What isn't there to like about this game? (Aside from Zelda's Link's pink hair.)
It has great music and lots of dungeons to explore and conquer with many items at your disposal.
Ocarina of Time won't be on this list, it ended up being #16! It was really hard to decide what took #15.


#14 Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow

When I was younger and had a SNES and N64, I never knew of the Castlevania games.
I was first introduced to Castlevania through Castlevania Aria of Sorrow
when my brother borrowed it from a friend, never returned it, and then moved out.
It is currently in my possesion.
I first played Dawn of Sorrow this year when I borrowed it from a friend,
but this time I did return it after beating the game. :v
I really enjoyed Aria of Sorrow's gameplay, so I was pleased when I played Dawn of Sorrow.


#13 Pokemon Puzzle League

I'll be honest, I was young and I had no idea what game
this was all that mattered was it had Ash and Pikachu on it.
Puzzle games have always been my favorite gaming genre, they
usually have simple controls and they can be difficult to master.
Aside from a few tracks, the music in this game is great.
All of them are instrument versions of the music they made for the first season of Pokemon.
My favorite one being the instrumental version of Double Trouble.
Like the main Pokemon games you will fight 8 gym leaders and the elite four,
except you will fight them in puzzle battle. There is also the Spa
Service mode where you will chase Team Rocket who are dressed in a
variety of disguises. Overall this is one of my favorite puzzle games.


#12 Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles will forever be one of my favorite multiplayer games.
Even if you don't have people to play with, it is still a great game!
The music is fantastic, it looks good, and really fun to play!

-Incoming Mario Games-

#11 Mario Party 2

Mario Party 2 will forever be one of my favorite multiplayer games.
Even if you don't have people to play with, it is still a great game!
Déjà vu? Nonsense!
The music in Mario Party 2 is my favorite of the series.
I mean just listen to it!


#10 Paper Mario & Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door

I just could not decide which one was better than the other. So both of these games take #10.
Who doesn't like the Paper Mario series with their charming graphics,
wonderful music, and memorable characters?
How could you forget him?!

Well maybe not Rip Cheato, but there are plenty of other characters!


#9 Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2

Though I prefer Super Mario Galaxy 1 over Super Mario Galaxy 2, I'm ranking both for #9.
This beautiful masterpiece is one of the greatest games made on the Nintendo Wii.
Music is one of the big things that determines whether I like a game or not,
and this one has fantastic music.


#8 Super Mario Sunshine

Your eyes do not deceive you; I do like Super Mario Sunshine more than Super Mario Galaxy.
One of the reasons this one topped SMG is because it has a more in depth story.
Mario and Peach vacation on Isle Delfino. Mario is blamed for the pollution Shadow Mario causes.
Another reason why I liked it more was because of F.L.U.D.D. It was different,
but a good difference from other 3D Mario platformers. The characters were unique,
the music was great, and it made you feel like you really were vacationing on an island paradise.


#7 Mischief Makers

Some of you that already know me probably would of guessed this title being on the list.
This is Mischief Makers! (I don't like the English box art, so I chose the Japanese box art.)
It is about Professor Cleo and Marina, his robot maid, who are visiting Planet Clancer.
Professor Cleo is kidnapped by the Empire and Marina has to rescue him and defeat
the Empire who are attacking the Clancers. Your main method of attack is grabbing, shaking, and throwing.
Whether you throw an object at an enemy or an enemy at another enemy, it doesn't matter.
There is nothing that will not be "SHAKE! SHAKE!"d.


#6 Banjo Kazooie

Who could forget the story of the bear and the bird?
Item Collecting


#5 Fire Emblem Path of Radiance & Radiant Dawn

I've been a fan of Fire Emblem since Fire Emblem on the GBA. Fire Emblem Path of Radiance
and its sequel Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn really take the cake of the Fire Emblem series.
For those of you who are not familiar with Fire Emblem, it is a series of Strategy RPGs.
If you want to try a Fire Emblem game, Fire Emblem Sacred Stones for the GBA,
is a good one to start with.


#4 Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword

Oh I don't even know where to start on how much I love this game.
Its music is fantastic, it is beautiful, its controls are sharp, and its story is amazing.
It is the best Zelda game I have ever played.


#3 Mario Kart 7

I've invested so much time into the Mario Kart series. Alone I've spent 160 hours playing Mario Kart 7.
God only knows how much time I spent playing Mario Kart Wii, Mario Kart Double Dash,
Mario Kart 64, and Super Mario Kart but, why did I choose Mario Kart 7?
They all have the items, the characters, and the multiplayer.
I chose Mario Kart 7, because of its portability. If I ever want to play it I can just
take it out and start racing. I can even online if I can access it.


#2 Tetris

Ah Tetris, the perfect puzzle game. It is simple in controls and is difficult to master.
Everyone should know about Tetris. :v
#1 was the only thing that could ever beat Tetris.
When I made this list Tetris was #1, but now thinking more I literally just switched them while typing this.


#1 Touhou Project

Some of you already knew this was going to be high on the list.
Touhou is a continuing series of verticle shmups (Shoot Em' Ups) and fighting games.
It has wonderful music and charming, memorable characters.
Aside from the many hours playing Touhou games, it also peaked my interest in
anime farther than what it was before. It also drove me to get better at drawing and playing the piano.
I may of never met some people in real life if I never found Touhou.
It is safe to say that life would be very different if I never found Touhou.
Because of all of this I also thank SMWC.
Twenty days in the making and I finally finished this!


Everything seen in 100% made by me, including the background. #w{=D}
Whoo I completed another piece!
This is Mamizou Futatsuiwa.


AQ: Paper Mario: TTYD
Paper Mario: TTYD
Cool stuff so far and stuffs.

Hum... This blank space is no longer blank.
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