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I'm having trouble thinking of one.
Any ideas?
Please don't give me plain and boring names like "Super Difficult World" or "Difficult Mario World", I want one that's creative, and interesting.
I downloaded this custom BGM from the music section. There are loops all over the MML that make one part of the music play over and over again, and when I remove them, the song gets messed up.

What can I do to get rid of the loops, and have the music sound like it should?
Check the level mode in the header.
If it's set to an improper level style, the level won't function properly.
I've tried everything I can to even it out, but nothing has worked.

Here's the MML.
Originally posted by omegazeroINFI
why would you wanna remove loops in the first place?

Because they make the same part or tune of the song play over and over again, and I want the full song to play.
I just called it Super Mario World -Z-, it was the best name I could think of, so I don't need any more name ideas.

I posted the first 9 levels on my YouTube channel if anyone is curious about what the hack is like.

Thanks anyway.
You know how in the original Super Mario World, after you defeat Bowser, the credits show up? Is there a way to activate the credits after a different boss fight?

I've learned something from TASes.
Block off all the walls with kill blocks.
You can always just wall-jump your way through hacks.
<---- Sonic fanboy

I do really hope Tails will be in it.
Do I add it in somewhere in the expression?
As much as I really like Sonic 2006, I agree with you.
I just think the game play could have been a little less messy.
I'm trying to change the music of the title screen.
I press "CTRL + G", then typed in "x018c7", and it takes me to the area where I SHOULD see "A9 01".

Where I expected to see "A9 01", I saw "0A 22". In fact, all the hex numbers are changed, and are in different places than the last time I inserted music into the title screen.

So which hex number do I change? Changing the 22 didn't work.
Originally posted by WhiteYoshiEgg
And don't forget to edit x018C8 back to 22, no never know what might go wrong otherwise.

I always change the hex code back if it doesn't work.
I'm also using HuFlungDu's AddMusic, what hex number do I change?
Alright then.
In the .INI file, it says "TitleMusic=01".
I'm not sure what to change the 01 to.
Alright, I got it to work.
Such as, have 2 events for the same level or something like that. One for the normal exit, and one for the secret exit.
If there's another way then just let me know.
Wait, so if the event for the normal exit is 4, then the event for its secret exit is 5?
This is a hack I'm currently working on.
I haven't started working on any of the levels yet, but I want some feedback and suggestions. I have a couple palette edits to show.
The palette edits aren't supposed to make sense, by the way.

That's all for now.
Post your thoughts.
You know what's funny?
The excuse for the world not ending is "HURRR, ENOUGH PEOPLE PRAYED TO GAWD THAT IT DIDN'T HAPPEN, LOLOLOLOL!!!"
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