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Love the aesthetics here, it's hard to see a redrawn hack that's both consistent and good-looking nowadays. The non-linear overworld is interesing, looking forward to see how that plays out.
Somehow made it in time. HAVE FUN


-Two fun, brand new levels!
-Nonlinear experience, choose your own path!
-Unique gimmicks while keeping the good old, fan-favorite VLDC flavor!
-Classic visual style!


Fantastic work, all levels seem to be both visually appealing and fun to play. Shame you couldn't get it done on time, but it's certainly better than rushing out an untested full release. Looking forward to playing it!
Can't wait to win (or at least finish my level for once) #smw{:TUP:}
Looks solid so far. Only suggestion I have is altering the tree platforms in the second level, they should stand out a bit more from the leaves (just making them brighter should work).
Alternatively, could most downloaded be replaced by either highest rated or a random list of current featured hacks? Both sound harder to mess with (the latter in particular).
Hotline Miami - Knock Knock
OFF - minuit a fond la caisse
Persona 5 - Rivers in the Desert
Request type: Sprite

A Thwomp that falls down when you jump while it is onscreen rather than when you get near it, but acts the same as a regular Thwomp otherwise. Ideally should use a different palette row to differentiate it from a regular Thwomp.
Design seems fine, but the level looks a bit monotone (maybe due to the brown pipes and stars). Some more variety would make it a lot more aesthetically pleasing.
There's not much to differentiate 4-1 and 4-2 other than the spriteset as of right now. Considering the fact that they're both considerably slow-paced compared to other levels (as is natural for a water level) and that you'll be playing one right after the other, I would suggest swapping one of them with a later level to avoid making world 4 too repetitive. Maybe try to give them a different feel as well since they're also very similar aesthetically.
Yeah, the jump right before the Mega Mole on the second gif seems abnormally hard. Great job either way, I really like how you used the red/blue timed lifts (the vertical section in particular looks really fun).
Damn, that's actually a super interesting gimmick! Opens up a lot of possibilities, I could see mid-air sliding and spinjumping in particular leading to some pretty cool setups. Keep it up!
Nice sprites! The line-guided spring is 100% my favorite so far due to how flexible it is (as most line guided sprites are I guess), but I also really like the splitting thwomp.
SMM2 Night as of right now, but I also use Rain a lot (right menu for both, tried left for a while and couldn't get used to it).
Damn I absolutely adore the visuals in that flower level, and it seems to play out nicely as well from what I can see. The mountain level is also looking great, but I think the texturing on the wooden beams could use some work, they look a bit messy imo but that's more of a nitpick than anything.

Keep up the good work!
I have a lot of tracks I really like, but Cold and Cursed Cathedral in particular stand out to me. imo both are very memorable and just super fun to listen to in general.
Looking good so far! I really like the aesthetic in Pepper Woods 4 (as you'd expect, lol), but most of the Super Koopas are 2-3 tiles too low to be a threat so it might be worth experimenting a bit more with their placement. Pepper Woods 3 also looks nice, only suggestion I have is giving the bouncy shrooms different graphics on top of the red palette to help them stand out further from the regular platforms.
The level looks solid so far, but I feel a lot of the setups here are oddly... nonthreatening, I guess? Some sort of bomb-type enemy that explodes immediately on contact (rather than being on a timer like the bob-ombs etc.) would spice things up a bit.

Been working on this for about 3 months now, felt like making a thread for it for whatever reason so here it is.

Current plan for this is to just design some levels (going for 40 to 50 levels total), no bosses or any real plot since I have a lot more fun designing levels so I'll just stick to that lol. Still not sure on what I'll be doing with the OW since I won't be making the levels in any particular order and don't really have any world themes planned so far, but I'll figure it out eventually.

Mandatory screens below:

Some more progress on the desert level, now featuring fire snek
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