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Thanks @ 1UPdudes!

Here's a video of the completed desert level, Sinking Sand Sea! I've already got a few new levels under work, should be revealing more of them soon.

Spent most of this week tweaking a few setups on the first level I've shown here, Fuzzy Peak (tentative name). Here's a video of it since most of the new levels I've been working on aren't really in a presentable state yet lol.

Thanks for the comments! @ the sprite-only blocks, I probably won't be changing how they look on the Fuzzy level just to keep things consistent throughout the hack, but thanks for the suggestion regardless.

Here's a small preview of the next few levels I'm working on, a castle level with slow falling Thwomps and an autoscroller forest level. Both are still massive WIPs, the castle level in particular since I'm still not sure on where I want to go with it aesthetically or how I'll work out the obstacle progression lol.

Here's some more progress on the autoscroller level, Slow And Steady, now about halfway done. Not entirely sure on what to do with the second half yet, was planning on just using a faster autoscroll speed but the Sumo Bros. don't lend themselves too well to that.

Hyped for QLDC tbh, BLDC2 would also be pretty fun but a new contest sounds just as exciting to me. By the way, just noticed there's also another 24hosmw coming soon apparently, this month is packed đź‘€
Really digging how customizable these sprites seem to be, and from what I can see the levels are using them in some pretty clever ways as well. The Sand Hands are probably my favorites out of the ones shown. Keep up the good work!
I don't think I've played any of the Wario Land games before, but I could see myself using a lot of these sets, the Golden Passage and Fiery Cavern foregrounds in particular look great. Nice work so far, and looking forward to seeing the remaining rips!
These look pretty neat! The library and candy sets are particularly eye-catching due to the amout of detail, but the remaining sets are looking pretty solid as well.
Happy bday to  DeppySlide,  RussianMan, Fullcannon and Ondore's Lies, hope y'all have a good one! #smrpg{y}
Resuming work on this after a small break. I have a few new levels I'm working on, but none of them are in a presentable state right now sadly. For now, here are a few screens of the second half of Slow and Steady.

Looking amazing so far. I particularly like the visuals in Worlds 1 ans 2, which are both stunningly beautiful and fairly unique theme-wise. Keep up the good work!
Done with most of the finishing touches on Slow and Steady (other than garbled graphics occasionally appearing for a few frames, due to the Sumo Bros. flames I assume), here's a video showcasing it.

Top 4, nice #smrpg{:D}

Had a lot of fun working on my entry, grats to the winners!
Didn't expect top 10 at all, nice #wario{B)}

Super satisfied with how my entry turned out overall, had a ton of fun working on it too (to the point where I'd say this year's OLDC pretty much brought back my motivation for SMW hacking).

Grats to the winners!
Small update on the forest (world 1?) castle, as of right now based around slow falling Thwomps and Monty Moles. Aesthetics are probably closer to final than the actual level design, as I'm considering making each world's castle a "mesh" of the gimmicks from their respective worlds' previous levels.

Some more progress on the castle level, tentatively named Featherweight Fort. Struggling a bit with making good use of the moles (in conjunction with the slow falling Thwomps/Thwimps), so I might save them for another level.

Grats to the winners! Sadly missed out on this one, but looking forward to participating on the next iteration of this. Lots of cool entries all around, and I found the contest theme itself to be pretty fun to work with as well.
Whoa, just noticed it's been a while since I've last updated this thread #smrpg{gasp}

I'll be focusing on HackJam for the duration of the event, which means this project will be on hold till then. For now, here are some screens of the latest level I've worked on, PLATFORM PANIC. Pressing L or R spawns a temporary platform at the player's current position, which can give you some extra height to help dodge obstacles, among other applications.

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