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Name-based Level Design Contest
Type: Level Design (Standard)
Length: 24-72 hours
Description: Contestants have to choose one of a few pre-selected level names and design a level that would fit it. Would work best with a batch of unusual names, eg. "Plant Eggshells to Grow Chicken" from Lazy's OWDC (which was the inspiration behind this idea lol).
Restrictions: Theme requirement, no resource restrictions.
Recently reworked the first half of Featherweight Fort, so here are a few more screens of it. I decided to cut the moles and focus on a combination of grey falling platforms, slow-falling Thwomps/Thwimps and Sparkies. I already have a few level themes/gimmicks I'd like to tackle once I'm done with this level, so stay tuned for that #ab{;)}

Hi! It's been a while since I've last made a C3 thread so idk how to write intros anymore lol.

I have prepared a 3 1/2 level sampler for the hack I'm currently working on, Frivolous Journey. I likely won't plan out an actual overworld until the hack is nearing completion, so I've quickly put up a linear map where you can access the levels in any order you want.

As a quick note, Featherweight Fort is only halfway done at the moment. I'll be working on the rest of the level later, as I'm not too sure on which direction to go with it yet (the second half for each castle/fortress will likely involve some sort of callback to previous levels on the same world).


Hope you enjoy it!

Huge thanks to  bebn legg,  Koopster and  Heraga for playtesting and offering some really helpful feedback.
A C3 mini-demo is now out, featuring Fuzzy Heights, Slow and Steady, Sinking Sand Sea and the first half of Featherweight Fort.

Get it here!

Thanks for the nice comments y'all! I'll be looking into how to better convey that the jellyfish can't be jumped on, as well as a more fitting name for the autoscroller level.

I'll likely have another showoff thread up next C3, and possibly another small 2-3 level sampler as well (still figuring out how much to show before the final release without spoiling too much lol), so see you there! #smrpg{y}
Nice, I wasn't expecting to get anything so I'm pretty satisfied with the result #smrpg{:D}

Thanks to everyone who voted for my thread, and congrats to everyone who participated! A lot of cool threads this C3 for sure.
Also voting for OWDC
Still working on this. Here are a few screens of SPOREBURST GROTTO, which revolves around rotating platforms and Volcano Lotus variants. I've also made a few minor changes to previous levels since the C3 demo, but nothing too major to show off here so far.

I've been here for a pretty long time at this point, like an aeon, or an eternity perhaps
Dino-Torches that are constantly spewing fire - as in, rather than occasionally stop and spew fire, they do so while walking normally/jumping over blocks/etc. Separate horizontal and vertical fire variants would be cool (depending on the extra bit maybe) but either is fine.
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