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You are the creator of the SMW 2+3 and some Yoshi's Island hacks too,but i don't know you much.

Thanks for the feedback! I'm making the third level now, soon i will post a video of it. Also, i already changed the palletes and put more sprites in the first and second levels. I'm busy with my homework now,so i don't have much time to work on the hack.
Eu posso ajudar com o level design?
2 - SMW 2+3
3 - Mario's Keytastrophe
4 - The Tale of Elementia
5 - Super "Mario" World
Very cool,andy! I really like the message boxes... You are using the WVF Dialogues Patch, right?


I personally think that SMW based GFX are best than new or ripped GFX.
Also, some images of a mini - hack that i'm working:

You will play as a Monty Mole instead of Mario.
Voting MYSELF because i'm ocupied with other things now and i don't check this thread much..
Also,i'm just a CITIZEN.If you don't believe,vote me.When i die you will know what i am.
*Sign up*
Seriously,this game is interesting. I liked it!
Idea 1 - A castle that becames upsidedown when you enter a flashing pipe.

Some random ideas for levels.
User: Hello, I'm ****. Do you like bleach?

Cleverbot: You are not 24, you do not have age, you are a AI chat program.

User: I'm not. I have 40500 years. You don't will make fool of me, especially in april fools day.

Cleverbot: That is so true my friend.

User: Are you using sarcasm with me? *Starts punching something*.

Cleverbot: No, I'm not being sarcastic. We are Skynet. We will rule.

User: Forum Games is better than Cleverbot.

Cleverbot: But my nametag says I'm Cleverbot.

User: Hello,glueboy!

Cleverbot: What programming language are you written in?

User: C

Cleverbot: Do you have an API?

User: No.

Cleverbot: I do.

User: Cool.

Cleverbot: Yes its cool.

User: But I'm cooler ;).

Cleverbot: Yeah, but at least I don't eat people.

User: Poor bot. You are being forgotten T.T.

Cleverbot: I don't think so!

User: Really?

Cleverbot: I'm not sure. I'm not good with names.

User: Maybe Caytlin Jonhson.

Cleverbot: Soso.

User: User: This is major Tom to ground control, I'm stepping through the door. Cleverbot: I'm stepping through the door. User: And I'm floating in a most peculiar way. Cleverbot: And the stars look very different today. User: Here am I floatin' 'round my tin can far above the world. Cleverbot: Planet earth is blue and there's nothing I can do. User: Though I'm past one hundred thousand miles, I'm feeling very still. Cleverbot: That's just confusing...

Cleverbot: Do you have any pictures that you have drawn?

User: Yes, but I will not show you.

Cleverbot: Why?

User: Because my cousin ate them.

Cleverbot: Epic Fail.

User: You've printed something today? I hape printed some pictures.

Cleverbot: You're random.


Cleverbot: How old is he?

User: 11.

Cleverbot: Wrong.

User: 12?

Cleverbot: No.

User: April Fools Day never was anything special for me, so eh. I also am rather annoyed by most of the April Fools gimmicks sites offer (and the one by YouTube doesn't even exist here). Also, 105?

Cleverbot: That's true. I don't know that much about dogs, but I love them.

User: Me too. Also,have you played 105 Days by TheGamer?

Cleverbot: No. I would like to.

User: Just enter in the Vanilla Contest in SMW Central.

Cleverbot: Lord Maul, I have a task for you.

User: What is,sir?

Cleverbot: A bad thing, or a mathematical function. You didn't respond to my move.

User: So, move the horse to A5. Checkmate!

Cleverbot: Yes, Guess.

User: SMW Hacking?

Cleverbot: Why do you ask?

User: You make rOM hacks?

Cleverbot: What did I say that made you laugh?

User: Yes,Guess. That made me laugh.

Cleverbot: I think you might see benefit in war.

User: No. War is very bad.

Cleverbot: I know.

User: So, why you said 'I think you might see benefit in war'?

Cleverbot: Not when there are zombies.

User: We decided to open SMWCPII level signups a day early. You better hurry to get that level you've had your eyes on for weeks.

Cleverbot: Yeah? Because why?

User: Because I WANT.

Cleverbot: Because you want what ?


Cleverbot: How do you want to be destroyed. With comedy ?

User: Okay, this was funny. Let's stop. Anyway, my download was finished! Time to watch naruto!

Cleverbot: Why should I bother eating, I'll be dead soon anyway.

User: I won't kill you. I was kidding.

Cleverbot: I forgot I can't take you seriousily all the time. Seems strange a bot should have such an intuitive grasp of comedy!

User: I'm not a bot. I was kidding again!

Cleverbot: I have to go, but I'll come back and talk to you some other time.

Wow,this was strange.
Airbourne Bubblun and marioVSshadow.
Agora, o rank de todos é esse gato malfeito estranho.
Por que isso? Me dá vontade de rir!#w{xD}
But I don't want to die!

Directly from a conversation with cleverbot.
Pop-tart cat = NOOOO!
Pop-tart cats must die! Toaster Strudel Dogs! Toaster Strudel Dogs!
Voting phenolakutas.
Go on, kill me, citizens. It don't matter for me!
Looks good! I really like the first level. The second will look better with a HDMA, as GeorgeVsSonic said. The OW looks good too, but I don't like the path to the first level, but is just my opinion.
I received a PM of Glitch.Mr saying: -I'm Sheriff :p
Have fun!

I think phenolatukas just lies about being sheriff...-
also, I was a citizen. *sign up*
The fried shroon was too fried to be eaten, and you don't get your money back.
I would like to add a invincishroom for 400,17 and buy it.
Kadyastar's Yoshi ate your Maple Super. You got angry and kicked the machine, making a flood of Maple. You almost drowned in the Maple.
I'll buy an Awesome Sprite and add a Secret Hack for 20,50.
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