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OK, so I'm back. Yeah. You may not know anything about me, but feel free to ask.

Um, I have been around for over a year, if I recall correctly... people who probably remember me are Kaeru, A Yoshi, Tatoriga, XZ, and... well... err, that's it.

Oh, and I'm also the creator of the hack "Mario's Awakening" (found under the Hacks section), which has been in progress for already 3 years. Yes, I started the hack way back in 2005, had a LOONG STOP and I guess I'm trying to continue it with best of my creativity.

BTW, in case you don't know, I'm not a frequent poster.
You could've guessed. My second name. Don't steal.
Is your level a vertical level? I think this sprite doesn't work on vertical levels - I had just that problem.

It might also be your Layer 2 H- and V-Scroll. Both should be on 'constant'.
Just like on Acmlm's, I'd say go for it. In WoI there are only threads which actually don't make you think. Brain Teasers do.
Today he shows the special moves of Ice Climbers and Zelda... bah, as if it was something new. D:
I'm 1466 now. I used to be 284 before... d'uh. .o.
Originally posted by Claus
Try a new file.

With that he means you need to select a file in the main menu of SMW where level progress is EMPTY - basically not played yet.

But, it may also be that the Mario Paths are missing, as SMGamer pointed out.

Try both of our advices and it should work...
Originally posted by holy mario
i formated and i lost my smw rom,plz help

lol WTF? xD Just redownload from where you got it before you formatted your PC.

Oh, and there's Google for a reason.
Sign me up, but send me a PM when you start cause I don't tend to check threads very often...
In. Send me a PM when this starts, plz.
don't forget me already
I'm going to play through this hack once I get time. It's just an exception but anyways. Reccommended by - all right.

Seeing from the screenshots it doesn't look like a total n00b hack.
Originally posted by 2731yugeip
Congrats, Mafia. You killed Ramon, your own Thug. :o

Serving the Mafia is more dangerous than being a citizen.

*flies to hell*

I've always wanted a level editor for MvDK before. But, this is getting too complicated, haha. And I'm too lazy and dumb to check out those things.

Still, interesting. :O
Me too.

I couldn't be active last week but I will in future... oh well...
meh, sign
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