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Did you really search it? I found the address $0093C6 pretty quickly with a search for "Nintendo" (with just 13 results).

$0093C6 1 byte Timer How long "Nintendo Presents" stays on the screen before disappearing.

If you want it to stay longer than this address supports, you will probably need to hijack the code somewhere.

as you can see, there's a line at the bottom of the screen (above the white border of Snes9x) that is not covered by the black priority blocks above it.

To give it some context: I'm in the process of creating a custom credits scene, where I placed black blocks with priority on at the four edges of the screen, to give it a cutscene look. My plan is now to have text scroll upward from below.
The problem now is that the bottom-most row of pixels isn't covered by the black priority blocks, even though I'm sure the blocks overlap that space (I can resize them downwards a lot and it still won't be covered). Thus I'm inclined to believe this is some sort of technical thing I cannot figure out.

Some background information that might be helpful:
-) it is a vertical level
-) the black priority blocks are on Layer 2, whose H- and V- scroll is set to none
-) it uses the Multistep Autoscroll uberASM with only vertical movement so it locks the screen horizontally

EDIT: Turns out the Multistep Autoscroll was responsible for this quirk. I changed the code a bit to work around it and now it's fine.
I might have a bug report here that I'm asking some other LM users to reproduce.

After moving a secondary entrance in a level then saving the level, the new entrance works as it should. However if you then use the Undo button to move the entrance back to its former position and then save the level, it will still use the new position in the game even though LM displays the old position.
Alright... this currently is a pressing issue for me that I need to resolve until tomorrow.

As the title says, any ExAnimation or custom blocks that make use of LM's manual triggers (located at $7FC07x) cease to function on the SNES Classic native emulator Canoe. This means graphically as well as functionally (so ExAnimation isn't updated and neither will solid/passable blocks update their 'state' based on the Manual value).

Hack is 2MB and uses SA-1, the game on the console uses id 9C10 for native SA-1 support.
Manual triggers work with snes9x core on Retroarch, but it has other issues I don't really want to deal with (runs at low speed or has some HDMA incompatibilities, depending on build), which is why I'd like to get it to work on the native emulator.

EDIT: Problem is solved. I will update this post with the solution in due time.
This is incredible, I wouldn't have expected a major new version so soon after my return to the scene. Really awesome work FuSoYa and Vitor, I especially love the possibility of making levels with variable dimensions!

I still want to report a minor issue I'm having (since it's Christmas I can't look into it further right now). My hack which I finished last week is working perfectly. But if I now open it and save any level with the new LM (without actually changing anything), the hack will crash after the "Nintendo Presents" screen (black screen, playing random sounds etc.).
Hack is 2MB, uses SA-1. Does this happen to anyone else or did I simply overlook something obvious?

Also another question: LM now displays normal "Do Nothing" entrances as Mario riding on Yoshi (or what's supposed to be Yoshi, it's using empty sprite map16 slots), is there a way to change that somewhere?
Many thanks for fixing the patch! Testing will be done :)
I've been looking for some flyin' dry bones (akin to the red flying koopas), similarly to the ones you can make in Mario Maker. That sounds like it would be right up your alley, short and sweet :D

When jumping on them they should either not budge at all or crumble. Possibly adjustable by the extra bit?

(Note that bouncing Para-Dry Bones do exist already.)

Explosion Sensitive Blocks is a nice patch that allows the bob-omb explosions to destroy user-specified map16 blocks.

This patch has been created way before Extended Level Modes were introduced in LM 3.00, so naturally it doesn't quite work as intended when using them. Usually an explosion will not hit blocks placed in extended screens. I have a single instance of a block that will spawn the "breaking" particles, but it does not disappear.

corrosive's comment on the patch page mentions using other map16 pointers (found at $0BF6) that are used for ExLevels. Digging through the code I believe this to be the relevant part:

;ADC $0BF6|!base2,X    
ADC.l $00BA60|!base3,X       
STA $05                   
;LDA $0C56|!base2,X    
LDA.l $00BA9C|!base3,X       
ADC $01                   
STA $06       

The two lines that are commented (that would replace the respective following lines) were my first humble attempt for a quick fix but it didn't really do anything. It looks like it loads the pointers from the ROM, but sadly I've too little experience to really understand how to interpret this part, or why my equivalent lines loading from the RAM that LM uses for the map16 pointers fails. Something about being saved in 24-bit perhaps?

Anyway I was wondering if anybody could help add support for ExLevels for this patch?

(The whole patch code can be found here and the part I extracted starts on line 270, belonging to the Map16Blk subroutine starting at line 246.)
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