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Looks fun. Gotta try it tomorrow.

EDIT: Still could test it now, and there's already one thing: Did you intentionally leave the Hotkeys for saving and loading (F5 and F6) in?

Otherwise; game looks quite funny with all those 'MS Paint'-ish GFX in there. The smiley you play makes me laugh. :)
Originally posted by grishnax
This is kinda tough. Since we don't know what rank other people, we have to guess who to kill fire.


So this is a complete guessing game.
Whatever, let's always choose the most inactive person...
Originally posted by grishnax
Ramon is naturally suspicious.

How true >_>

So yeah, fire sind. 'cause he's randomly accusing.
Originally posted by alexnobody
Can the doctor choose to save himself?

Originally posted by Sind
AWW D= I'm fired? ;_;

*packs stuff*

If you hadn't started by just accusing me, nothing serious would have happened T_T

*packs too*

Hey guys, I lol at thee.

Why do I always die lose in the beginning?
Ha. I'm getting my revenge. We'Re winning! :D

In case we do I forgive you guys xD
Originally posted by Mario Fan302
My sister that is a mum-my sister sue-then me Joey.

I first read that your sister was a mummy.

Anyways... congrats... I didn'T really understand the story, but it is complicated.

you know...
June 27th

or liek, the release date of Brawl. :D
up my hands
hands down

only Wii
Zero Fission was the old name of it.

Its new official name is Double Helix.

A new release has been planned on June 7th but due to interdpth (the author) claiming there had been recent deaths in his family/friends/pets he's not gonna work on it until he feels like it again.

>_> <_<
You guys cheated! >:o

Anyways, signing up... I don't know why people always vote for me in the beginning... shame on you...
Counted me in already?
Ramon Ate Many Old Nuts

I'll come up with something better but for now this must suffice. :P
It is missio inbossibul 3... see the three dots in the thread name? There you go.
up my hands

yes, too easy
I knew SMWCentral has something against me >_>

I will not die this night, I tell you.
Oh wait, maybe you are the Godfather. But as I said, maybe.

By the way, please don't become inactive, guys.
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