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I want to make the Switch Palace level ghost-themed.
However, this is the end result:

How do I get it fixed so it shows the actual blocks?

On an unrelated note, how do I make it so you can't hit a yellow block or a green block to get a mushroom or feather? (As in, make it work like a red or blue switch block)

I also want to make it dark in the area without a glitched ball.
Surprisingly, that works. Thanks.

I still need to know how to turn the room dark for a more creepy feeling with a correctly done disco ball. (I know there's a sprite to make the room dark)
I'm sure I have the correct special message in. The problem is, with the Ghost House tileset, I can't see the right message. With the Switch Palace tileset, I can. Is there a way to change the tileset for just those blocks, without messing up the other levels' GFX?

I'll probably just scrap the dark room idea.
I am making a hack.
Plot: Mario is done with waiting for Peach to get kidnapped. So he decides to go and play basketball with Bowser's clown car.
That's all.

Screenshot of the second level:

Yay, a secret exit!

Oh. (There aren't any feathers until later in the game)

There's a 3-UP moon there, but you can't get it because the P-Switch... never mind.

A stereotypical Mario exit.

That's about it. I also have a map.

Only the first world is finished, but that's from procrastination. This probably will be more interesting later...
Yeah, I've changed some of the palettes after I posted it.
You can't get the 3-up moon until you get a feather, and you also need the Yellow Switch and P-Switch pressed.

(I blocked off the moon with ? Blocks)
Level (10)3:

Mario did hit a red message box.

Haven't hit the ON switch?


Even the OFF is red.

Final area: rope and chainsaw area.

The end. Is this goal okay?
A bonus level!

You have to run left and right to keep the Koopa shell onscreen to get a 1-Up.
Originally posted by marioVSshadow
My advice. Instead of causing the shell to hit the shells I suggest you put a coin box under a rope and put a 1up shroom on top of the coin box. That way when the shell hits the coin box it bounces the 1up mushroom upwards so you can collect it.

I wanted to put a bit of a risk, so it's still probably going to be like what I put in.

Also, I did change the palettes after I posted the pictures.
Put an exit in there (as in a secret way to clear the level) because it can make people explore the area. Also if the game has shops in it, it should probably put multiple shops in secret areas for secret powerups, etc.
I put some Fishbone enemies (sprite AA) into a level and in Lunar Magic they face left. In the actual level, they go right. I don't want them to do that. How do I make sure the enemies only go left?
How do I point something to freespace, and what exactly is it?
Somehow, after applying the time up fix patch in the patches section of this site and using 2 different xkas, I get this weird notice when I start the ROM on ZSNES:


Is this a problem; if so how do I fix it?
I did set the patch to freespace.
Yeah, it works.

As a similar problem I once had problems when I set the freespace to $0E:F652 (which is not what I set it to this time). It messed up the palettes and fixing the palettes froze the game.

What does that area do actually?
How do I change the music during the No Yoshi intro?

Also, how do I change the palettes?
How do you change the music and palettes in a No Yoshi intro? I have it for one level.
How do I make a sprite that will be like the skull raft, only faster?

I also want to keep the original raft as well.

EDIT: How do I have it work with Layer 2?
How do I use spritetool? I tried clicking on it, entering the ROM name, and the asm file, but it doesn't work.
Has anyone ever thought of hiding the shop?

As in, putting it in a place that would be difficult to find?

(In Paper Mario TTYD there's a shop in the Great Tree that you couldn't find without someone telling you it's there although that was easily hinted in the room next to the shop.)
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