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Oy, wasn't excepting a Steam thread here.
Well, it's not very useful because my main PC crashed and i can't play anymore, but here's my SteamID: iamcredittoteam
If you need to tell me something, i'm usually on Steam. :D
I'm playing...well, every class besides the Heavy. I hate being slow. :v
I can see alot of people are trying to get the Fez? It's so much easier with the full set. Maybe too easier, when i come back to the normal knife, i feel weak. :(

I also like playing Pyro. Not because SHE/HE/WHATEVER HAZ FIRE LOLZ. I just like playing Pyro. Maybe because airblasting a Soldier and killing him with his own rocket makes me laugh hard.

I also like the Pyro because of the recent addition of the Detonator in TF2 Beta, a new flare gun that let you detonate your flare with Alt.Click.
Detonating the flare at your feets let you Flare Jump. It's so fun to outrun everyone. xD
I found ths idea interesting, but i don't think the clues should be in levels of the same world. Like said earlier:

Originally posted by Mineyl
- return to a once-dry level and find it mysteriously flooded (would probably work best with a beach or cave stage).
- return to a lava cave level and find the lava mysteriously gone.
- return to a castle level and find certain sections of it in shambles.
- return to a blimp level and find the blimp crashed into some landform.
- return to a carnival level and find all the long-derelict machinery suddenly functioning once more.

You can build a giant puzzle/"find-the-treasure" game with this. You'll have to find clues about where to go next, to find the next clue, and so on, until you found the final clue (and the secret world).
That would be a giant seach into the whole game, re-visiting levels that you think you already beat, but in fact are hiding other levels.

...Well, it's like secret exits, the only difference is you can't find the next secret exit (+next clue) without finding a clue of where it is.
Hey there! I made a tileset a while ago, and i decided to finish it and show it here because someone told me to do so.

Another palette

(it only use Palette 2)
Is this good? The palette is a bit light, but you can easily change that.
Also, i know it lacks decorations, and to be honest i don't really know what i can add.

And i also made a background, but...i don't like it. Well, here it is. (palette 0 and 1)
Un forum français! Ça me sera surement utile. C'est une bonne idée d'y penser, et d'un côté ça prouve que la communauté française commence à devenir importante, ça fait plaisir.
Maintenant, je retourne travailler, et je saurais que je peux le faire en français pour poster le résultat ici. :)
Originally posted by FirePhoenix
SLBros.: I really like what you've got here but I have two big suggestions that you should consider if you want us to use the graphics.

1. You should add black outlines to the set. All of the other graphics thus far have black outlines and we want a consistent feel to the hack.

2. Most grassland sets are shaded so the lightest green goes on the outside and the darkest green goes on the inside, next to the dirt. Your set would probably look a little better if you could change the coloring like that.

If you do those things the set will probably be good enough to be accepted.

Thanks for the reply! I worked a bit more on what you said and here is the result:

Warning, it's huge!

And also, the Map16 and the palette. It is better? If yes, you can thanks Maruhai, he helped me alot. Thanks dude!

rtyuio54321: You tileset may work for a bonus room, i think. But make the palette darker, it's really flash :v
Also, there is something wrong with your slopes...
I don't know if someone noticed my work the second time (don't look like so), so i'm posting here the third and final version of my tileset.

And as usual, palette + map16. I'm done with that, unless i find a big flaw, so i think i'm gonna submit SNN via PM, then? Well, some feedback is always welcome.

@Volke: I love your tileset, but i think you should add a more noticeable gradient to your background, instead of 2 solid colors.
For some reason i thought they were more tilesets. Well, that's more work, i'm "going back to the drawing board". :v
(Also i don't know either what my tileset is fitting the most, so you can put it where you want)
Originally posted by 2dareduck

Wiow, this is actually really great! I love that, and your other work too. Keep it up! But there's things i found weird:

-The moon looks weird, because it's mirrored i think. If you tried to save space with that way, maybe you should make only a quarter of the moon? You know, like the one on the OW of the Star World, in the original SMW.

Its reflect in the water looks strange also.

-The rollercoaster...well, i can't really point out the problem (or at least what i think it is), so i did a quick edit on Paint.

Originally posted by Maruhai
A toi et aussi à SLBros. (le fameux coup du canon, tu t'en souviens ?)

Haha, j'ai toujours ce canon. Je comptais m'en servir et sortir une démo de mon jeu pour le C3, mais je ne sais pas si j'aurais le temps. Il faut que je porte tout sur LM 1.82, et j'ai déjà raté une fois, ma ROM plantait de façon aléatoire et BTSD ne marchait pas.
En tout cas, merci SL et Roy pour ce canon, personne n'en sait rien mais il m'a bien servi tout de même. xD

Cette fois, j'espère que c'est la bonne. En plus, l'inspiration est revenue.
(peut-être que les gens de Lunariville voient de quel jeu je parle, il a eu un an la semaine dernière :) Promis j'essayerais de vous sortir une démo en français xD )
Ow, that was fast, i'm still not sure of what level to pick. I'm not even sure if i'll have the time to pick a level. :v
I can't wait to see others people's work. Awesome work, hopefully!

(Do we get earlier access for April 1st? #w{=3} )
Originally posted by S.N.N.
Might I remind all of those creating custom tilesets to use the base palette provided in level 1 and edit THAT instead of SMW's default one? Thanks.

Do i need to resend you a palette, or have you remade it yourself?
(Anyway, here's
the link to it, just in case.)
Nice work people! All these tilesets/musics are very well made, now it's up to the levels-makers to use them wisely.
Not much to say, just keep up the good work!
@The Gamer: This looks seriously amazing. I have nothing to say, nice work!

@foop2164: I like your set alot! The only thing i noticed is that the ground and the berries look poorly detailed, by comparing them with the rest of the set.

Also, i've been working on another set of my own.

Another example.
I have absolutely no idea of what i can add/change, and that bother me a bit because the GFX file is almost empty. Any feedback?

EDIT: It may fit with this BG i made a couple of days ago.
Thanks! I also made a video of the tileset to make it more clear.
Here's the Map16 and the palette, and the level i used for testing. I think it's done, i'll submit it later.
I predict i'll be able to patch my ROM without having crashes every 25 secs. :/
And if i can't i'll release my hack under the name Super Garbage World

I just noticed this. I don't remember making my bush acting like a vine...or i totally forgot to change the actlike.
As for the Goal Roulette, it is indeed a great idea to make the physics works after getting it.

EDIT: Also, the palette in this level (1F4) is not the right one, resulting in miscoloured pipes and sprites.
That's very nice MrDeePay! The brown wall seems to be a little out of place, but maybe that's just me.
Also, the P-Switch/Springboard outlines is a nice idea, but it should be less obivious if you're gonna use them for secrets. Maybe by making them blink?

On my side, i tried to do some sort of a house tileset, and it turned out oddly.

Looks more like a cave tileset now...Should i continue with this?
I just realized the level i wanted has already been chosen, derp.
Well, i'll take another one...and i have 1 day left for that. Better be quick.
I also have to finish that Cave tileset before tomorrow...