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Posts by ImmortalAcorn
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i put it in the level but it turned out looking like a gargled mess

plz ingore the BG


i think :(
it got closer to looking right but it still is a bit messed up

there is a pallete in it
this is it now
thwe pallete is in
Or i could ask the person who made it...
i still dont understand why mario is evil?
i can see it in the headlines now"mario finaly goes snap"it will make history

and chrono you layout is cutting through my menu bar
"Why is this in advanced SMW hacking agian?" said pro 3.

I have never heard of such a thing(there may be one you can insert in the sprite section.)
the flash fortress
the only way to beat the enemy that has kitty up is to use dinner attack?
how do you get the code?
wii number 5431-5795-3598-2168
SSBB 1976-9925-1180
anyone wana play with me now?
wii number 5431-5795-3598-2168
SSBB 1976-9925-1180
anyone wana play with me now?
i have 3 ASM question
im putting this here because if it where in advanced forum i would get a bunch of advanced awnsers ok

1) i have this code for a block that when touched it makes you caped mario no matter what state your in
LDA #$02
STA $7E0019

now how do i insert it to my hack and put it in a level

2)do i put the code in a notepad that is in the same folder as my ROM or somehting?

LDA #$02
where did the maker of this find the #$02?
well,im trying to learn ASM and it wont help if i just insert it.
so im going to pretend that the block doesnt exist
maybe it was smarter to put this in advanced
how do i enable layer 2 in levels that dont have it?
im post a new topic in advanced
DMA means
Deadly Math Ant

you might be able to ask someone that will take sprite requests to make you an enemy that does that

or you could make it yourself
P.S. watch out for the DMAs there dangerous
where did you get the ROM i looked everwhere for like a whole year and found nothing!
i started a game with GM7 a while ago because i was bored and
it is actually doing very good for my first time making a game

the graphics and such suck and i am working on it
i am very bad at drawing and making these objects so yes they are going to be horrible until i get better or find someone to help out with all this
i dont have the pro edition so dont expect something like thunderspeeds game
although the character doesnt look like he is doing much
this part of the gme is very important and explains almost everything
the character is the blue dot(i have not had much time to work on what he looks like,but as soon as i get free time i will change it)

the story line is this kid(that is what i will change the dot into)
is in a village hiddin in a forest from the empire that has controlled most of the worl for the past 50 years.
one day while out in the vally he disovers a weapon that has the ability to destroy the monster of the empire better than any other sword and is the only weapon on earth that can defeat the king.
but over time the sword has been damaged and no long holds these mistical properties,every time you beat a major boss you get an object that is fused into the sword making it stronger and that is what this kid must do in the game to beat the king
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