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it looks good but did you copy the name of the other racing top gear game,because these look soom what the same in some of the pictures
quicksand is blue?
the third screenshot
you die if you dont get the yellow turtle shell?
why do you die?
why cant you restart the level or something because that isnt really fair.

and your new screen shot
why is the tape going through the ground tiles and grey cement blocks?
now i do like how you changed the pink running-up-wall block.
the sixth pictures pallete doesnt look right
these little boss battles are great in all but what makes you pass the level and such after you beat them?
im guessing it is some kind of sprite.
the blue bush and the green dirt makes the hack look not so good
and the first picture,the ground is missing a ledge tile
and what is the item in your item box on picture 4?

im not so good at rating everthing so i just wont
your chaos are awesome :)
i have some cool ones on SA2B
i dont play SADX anymore

because my camera doesnt work i will have to show you someone elses
but mine looks very simalar

by the looks of this you have pro
if you do why dont you make this game 3D?
it isnt that hard actualy

i didnt bother reading anything you posted
so you may have posted you have pro you may not

Here is a link on the program.

You wont be able to log in if I have the server offline.
Server is currently Online.

A list of rules and upcoming server addons/updates will apear when you enter the chat room.
If there is any problems,tell me I will try to fix them.

Game news:
server V1 is in :D
A program that make random sentances.
this uses GM.I call the program Thor(seriously, dont ask...)

If your wondering how this words just PM me.

The copy to clip board auto copies it so you can paste it here

Here is an example of what it made...
The ceiling would always hate No-one's orange juise.

juice is spelled wrong, ok...
Sorry if this problem has already been solved in the past but... Whenever Mario (Or any other sprite) touches the block, the game freezes and the screen changes depending on the side the block was touched. Even the most basic code I know doesn't work...

LDA #$01
STA $19

(I got it from a tutorial) Am I leaving something out in my codes? I use Blocktool Super Deluxe.
It does the same thing. Oh yeah, something that might help but... It doesn't freeze when Mario hits it from bellow. When he does, it works perfectly. If he hits it from the side or from above the game freezes.
Works great! Thanks for the help. Now I gotta go learn about tables.
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