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Mario Fights the Big Boo, with the participation of Yoshi Superdragon

From the promotional blurb:
"In a world best by magic and evil, one squat, pudgy man stands between salvation and uh, not salvation. Armed only with a cape and a green dinosaur, can you stem the forces of darkness before they engulf the Earth? Your fate is in your own hands."
Counterfeit thought my level was cool but stupid. This is exactly like me. I am delighted.
[Regarding yogui's level] "The theme did not work well for a Super Mario World hack" - tantanga, the guy who made you swim through Bowser's blocked toilet.
Originally posted by TOS
Hi I am playing Mario's Return Again. And I am here...

The Ectopolis Ghost House.

I have the key but I don't know where to go, both exits. Pipe and door take me to the first white room.

Anybody help?

In the room before the midpoint (the one with the fake floor), bounce on the boos until you reach the second-to-last door. Go through this into a room with a pipe and a pswitch. Hit the pswitch in this room (don't go through the pipe) and jump up to the key. The pipe next to the key leads to the room with the keyhole.
I like it very much. It is very interesting and creative. Here are some little things I noticed.

-I think you could make the difficulty of the special world even harder without spoiling anything.
-I find Ballser is easier to defeat than some of the earlier bosses.
-After beating the final level of the special world, if I play the level again, the graphics of the second boss are all messed up.
-You told me I couldn't doublegrab in this hack but I could grab the pswitch and jumpingboard in the ice maze fortress.
-There is bad grammar and spelling all over the place but I like this, it adds to the charm.
-Every level feels unique in some way except the rehashed ghost house in the special world, I didn't care for this level.

I hope you will keep making hacks because this was very enjoyable to play through. Thank you.
Thanks for redistributing hacks (no-no strike one) as ROMs (no-no strike two), Mariomon, and boasting about it on this website whose purpose is not to distribute copyrighted material. Great work: let's get the place shut down.
I'm glad noone has a problem with it and you have the explicit or implicit consent of the people who made the hacks to restribute them and SMW Central doesn't mind you using their pm system to arrange the distribution of roms. Everything is for the best in the best of all possible worlds.
Originally posted by Mariomon
Originally posted by Morsel
I'm glad noone has a problem with it and you have the explicit or implicit consent of the people who made the hacks to restribute them and SMW Central doesn't mind you using their pm system to arrange the distribution of roms. Everything is for the best in the best of all possible worlds.

The majority of that post is true.
SMWC does not care if I give out roms in a PM.
Furthermore, people who try to hide things on the internet, like a number of roms in my pack, are huge idiots. You can't hide something on the internet, it just doesn't work. That's why I don't care if I don't have consent form the creators of the hack.

Leaving aside issues of ownership or consent, one basic problem with redistributing hacks is that the person who made it has no way to track downloads, or recieve feedback (because noone know how to contact them). This, for one thing, could affect their motivation to keep going. Please try to think about things like this rather than just saying 'people are stupid' and 'I don't care'. Thanks buddy.
Originally posted by Piotrek1113
Hack: Vip4
Level: Drabon Nest
Problem: Where is the fourth/fifth VIP coin?

You know where the invisible note-block is during the pswitch run? Bounce as high as you can.
1.03 is the stable version. You are probably playing a different one.
'SNES compatibility vs compatibility with ZSNES to the potential exclusion of anything else'

No, doesn't sound any better once you say it out loud. Also, you're going to be 'limited', OP, by ZSNES becoming obsolete and irrelevant.
At the start of the level, you are underneath the end goal. Just jump around where the go left signs are.
This is great fun. It's like a treasure hunt.

Little problem: I had to disable BG layer 2 to read the magikoopa message in the world 2 castle.
Doctor Faustus

Dr. - yes
wizard - yes
evil - open to debate
Originally posted by CliveKoopa
I am still stuck on Mushroom Kingdom Meltdown and haven't recieved any replies.
Again, I am stuck on the ghost house level simply titled "The Ghost House".

As I said in my last post, I am going round in circles and can't figure out what I'm supposed to do. I am assuming I have to do something in the room with those coins shaped like an arrow but I cannot bring the P switch in there as the only way in that room is through a door.

Help me please as this level is driving me crazy..

Spin jump where the arrow points (when you're big).
I'd better submit this before I forget.


Hopefully no-one else had my very original idea to populate a ship that has come to grief with ghosts.
I made a level with spikes, munchers, 'blocks' that kill you instantly, a path you need to be small to take and a big boo fight at the end. It also makes use of a bug kind of thing. The only feedback I've received so far was that it was 'stupid and impossible'. So I'm really looking forward to hearing some more opinions about my level, but all in good time.

My favourite level in this contest was neosaver's tower. Some of the rooms were quite hard at first but they were all fair and each of them was focused and distinct. It could almost be an alternative to the original Bowser's Castle (though it's a bit harder and Bowser's not there). The only weak point was that the boss fight at the end was easier than the one in the original game, so didn't really deserve its own midpoint. Anyway, well done.

Some other entries I liked have been well-received in this thread, but I would like to single out forty2's snake, notgoodwithusernames' clever gimmick and Tom Phanto's witty use of a message box as other highlights. Great contest everyone.
Originally posted by Dinomar
your level was hard, yes, and i tried hard to figure out what path i should have followed: i just gave up. this was my reaction, actually.

You replied immediately, but I've only just got round to reading it. I tried to make the first area a fairly transparent puzzle, but it seems people are unwilling or unable to solve it. It's a bad error of judgement I've made there, and the fault is mine. My apologies to you, my friend.

Of course, if the judges have the same reaction, then I fear I will be one of the disqualified. It's too bad, but it hardly matters: this is a learning experience after all.
Not sure how I managed to place with one disqualification. Something of an achievement. Nevertheless, congratulations to the winners.
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