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Originally posted by SonataAndante
Not so much a need for help with a level or anything but it bothers me enough to make me post for help, so. The Second Reality Project Reloaded. Bowser's Starship level. No matter what, I can't make the midway point, I dunno, "deactivate." I'd like to be able to play the level from start to finish again but no matter what it always starts me at the midway point. Any solutions to this, other than starting a new save file, which I'd rather not do? Thanks in advance.

What should work is the Game Genie code DDC1-64DD + DDC5-6DAD, which will allow you to beat any level by pressing Start, then Select. (Beating Bowser activates the credits, but doesn't beat the level.)
Originally posted by Spy
what is the name of the world 5 theme in VIP3 (the pink hills submap) ?

"Creative Exercise" from Mario Paint.
This was a pretty nice hack here. I enjoyed it a lot.

Some little things I noticed:
-It seems strange you can die in the ship level at the beginning. Also, you'll get the "Time Up" thing.
-There were messages in a couple of levels warning about the purple munchers. Once should be enough.
-It seems strange these munchers kill you if you have invincibility frames. Also there might be a warning they kill you if you have a star/are on Yoshi.
-The porcupuffer is not invincible, as the readme claims (I killed it with a shell). Not sure if intended.
-Charging chucks have odd-looking blue arms.
-Lots of spelling mistakes. Too many to mention really. Also stuff like swim on (should be in) water, etc. (This might just be something you forgot to check - I could go into more detail if you'd like.)
-Hack is quite stingy with lives (although Muncher Vine Wall, for example, has farming areas - might be intentional).
-Seems strange you can kill the classic plants with fire and not the jumping ones.
-Maybe you should add a reset door where the blue (P) switch is in Cloud Ride Mountain in case you hit it by mistake or lose your cloud.
-The graphic for the spikes in Dark Tunel [sic.] isn't too good - it looks like an ordinary slope to me and the hitbox doesn't match the shape very well (you get hurt from the sides and corners).
-Rocky Mountain has some garbage tiles in the background as you reach the bottom of the first area.
-All the backgorund images in the tower levels before Bowser don't display properly as you reach the top.
-It's not too hard to get a Yoshi into Bowser's Castle (E) (let yourself get hit by the chuck and he'll run forward).

These things didn't impair my enjoyment of the hack but I thought I'd better mention them anyway. Thanks for the great hack.

Side note: I played it on zsnes but didn't experience any slowdown, probably because I have "per2exec=100" changed to "per2exec=150" in zsnes.cfg. Might be worth mentioning this fix for zsnes users' convenience.
MrDeePay: it's from the Ice World of DoReMi Fantasy, see this video, for example.

xImseiken3: Wily Stage 2, Mega Man 10.
Originally posted by LimeMaster92

Mega Man Zero 4 - "Esperanto" (Opening Stage 2)
Please don't break my puzzle.
Here is my entry.

There are two levels:
-"non-zero wing" for "difficulty" and
-"a water level" for "creativity".

Savestates, slowdown, rewinds are not actually required (turbo A or B as appropriate is expected though). Yes, I have beaten the levels under those conditions, and no, I wouldn't expect anyone else to - I'm just following some obscure principle.

The first is (I think) the main theme from a Japanese baseball game, Power Pro Kun Pocket 5. You can listen to it at the start of this video.

The second is from a desert area in Bomberman GB (2). It starts about 4min50s into this video.
ZMann: Mega Man 6 - Wily Stage

Masterlink: Super Nazo Puyo: Ruru no Ruu -Area 5 ~ Arle vs. Rulue
This level would be called "S-n-S": http://bin.smwcentral.net/u/14790/S-n-S.ips.
Some videos of interest:

TAS (the video description has various improvements).

ISM's video showing the intended solution of the maze level.
PainTendo99, it's from Fire Emblem Thracia 776. The song has various names. See here, for example.
grey, how original
This is my submission: Shouldering On.
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