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I'd like to make an abstract city level.

You have been assigned the following:
SUBLEVELS: 1D3, 1D4, 1D5, 1D6, 1D7, 1D8
MAP16: 1E50 - 1E9F (FG), 5650 - 569F (BG)
EXGFX SLOTS: 237, 238, 239, 23A, 23B
one Sunday morning

Top Secret Area is in YI2 if you want to play it with switches.

Credit to Slash Man for the music.
Man, I really want to play this hack.

I might be able to help a little. To change the Fishin Lakitu to hold a poison mushroom (in effect), you could use this patch:

;fishin lakitu change

	org $02e6ad
		db $c2		;tile

	org $02e6b7
		db $3a		;property (yxppccct)

	org $02e6e7
		jsl $00f5b7	;interaction (hurt)

If you wanted to keep the 1-up lakitu as well it would be more difficult.

And for the hammer bro problem, this patch might help:

	org $02da67
		db $1f,$0f,$0f,$0f,$0f,$0f,$0f		;table

;table represents hammer bro throwing frequency by map
;#$00 = Main map; #$01 = Yoshi's Island; #$02 = Vanilla Dome; #$03 = Forest of Illusion
;#$04 = Valley of Bowser; #$05 = Special World; #$06 = Star World.

So, e.g. if you wanted the hammer bro to use the main map frequency in the forest, you would change the fourth entry in the table to "$1f".

The long awaited sequel to "puzzle.ips".
name: Municipal Swimming
2 exits

This level is inspired by the urine-indicator dye urban legend.

Game freezes here.
Feather Autoscroll Freeze Fix

If you enter this door on the left side it takes you to the bonus game.

this is a link

The water link in the big boo room is that the shells are blue (the colour of water).
This was a brilliant idea for a hack and has too many brilliant level ideas to mention (I will mention that the level where you jump on moles made me want to cry). Great work (as always).

Eating a berry and dying at the same time (possible in boo fight 3) freezes the game. There is a patch to fix it: http://www.smwcentral.net/?p=section&a=details&id=8770
This one too maybe (the game can freeze in the penultimate room of castle of the end): http://www.smwcentral.net/?p=section&a=details&id=5780.
Here is my entry for the hotel-themed world in this year's Vanilla Vertical Level Level Design Contest Level Level Design Contest.

Updated Feb. 1st, Mar. 2nd.

I've scattered some coins around to 'guide' the player; this level does not seem completely impossible without savestates, slowdown, rewind, cheat codes and swearing to me, but play at your own risk.
I archived Dominator's ports some time ago (August 2012).

Give it a shot without savestates (it is too easy otherwise).


-worldpeace: for the reset prompt and the gimmick (derivation of JUMP's motor).
-Jesus: who sent me a message which prompted this level.
-Lui37: for the music.
-ft029: for an upside down tile.

Many thanks to these gentlemen.
To explain to any casual reader, bloodlust suggested a collaboration within certain specifications (no-resting-place levels) and I made the first 2/5 of this contest level. This co-operation afterwards came to nothing because bloodlust's example levels (one of which is superficially similar to mine) were much better (and harder) than mine and I didn't feel up to meeting his standards. In order not to waste what I had worked on, I revised the level segments already made and added the last 3/5 of the level.

To bloodlust, I didn't think you wanted to use my level segment (and I didn't want you to because of the difference in standards); this confusion may be a misunderstanding. As to your 'half', the gimmick for your level is different from mine (not to mention I borrowed my own gimmick from JUMP's motor), and the level is completely different from mine (not even using the same sprites), so why would anyone think you are copying me? I think you should be able to use freely anything you've made.
I guess if you enter enough contests you will eventually win one. Well done to everyone who put their efforts into the contest, judges and competitors alike.

Thanks to Thomas for the music and Berkay for the Layer 3 rip.

e: 8th Mar., more switch blocks.
SMW did hide things via object memory but probably not on purpose (screen 6 of level A).

I like the sound of this contest based on my vldc experience (~2 hours to make half a level, >2 weeks worrying about what it should look like).
The earliest example of this tile being used on purpose that I know of was Super Challenge World, 2006 (I guess), which uses it as a tile Mario can wall run up but otherwise pass through (last year's vldc entry HOTEL used it like this too).
Compilation: YES

I wasn't going to enter the contest but I couldn't resist making something for the compilation.

(Updated because 2nd section was too hard.)

Note on the name
ULTRA STAR was a kaizo 1 level. There was a direct sequel in kaizo 2 and a fan sequel in Dram World. My level uses the general AE S T H E T I C and some elements and ideas from these levels.
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