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I may as well join the video-making bandwagon now since nobody understands me or my insanely complicated obstacles involving one or two sprites.
watch the world burn
This hack might be what you're looking for, bumgravy00:
Learn 2 Kaizo.
1) KobaBeach, Leomon, lion
2) Enjl
3) idol

5) I don't know what this means
6) worldpeace
7) Linkdeadx2
8) Raidenthequick

9) idol, snoruntpyro, worldpeace

11) musicalman

13) FuSoya

15) Lazy, GlitchMr, ft029

27) StrikeForcer, also least likely to use a comma, most cynical, biggest edgelord

37) Vitor Vilela

41) Noivern, FuSoYa

43) lolyoshi, if it's still that little boy with the sunglasses

49) Dan

100) warren h carroll
This shall be my most looked forward to thing.
I'm very flattered to see you mention my hack. I should also say in regard to :
Originally posted by PangaeaPanga
a lot of levels were inspired by other hacks/creators (shoutouts to Motor Skills)
that when I made that level I was really only trying to emulate the Mario Maker levels I'd seen from you on YouTube, so I suppose this arc is merely coming full circle.

Anyway, the levels I've seen of Send Nudes look very polished, with interesting premises and obstacles, and I look forward to starting to play the hack and giving up because it's too hard for me.
I'm gonna be honest, this really, REALLY didn't need to exist.
What songs the Syrens sang, or what name Achilles assumed when he hid himself among women, although puzzling questions are not beyond all conjecture. And, furthermore, the puzzle levels in world 9 are not broken; they are merely puzzling.


This is a kaizo level.
Kaizo levels are allowed, provided they are short, fun, not frustrating, and don't require extensive tool usage to complete.

It is short, I don't know about the middle two, and it doesn't require any tool usage to complete.


edit (11/12): now working on bsnes.
This hack was tremendous fun. When I finished it, I immediately went back and played it again. You really nailed the style you were going for, and at times it felt as though I were playing a friendly version of SUPER (this means I liked it). The hack does have a dark side though: at the time of his disappearance, lolyoshi was last seen heading in its direction.
For those who enjoy views of Mario's arse.

This is another level using the 'Motor Skills' gimmick (see KLDC 2016). It is very much more of the same, a series of short (around 35 in-game seconds) and intense challenges. The new level is in 7 parts and checkpoints can be saved at any time. Also included is the original level with the nice green blocks.

More Motor
Thanks for the replies.

Thanks to Dode playing the hack, I made a quick update to fix some oversights (somehow forgetting to use fastrom), and I made the sixth room more clear. Link is in the first post.
I played ENDGAME. It was a lot of fun. i'm always very impressed by your ideas and their implementation. Looking forwarrd to the new project!
a product of many hours of sedulous labour

In some versions of snes9x in some circumstances (ill-defined), the punchy sprites in this level stop working. If this happens, please try another emulator. My own experience is that the ROM I created from the patch does not work in 1.56 but does work in 1.60 although the ROM I created the patch from does not work in 1.60 but does in 1.56.
Let Me Know The Truth.spc
Batman - Stage 2 (Chemistry For Beginners).spc
Doki Doki Panic - Ending 2.spc
Mega Man 3 - Wily Stage 1 (16-bit).spc
Castlevania - Stage 2.spc
Shadow Man.spc
Curious to see how this janky crock of bullshit fares alongside all these good levels.

I think naro's talking about twitch streams
eg you open a twitch stream and read something bad
or hear something

what is safe?
i once opened a stream of a levelengine hack
the streamer said:
'I'm pretty sure Morsel is into S and M, you know, in real life'
i closed the stream and opened the vod
he really said it!
what is safe?

but that's not why i gave up hacking
i tried to make things recently, but i have no coherent ideas left
lockdown and quarantine and social upheaval has stolen my mojo

i wish i had that tower
i imagine it as tall and strong with embrasured windows to protect from slings and arrows and a parapet from where to pour boiling lead on the outrageous twitch people
that would be a good tower
So this is another one of these levels that takes stuff directly from better levels of the past, tarts itself out in fancy graphics and get a huge score because that's what we value here. Enjoy your top ten place and whatever satisfaction you get out of it.
Originally posted by Sariel
I'm aware that everyone from JUMP-team would claim that this is just a "Lazy copy" (literally).
You're aware of more than I am since idol and I posted together by coincidence, and I have no interest in being some kind of subsidiary opinion to her or the 'JUMP-team' or with whatever or whoever you choose to align me.

ot would you claim this level only got its 10th place because it used the invisible Yoshi too? There's a difference between "taking stuff directly / copying" and "using an idea and making something new out of it"
I called this derivative in my judging comments and gave it points grudgingly because of this. It's certainly a good parallel from the past in support of my contention that ignorant people can be hoodwinked by ersatz material.

That being said, last but not least, I want to underline that our intention is not to say "haha look how easily we can get ??th place just by copying / merging Lazy's and FT's gimmick", but we wanted to create a level, which can be seen as a "child" and a honest tribute of these 2 great entries from the past, while the graphics and setups used in it are a new creation, made to provide it's own "unique" experience.
It's amazing ft's level was such an influence on you since this is the first time you've mentioned it. i admit you mentioned Lazy 's level, but it was only to say "Of course this is inspired by Swiss Nazca"--there is no 'of course' about it. You can see from KevinM's comment that the police deity or the no spin gimmick was impressive to him yet you were completely silent as to where you lifted these things before I got annoyed with you.
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