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I welcome people being inspired by the great levels of the past. I do at the same time think we should always be clear when and from where we are taking such inspiration. I think this discussion has been very valuable in clearing the air.

I apologise if my rather trenchant style of expression has upset anyone, which was never my intention (e.g. when I say 'ignorant' I mean ignorant of the previous levels). It is bewildering to me that some people get so annoyed in these situations (e.g. I would have expected Katerpie as a moderator to set a blander tone as the discussion was receding instead of throwing around swear words).

I look forward to seeing the judges comments on this interesting level.
When opening a Dode stream if he's playing one of your levels, it is impossible not to feel like Johnny Knoxsville getting strapped into the bungee rope Portaloo. It's certainly an exhilarating experience.

Personally, I have never received an offensive communication on discord. I have garnered more abuse by posting on smw central in the last couple of days.
I suppose I got a B-

I'm glad you poor afflicted people are unable to retire from this cursed hobby.
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