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Riki Oh-Story Of Ricky (A Man's movie)
Outside Providence
Drunken Master
What's the worse that could happen?
The Protector
Romeo Must Die

...looks like I'm not the only one who uses


1)Have you ever read 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene?

2)Have you, Boom, Pac, or any other mods ever consider making a private section for dedicated hackers to separate good hackers from common population?

3)Have you hacked/edited anything other than SMW?

4)Are the Hack downloads only containing copies of SMO an April Fools joke, and if so, was it your idea?

S.C.O.R.P.I.O.N and Metalgearhunter:

Haven't got a chance to play the hack, but I'm a sucker for any SMW hack that has some Tech/Futuristic design layed within.

From the looks of the videos, you guys have a good idea of what you want to do, and I hope this project sees the light of day. For real.

I'll put a review of the hack once I'm able to play it, instead of the 5,000 copies of Super Mario Odyssey available for download on this fine April Fools day.

Anime, honestly, is a whole lot better than normal animated cartoons, which is especially true if you're watching American cartoons (I live in Jersey...)

I'll admit, I've mostly only seen mainstream Anime, such as Gundam, Bleach, and Cowboy Bebop, but I've found 2 to strike me as rather "Awsome".

-Ghost In the Shell

Aside from the characters and story itself, One-Piece is still kickass without the formely mentioned qualities just because...It's about Pirates, and pirates kick ass. Period. (Look at Zoro. Three swords at a time! )

Ghost in the Shell's an underdog Anime, with a small cult following, but, if watched carefully, contains some crazy technological truths and insights.

Compare that to typical American cartoons one commonly grows tired of on a daily basis. At least Anime has PLOT!

...of course, to each their own.

...Blocktool, good sir.

Originally posted by Your Ad here
Originally posted by Sagittaire
...Blocktool, good sir.

Keh? wtf that mean? Not helping fool, try again.

I'll tell you what "That" mean.

"That" mean that Blocktool has the option, specifically named "Ice Block On" and "Ice Block Off" (Which are the only current options to gaining Icy floors) that can be used to create the ice floor option that D4RK M4RIO is looking for.


Yea DM, unfortunately, most of the blocks provided within the program already took a while for Jonwil to decode, and was probably the farthest he could get with it. If there was an easier way, I'm sure someone else would have found it. Until then, try and work the on/off triggers. Although it seems like a hassle, once you get used to using most of the block setups, it wont seem so bad.Good luck with that man.

Ads are crucial to any site that lacks efficient funding (Underground sites not sponsored by any company). SMWCentral happens to be one of those sites.

The Administrators added the Ads to keep the site running, so we can all continue to enjoy hacking SMW (Or in my case, get advice on how to work my hack for my College major thesis). For every Ad implemented, the site gains revenue from anywhere between $75-$1500 (Depending on # of ads and quality of the site itself). were needed. Life goes on.

...I've practiced WAD editing myself, and am currently constructing a monolithic level using Zdoom editing tricks and DoomBuilder.

Anyone share in the experience?

EDIT: Editing equals hacking in the dooming world

A bit of confusion on my part. Sorry about that.

When it comes to Doom terminology, it's not considered hacking, but rather the editing process. In Doom terms, Edit equals hacking (The actual editor program would be considered a WAD Editor. Doom editing is the actual editing of Doom.

...with that clarified, any doomers here?

On the G-Switch: Given the standard layouts of a typical SMW level, the G-Switch would be sort of useless, given that the item itself cant be duplicated to be used on the roof area (Think upside down P-Switch. Maybe through ASM it's possible, but I doubt it).

...BUT, you could implement gravity with on/off triggers (This works better since you could hit the on/off switch right side up or upside down).

If someone can get that to work, then you're guaranteed at least a "Hey, that's not half bad" response.

My Idea: 3, actually (Is that allowed?)

A)Flip-Jump graphics for Mario instead of standard jump, like Samus (Any Sprite makers reading? ;) )

B)Megaman-Style fireballs (Go staight, and rapid fire. I think I saw an ASM hack like that in some old SMW hack, but the fireballs were too fast)

C)A 3rd Mario powerup that allows the use of an actual hammer.


I have played the hack.

S.C.O.R.P.I.O.N, Metalgearhunter:

...although there were a good number of bugs, graphical glitches, and
use of common graphics, there is room for a potentially great hack.

The other posters opinions are legitimate as well. There are far too many hacks containg too much ExGFX, and not enough of the foundation and groundwork needed to make a stellar hack, and that's why I'll put some feedback to even the criticism a little.

Level design is a BIG, MAJOR factor in making the hack. In your hack, guys, seriously, you've got the actual level design down. Once the bugs and glitches are out of the way, the levels end up great to play.

...the lava level only needs some touch ups with the palette, and the BG. Use the YI volcano bg to go with that if you have to. for Scorpion Fortress, try to remove the Mario status bar from those unecessary places. Too glitchy.

Keep this in mind: What make a hack good, as opposed to something that looks like you're 7 year old brother's attempt to make a rope bridge, is the CLEVER LAYOUT of the level rather than the aesthetics (That comes second)

Keep at it guys. And, if you guys need a theme, stick to Tech/Futuristic. That's the impression I, and probably everyone else, gets from the levels, as there's not many tech SMWs available.

Good luck, and hopefully everyone's advice helped out.

I've checked the recent versions. Tweaker's revamped Dark Fortress (Marble Zone replacement), and from the looks of it, the new version's going to be utterly kick-ass.

...Not bad at all.

Originally posted by Raakone
A)Do you mean like how Mario somersaulted when invincible in SMB3? Or not quite? I assume this wouldn't count for a "still" jump, but only a moving or possibly only "running" jump?

...I actually forgot about that! That would be perfect for games that have altered Mario sprites (With the exception of SMB3 mario itself), and would be a cool thing in it's own right.

B)Well, one level in Brutal Mario did have that, fireballs that behaved like Megaman's plasma. But then again, it was a fight against Ringman (you are not hallucinating!) So it made sense. Hmm...maybe there could be different kinds of flowers or something, one that gives you a bounce, one that gives you "Luigi-style" (think Super Smash Bros.), maybe even one that gives you "The Superball." Hmm...straight can work, changes things.

Havent got a chance to play Brutal Mario, but I've seen it done in a hack I downloaded on Zophar's site. Perhaps when I learn ASM, I'll have fun tweaking around with the addresses.

C)Do you mean Hammer bros style, or like a Donkey Kong hammer? Either way it sounds cool.

Both...or even better: Kirby Superstar style. SMB3 Hammer suit ASM hack can be possible, the donkey kong hammer might be trickier, and the Kirby Superstar hammer will be awsomeness in it's own right.

Now to "G-Switch" wouldn't be permanent, just like a P-Switch. So inverted G-switches would be a non-issue...mind you, some levels haveing gravity reverse switches instead is cool too.

Ah. I get it now.

In that case...fucking brilliant sir! ...but, I have this weird sense it'll take a HELL of a lot of programming and hex editing to just find how to implement gravity (Look at Megaman 5 data and get an idea from there?). So far, havent noticed anything on gravity within blocktool.

Just one more idea thrown out there:

Side-Ladders: Metroid Zero Mission style. Possible use of SML2 vine climbing graphics SMW style, with some data implementations on a special wall using a few blank 8x8 tiles.

...I skipped this part. Totally oblivious.

I am Sagittaire. I'm studying computer programming. I'm learning to hack SMW. It is easy.


The end.

Originally posted by Edgar1205
Wow best custom sprites/ block i have seen The music is awesome..
The ASM, HDMA, HEX, Mario Sprite, GFX ExAnimitions ARE THE BEST I HAVE EVER SEEN!!

...a tiny bit late there buddy.

Not gonna lie, SMW DID appear in one dream briefly.

I was at some fancy party, wearing jeans and no shirt. I was at the table, and a guy was giving a toast while mumbling something (Think lil' Cheney from Lil' Bush. Ra rara rarararara Rusty Trombone rara ra ra)
I took a sip from my glass, and found it had a face that looked like the bowser clown car. It made me jump from my seat, and when I regained focus, I was in a warehouse full of trampolines and vampires...

...that was 11 years old.

Originally posted by Lyner102
A "story Mode" and an "Arcade mode". Story mode allows you to expreience the whole thing, while arcade mode skips importantstory items and gives you rewards based on your score.

Not a bad idea, but that would be something usually only possible with a team hack, and even with, would take quite a while (Add to the fact that most team hacks end up with communication problems, and we're looking at something that will be near impossible without an updated editor or selfless MONTHS behind the comp programming it).

...still a wonderful idea though. If someone can pull it off, it would be monumentally better than SMO (Will we ever find out what's behind the grey door?)

An idea that came to my head: Glowing light effect. Think Super Metroid, with the enemies that provide light to a dark room. Every time you shoot one, the room gets darker. (Blue-firefly types)

Y'all with me? Now, implement the actual fading light effects. THAT can surely be implemented with HDMA.

...This thread is pretty sweet. Let's keep at it. This could be the brainchild of SMWCentral.

Originally posted by S.N.N.
What exactly are you saying at the end of your animations when the paper thing prints?

I'd take a guess and say:


Then repeat.

Gotta love Speakonia.

On a serious note Smallhacker, would it not be 100x more efficient and less stressful to just post your responses, amidst our mundane and somewhat ridiculous queries?

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Sagittaire's Profile - Posts by Sagittaire

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