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Is making frozen grey Bowser Statues breathe fire on the list yet?
I mean basically like this.
I have got

-a Game Boy Advance
-a Nintendo DS
-a Game Cube
-and a Wii.

Yes, not really a lot, but I don't use them much anyway.
I always use Mozilla Firefox. I actually used Internet Explorer for quite a long time but then I heard somewhere that Firefox would be better, so I downloaded and, since I liked it, sticked with it.

I haven't even tried any of those other browsers like Opera or Chrome, so I don't know if they're better or not, but I'm pretty satisfied with Firefox anyway.
The SRAM only contains in-game saves which you can load via the file select menu on the title screen of the game.
If you want to do an actual savestate, you have to save using the emulator menu (in ZSNES: Game - Save State).
I'm not talking with my friends about hacking SMW. I technically would tell them about it, but when I mention it they don't seem to be too interested in it.
The reason is most likely that they don't play video games all that much anyway, so why would they care for modifying a 20-year old game.
@PokefreakofBACON: I think the only way would be spinning the munchers to sideways in YY-CHR, inserting them as ExGFX and using ExAnimation to animate them.

Question: I'm using ExAnimation on the custom On-Off-Block to make its graphics change when an On-Off-Switch is hit. It all works fine, however the upper half of the block always changes like 2 or 3 frames before the lower half. I have seen a lot of hacks that didn't have this issue, so how would I fix this?

Edit: @Alcaro: Thanks, it worked!
The only thing I really dislike about SMW hacking (although that's certainly my own fault) is that there are often occuring some pretty strange bugs in my hack, of which I have no idea how I implied them. Like for example that the title screen music does not play when you reset the game while still being on the titlescreen, or that Mario randomly gets squished when growing while jumping at the bottom of a cement block that is placed one tile below the sub-screen boundary (but only under certain conditions).
Stuff like this happens like all the time and mostly it takes me pretty long to find a fix for the problem (or I just have to build around it, if it is something very special).
If you want to change the Font of your hack, you just have to extract the graphics from your hack (the red mushroom), replace GFX2A by the font you want to replace the old letters with and reinsert the graphics (the green mushroom).
But be sure you have unchecked the "Use joined GFX files" option under "Options", or you'll just get an AllGFX file which you can't use for this purpose.
However, as far as I know, it is impossible to use different fonts for different messages, so you'll have to stick with one for the entire hack.
Under "Options" there is one option that is called "Use joined GFX files". If you have it checked, then uncheck it and re-extract the graphics. You should get 33 (in hex) GFX files, instead of one All GFX file.
You can't find your custom blocks in YY-CHR, since they have no own GFX. Like Luigi370 said, you have to draw tiles in YY-CHR and set the custom blocks to look like this (or you could just set them to look like already existing blocks, but for example with a different palette).
Also, the graphic for the pressed P-Switch is in GFX01.
YY-CHR is a graphic program, meaning that you cannot change anything but the graphically appearance of stuff.
To change the attributes of blocks, you have to use Lunar Magic's 16x16 Tile Map Editor, where you can give your custom blocks graphics and set them to act like another tile (but most custom blocks need to be set to act like either 25 (nothing) or 130 (grey cement block) anyway).
The only way to insert new graphics into your hack without overwriting the already existing ones is using ExGFX. If you don't know how ExGFX works, this tutorial should explain it.
I would say my absolute favorite video game is Pokémon Emerald Version for GBA, allthough I'm not really playing that game anymore.

The reason is probably that when I started playing video games Pokémon was like hyped to no end and Nintendo had just released Pokémon Ruby/Sapphire Version and so of course I got one of them. I played the game a lot (and I really mean a lot) and when they released Pokémon Emerald Version it was just like the prior ones, but even better.
So yeah, it's a bit like with NeoSigma, it is my favorite game now, because I really enjoyed it back then (which doesn't mean that I dislike the game now, I still like playing it occasionally).
I have WIndows Vista on my computer, allthough I would actually prefer Windows XP, because it's faster and runs more stable. But Vista isn't that bad neither.

The main reason for using Windows for me is that it is compatible with most programs, because (surprise) so many people use it. I thought about using Linux some time ago, but I never did because as far as I know most of the programs I normally use would be incompatible with it. And Mac,... well I never thought about using a Mac.
Saturday is my favorite day of the week too. Mainly because I have a lot of free time and because I know there is another free day left, so I don't have to do my homework that day.:D
I only ever had gaming consoles by Nintendo, so there is not that much I can choose from, but I'd say my favorite one of those is the Nintendo DS.
Not because of the touchscreen, I actually never liked that, but because it has a very light screen (which already makes it 10 times better than the GBA) and you can play the old GBA games on it. Sadly, you can't play the even older Game Boy/Game Boy Color games on it, but still.

Oh, and there are some games for the Nintendo DS, which I really enjoyed, like Pokémon Soul Silver, Scribblenauts or New SMB.
Level 104 is hardcoded to change its message when you're on Yoshi, so without hex editing you can't use message #2 normally.
I would suggest just saving level 104 to another level number and using that level instead.
At the moment I wouldn't say I'm addicted to any game, but the game I found the most addictive would for sure be Pokémon Emerald, even though I found most games from the Pokémon series quiet addictive.
When I got the game I linked all my Pokémon from other Versions on the Emerald Version and I played the game nearly always when I had time to. This is probably the reason why I haven't played any other games than the ones from the Pokémon series back then. For some reason I lost my game data with everything I achieved like 4 or 5 times during the time I played this game, but then I just started from the beginning.

I'm not at all anymore addicted to the series, I think either because I'm too old, or just because I played it to much and am sick of the principe of the game now^^. Another reason might be that I don't like the style of the Pokémon from Gen 4+ because they look much too cartoony and unrealistic, allthough they already did that in Gen 3 when I think about it.
So have you already inserted the ExGFX? If not than rename the GFX file you have by "ExGFXxxx", where "xxx" is a hexadecimal number between 80 and FFF. When you have done that go into Lunar Magic, click on the blue mushroom (ignore the error message) to get a folder called "ExGraphics", place your ExGFX file into this folder and click on the yellow mushroom in Lunar Magic to insert the ExGFX.
Then you go in Lunar Magic under Level - Super GFX Bypass and set one of the FG/BG lists to your ExGFX file number (it's probably said in the readme, which one you have to choose to make the Map16 Page import work correctly).
After that you place the Map16 Page files you got into the folder with Lunar Magic and your ROM and open Lunar Magic's Map16 Tile Map Editor. Go to a currently empty page, click F3 and the Yoshi's Island tiles should pop up. Press F9 to save the Map16 page.
The folder where your Yoshi's Island ExGFX has been in should also contain a .pal file, which you must insert using File - Palettes - Import Level Palette from file, to get your level use the correct palette for the Yoshi's Island Graphics.
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