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I long for these results. I wish I could know how I ranked, it will bring me out of some creative rut, or so do I believe. Knowing how I scored at this contest became way too important to me #smrpg{:D} and I just wish it was over now.

That said, @K.T.B. : I think we can safely imagine there is an actual archive, since S.N.N. has finished his part of the judging. If there is any missing, I will check if I can find on my computer.
My Blood Valentine - Only Shallow // meh battle ngl, I took the less worst

The Beatles - A Day in the Life (Remastered 2010) // the other choice gave me AIDS

T-Square - Sunnyside Cruise // this is somewhat catchy so here goes
Bonnie Tyler - Total Eclipse of the Heart // Oh look, two women singing about their sweetheart stories. Well I'd pick the most iconic one.

Talking Heads - Life During Wartime (Stop Making Sense ver.) // I like T-Square but this live performance was sick! Great energy!

Jean-Jacques Perrey & Gilbert Sigrist - Dynamoog // Tough battle but I like it jazzy.
DJ Camgirl - Problems
Michael Jackson - Smooth Criminal (Radio Edit)
Laura Pausini - Celeste
The Microphones - The Glow, Pt. 2
1/ Feryquitous - Shakah
2/ Swell Maps - The Helicopter Spies
3/ Ohia - Farewell Transmission
4/ Electric Light Orchestra - Twilight
1/ Caravan Palace - Leena // The other one was nice and interesting, but this fits my mood more.
2/ Masayoshi Takanaka - Speed of Love // Lovin' it!
3/ Boards of Canada - Reach for the Dead // I made sure I listened to Arsenal's song entirely. It was good but dragged for too long... It's even surprising I think that while I can listen to long-ass tracks by The Mars Volta or Moonsorrow... Guess this one did not progress that much. Also I love Boards of Canada, so there's that.
4 / Joy Division - Disorder // Actually I didn't like either of them :/
Fuck, this is really a step up in the fight.
Impressive how now I have a "hard time" deciding my fav track.
But heh, at least if my chosen one loses I won't be disappointed :)

1/ Junko Yagami - 1984
2/ Sadist - From Bellatrix to Betelgeuse // no contest here imo finally
3/ Yellow Magic Orchestra - Simoon
4/ Dropkick Murphys - Worker's Song
1/ SIAMES - The Wolf
2/ Sacred Tapestry - 移住
3/ Aurora - Animal (Live at The Current)
4/ St. Vincent - Digital Witness // Just found out this band is featured in Bojack Horseman's OST so that's pretty rad.
1/ Haruomi Hosono - Reggae Aegean Woman
2/ Causa Sui - Fichelscher Sun
3/ Mitski - Why Didn't You Stop Me? // the melody was a bit off but why not after all.
4/ Casiopea - Midnight Rendezvous
1/ Mingus - Group Dancers // Nightwish will win this battle anyways... Just wanted to say I love this kind of jazz.
2/ TSHA - Sacred
3/ Ujico - Dahlia // I don't know why exactly I wanted to vote this... Just it had some Undertale vibes in the developed melody and it gave me good memories.
4/ Progger - Dystopia // Even more jazz, woo!
1/ My Blood Valentine - Only Shallow
2/ T-Square - Sunnyside Cruise
3/ Johann Asmundsson - Look Back
4/ Talking Heads - Life During Wartime (Stop Making Sense ver.)

1 and 4 were tough battles.
1/ Michael Jackson - Smooth Criminal (Radio Edit)
2/ Laura Pausini - Celeste
3/ Masayoshi Takanaka - An Insatiable High
4/ Songs: Ohia - Farewell Transmission // Oh, very tough battle, but, as @Hobz, I do want to save this gem anyways.
Neat gifs man.
I enjoyed seeing the wrapping screen and how you make use of it.
This lil'gem from Deltarune.

I wanted to make it work but there's not so much interest without the samples, I guess.
It would be nice to put in some tension level, like a cinematic with the bad guy, or just a short puzzle room :D
1/ Yuji Toriyama - Maze
2/ Arsenal - Memory of Atlantis
3/ Junko Yagami - 1984
4/ Yellow Magic Orchestra - Simoon

RIP Songs: Ohia, good there also are other good songs to compete.
1/ SIAMES - The Wolf
2/ St. Vincent - Digital Witness
3/ Causa Sui - Fichelscher Sun
4/ Casiopea - Midnight Rendezvous
Hello friends;

Lately I'm trying very hard to keep track of my inserted assets, and the assets that I want to use in the future. It really is a chore, since I need to keep track properly, for stability purposes, and also for credit purposes.

There is a fair number of softwares that I will be using on the course of my venture, and there are multiple codes, blocks and sprites, and musics.

Now, my problem was SMW central and the available tools do not allow to manage correctly. Some features I would have expected at professional level, but as we're all volunters I am about to find my ideal project management system. I wanted to share it here, and also to warn the newbies that it's very easy to lose track of what is in our rom and why... Actually I've wasted potential very long, just being careless about my ressources.

I'm building my system via the software AirTable. Not to make ad for them, but you can find how it looks on my personal space, in view mode.

Basically, the needs covered are :
* Saving the links of patches, blocks and sprites I cannot insert and manage right now. Thus filtering out those I didn't like too much : an action the research robot obv cannot perform.
* Keeping track of the Asar patches I've already inserted to a ROM.
* Establishing a logic between GFX number + status (SP3, SP4, ...) and sprite number
* Establishing a logic between Map16, block, ExAnim, and GFX resources. Follow-up was hard to do when I was passing a full level from one hack to another.
* Basically building a reliable access to any information I would be having trouble to find due to technical limits.

I am afraid it wil not be perfect at all, but it's my better start.
SQL relational tables are the best to describe an organisation.
Let's see if it will help me in the long-run.

Thanks for your attention.
I've met some issues while working :

* the "list.txt" system of insertion is only efficient in PIXI, since it's the only software that links a list to a ROM folder. If I want to use one single instance of AddmusicK to perform different insertions in multiple hacks, I always have to rename the current list "Addmusic_list.txt". Same for GPS and its "list.txt".
* I didn't find m way setting up blocks and sprites info in Lunar Magic. I know there was, at some point, but I've lost track of this.
* The way ExGFX can only take a number and not a name can become confusing : I used to give random numbers to my ExGFX, resulting in a mess.
* When I insert a patch, there's no GUI telling me which patch is inserted or not. If I meet a crash because of patch incompatibility, chances are I'd have a grueling investigation.
* On SMW Central, the user space does not allow to bookmark the favourite database items. I do not want this to happen since it would create a need to add a large chunk of data that most users won't find use to probably. But myself I need it. There are these times where I fuck around at work, find a nice resource, and I'm not able to find it later when I can actuallly ddl and use it.
* Most submission files have a completely different name than the entry on SMWC.
* In older times, some authors were not signing their files with their nicks... But okay, I reckon nowadays it's a pretty standard practice.
* Some GFX files provided with blocks and sprites, are not available in the Graphics section of SMW Central. It is surprising to say the least, given how random is the misc. graphics stuff.

I got lost so many times in my own file system, my own messed up creation, especially after putting projects on longer hiatus, and I don't want that to happen again.
So I take my responsibilities, and address these issues for myself, because I never was one bit organised and I'm sick of myself.... Just thought it could have helped.

Feel free to propose how you're making sure no info gets lost by your side :D
1/ TSHA - Sacred // let's see if Nightwish still auto-wins this time haha
2/ Progger - Dystopia
3/ T-Square - Sunnyside Cruise
4/ Johann Asmundsson - Look Back // I hope this wins. Dynamoog was fun but it sounds off to me now...
1/ Michael Jackson - Smooth Criminal (Radio Edit)
2/ Electric Light Orchestra - Twilight
3/ Masayoshi Takanaka - Speed of Love
4/ Yellow Magic Orchestra - Simoon
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Darkslayer's Profile - Posts by Darkslayer

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