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Mammamia, I meant the beach of course, sorry, sorry, I didn't take care of what I was saying...

Ya, it's a beach #w{=3}

Hey this is me, Darkslayer.
[I was worried about my language... I don't like to have forgotten french worlds when I try to speak english...]

Some stolen screenshots, again, from my hack. Hope you'll enjoy palettes:

Acrobatic treasure hunt

A monster nest with jump soup

A monster run, as my mind "sonic-styled" or something... Because Mario's position is very important in this level, while, when you're running, all becomes inoffensive!

The latest version of 1st OW!

Hey this is me, Darkslayer.
Sorry for double-posting, but I had to show this:

Missing: The BG, I will make it when I have more time, I have to go!

Hey this is me, Darkslayer.

I come here to show you my Hack trailer.
<object width="480" height="385"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="480" height="385"></embed></object>

Hey this is me, Darkslayer.
Thank you, I'm working very hard to the level-design because I suffer from perfectionnism and I never released a complete hack since I've began hacking, or 2/3 years. That hack is my first serious project, and I don't want surrender about it ^_^

Now, I'm trying to create the first castle, I'll be sure to release a Demo 2.0 when I finish the world II, named the lava cave. May take a bunch of monthes, plus the beta test.

I'll show you my steps!

Hey this is me, Darkslayer.
Okay then, thank you all for these comments, I didn't know SMB3 graphics were this difficult to use correctly XD

StripeyDope, I sent you a PM with the name of the music.

Nothing new about my hack, because I don't have time to work about.
I'm actually in my first year of sup. studies and I have to learn a lot of things about chemistery, etc, etc...

I should not give up but I'll mark a tiny pause for the moment.

PS: I try, I try, but I know that I have difficulties to speak English... I learn more everyday, so don't worry for that!

Hey this is me, Darkslayer.
Here is a new background that I made by arranging The V's, for my aquatic places:

Hey this is me, Darkslayer.
Hey there, I have to show you my newest gimmick :)

I named it "The blind method", it will be used in dark places.

<object width="480" height="385"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="480" height="385"></embed></object>

Hey this is me, Darkslayer.

It's been 11 months since I had my last reply.

Didn't know my topic was that boring.

Hey this is me, Darkslayer.
GoldenSonic15 > I don't expect people to keep my topic up, but I posted a few things and I had no reaction ^^

Bubble34500 > Ne t'en fais pas car j'ai fait en sorte que le niveau ne soit pas trop dur à traverser.


Lava scroll is good =3
Level : Eruption

Hey this is me, Darkslayer.
Hello SMW Central. It's been a while!

I'm working with my new hack project (it's kinda a reprise of SZW with better organization), and I destructed all OW instances from SMW to start from scratch with my poor knowledge. Only sprites were not removed because I did not figure out how they work.

However, I seem to get some problem on the first save prompt : it makes appear some sprites morcels with wrong palettes (glitches), and also some unwanted number tiles in the levels. I really don't know why this occurs. I let the screenies show you the deal. Also, here is a joined IPS if someone accepts to try it out.

Thx in advance...

DDL Patch below

Lunar Magic Pic below

Ingame Pics below

Hey this is me, Darkslayer.
O hey.

I'm restarting one OW so I can get all the subtilities.

How is it possible to re-create the Special World Passed event? How does it work?

Or maybe it is hardcoded? If it is, then I'll have to match my levels with this event.

Hey this is me, Darkslayer.
Oh, finally someone posted that!

I was wandering around and I could not manage to find all these old hacks that were posted before 2013 (and same problem for ExGraphics and stuff)...

I have myself some copies I DDL'd when they were available (Henry's Adventure, SMW Starlight,...), if anybody wants to ask me stuff, feel free to do so. Maybe we can exchange some hacks.

But there is this security problem with ZSNES 1.51, that's tough...

I'll consider to go for another emulator. The only risk I take keeping it is catching a bad virus placed on purpose into a ROM that is played into the emulator, am I right? Therefore I shalt be careful when I DDL some ROM on cheap websites. Thaks to SMWC Mods for them scanning potential threats.

Hey this is me, Darkslayer.
O hey! Je n'avais même pas vu qu'il y avait une section Francophone dans le coin! Et en plus y a des poste de Lexator c'est trop coul. Toi-même tu sais. J'ai qu'à partager mon historique aussi, ça me fera des souvenirs.

Suite à différents passages sur acmlm board pour trouver des soluces sur SMW, j'ai attéri par hasard en 2005 sur le site de FuSoYa (FuSoYa's niche) pour la sortie des toutes premières versions de Lunar Magic, j'ai un peu bidouillé avec des niveaux pas beaux mais j'ai tout perdu de cette période (pour le meilleur ou pour le pire).

En 2007 j'ai (re)découvert la bête (v1.63) et j'ai rejoint le forum de planetemu où il y avait tous les copains, notamment : yogui, sylvain et shiva. RPZ les gars. Je me suis beaucoup intéressé aux graphiques et aux palettes, j'ai également lancé mon premier projet : Super Zero World. A l'époque je ne connaissais rien a l'édition d'OW alors Lexator m'a beaucoup aidé. En me relisant je vois que j'écrivais en SMS et que ct tro moch.

Après l'échec de ma première release sur SMWC, j'ai décidé d'apprendre un peu plus. Je me suis doté de plusieurs roms successives (qui ont toutes rencontré des soucis) et ai fini par en trouver une ou j'ai pu faire rentrer mes niveaux, mes graphiques, mes custom blocks, mes custom sprites et mes custom musiques. Tout vient de Central donc merci encore pour la database. J'ai eu un léger suivi de projet entre 2009 et 2013 et je lui ai donné un nom : Super Zero World : The dream quests. Le projet de base est trop ambitieux.

Entretemps j'ai aussi participé à un concours de design d'Halloween (mais ce nivau n'est pas paru dans la hack qui a suivi le concours car il avait été perdu); ainsi qu'au Lunariville collab hack : A French Production.

Maintenant je me remets au hacking plus sérieusement, j'ai amelioré mon organisation, je prends trace de tous les pseudos de mes fournisseurs, j'écris a quoi correspondent mes graphiques.

Deux projets a venir a présent : Une compil de mes anciens niveaux qui viendra en deux versions : Level design originel et level design mis à jour avec mes connaissances actuelles. Il y aura peut-être un gimmick de palettes changées (version Daltonien tsé). Il y aura en avant-première des niveaux de mon nouveau projet.

Ce nouveau projet est a la mesure de mon champ d'action et je compte bien le travailler mieux. Pour l'instant il n'a pas de nom ni d'OW, c'est sur ça que je dois me concentrer avant de faire trop de niveaux.

Conclusion :
- Une release de Super Zero Word : rejected
- Une release de Super Zero World - The dream quests : rejcted
- Une réédition de Super Zero World avec quelques améliorations : rejected
- Ma petite contribution au collab hack de Lunariville : accepted (yeah!)

- Pour mon hacking je souhaite créer des ambiances et des gimmicks, avec des musiques ou des nouveaux sprites, j'adore aussi beaucoup jouer avec les palettes, par contre je me sers peu de graphiques très complexes, je n'aime pas avoir trop de complexité dans les Map16Page.

Hey this is me, Darkslayer.
Thank you Thomas,

I will try it out and see what it gives.

I also think it could be this bug you told me about, since I have OW sprites in the red square and also area enter at the bottom, i.e. extremely near of the boundary.

Oh, I forgot to say that these sprites are automatically removed when resetting the engine and loading .srm data.

Edit 1 : I place my OW entrance further than the boundary and removed all the sprites so it can have a more original-SMW-designed set, and the results renders worse! Now sprites appears before the save prompt and are more numerous... Too odd. I try applying the patch.

Edit 2 : This bug remains even after the patch...
Hoping someone finds another solution T-T

It's not that bad if we don't find a solution, I'll just have to try again in another ROM. For now I am just having some training with the tools. Let's say I will wait for 1 week.

Hey this is me, Darkslayer.
Hello it'sa mi again...

Well I encountered some coin hunt issues in my previous projects, and I had to exaggerate things up to avoid misfuctions in the level design I wanted to make.

For instance, since the old BTSD 30-coin block would allow passing with coins collected in another level, I had to add a sprite that zeroes the coins at level entrance.

Now I want to find another solution because I want to add a 3-digit counter for my coins...

Also I prefer using BTSD over GPS since there are some .bin BTSD blocks tht have not been edited in .asm yet.

So my question is : is there a known functional 30-coin block that does this :
- Works on BTSD (Koopster's Coin Hunt Pack rendered invisible coins, which is odd)
- Counts only coins collected in a given level
- Does not reset the counter at level entrance
- Allows coin hunt in sublevels also

Another related issue I had is about the reset doors in coin hunt levels. I never know which coins respawn afer the new entrance and which coins does not. I can remember that in my last testing free coins don't respawn, but question block or turn block coins respawn.
Coin respawning is a problem since I design my coin hunting levels with the exact amount of coins to collect, no less, no more... And if the player collects respawned coins, he has twice the same.

Thanks in advance...

PS : I don't know if i'm in the correct section of the forum. ASM help section seemed too technical for my question, which is more level design-oriented.

Hey this is me, Darkslayer.
Originally posted by Eminus
D'ailleurs, bien qu'ils soient tous de très bonne qualité, certains ne sont plus vraiment valables, comme celui sur Romi's AddMusic ou celui sur BlockTool, car la dernière version de AddMusic est AddMusicK, et BlockTool et BlockToolSD ont été remplacés par GPS (Gopher Popcorn Stew).

Bon, je ne critique pas les tutos de SuperRetroHacks, je disais juste que ce serait cool d'avoir quelques tutos ici pour les débutants francophones, et pas seulement ceux qui ont déjà été faits ailleurs.

Salut Eminus.

Je trouve que GPS et AddMusicK ne sont pas durs d'utilisation, j'ai réussi à les dompter rapidement en lisant les readme.txt associés.

Si la demande est forte je peux faire un tuto sur ces deux outils.
Pour ce qui est de la création de blocks ou de musiques, ça par contre je n'y connais rien ^^'

Hey this is me, Darkslayer.
Thank you for your testing and your comments RanAS.

I guess I may have to change my base ROM since I used the same for years and this bug also showed up on my previous project, now that I can remember.

I'll also use this tool that can tell me if my rom is clean.
Edit :
The base ROM I use is clean according to Romclean tool.
I could not manage to find out why my OWROM.smc became corrupted with just a basic OW deleting O_O

That's too odd. I'll try again on a new ROM.

Hey this is me, Darkslayer.
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qantuum's Profile - Posts by qantuum

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