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Thanks a lot MercuryPenny.

Now registering this information under .txt file, in case I forget to check the forum when I need this.
Thanks a lot yoshicookiezeus. By the way I like a lot your works, there are many good ideas and I'd like to know ASM like you do.

I shalt try this code you gave to me.

But I know nothing about .asm making.

Should I use the entire code in a single .asm file? Or should I add/replace this code into an existing 30-coin block file?

Also I will try out this Objectool feature you tell me about, hoping I can understand some things.
Hello ASM section!

I'm a total newbie on ASM-related topics but here is my question :

Is it an easy way to find and replace the tile and palette used for bounce or shatter sprites from common blocks codes found on SMWC, such as SMB brick or whatever.

In fact this could be very useful to have perfect block GFX and use all the palettes available for basic turn block.
Umm there was an issue, the block remains solid even if I get my coins :/

...OK so I tried to mess up a bit the passoncoins block made by smkdan.

As you will see I am now trying to make the block act like 25 if there are no coins; and like 105 (rope tile) if the coins are collected.
But! If I set the "acts like" to 105 or 25, it does not work as I thought it could work. What is wrong?

;pass on a defined # of coins
;by smkdan
;act like tile 105 [because the "acts like" loads after code run]
JMP MarioBelow : JMP MarioAbove : JMP MarioSide : JMP Return : JMP Return : JMP Return : JMP Return
;don't touch those

;amount of coins the player can pass on

	LDA $0DBF	;load current coins
	CMP $0DC0	;compare to required coins
	BCS Return	;return (don't act like solid) if carry set

;don't pass
	LDY #$00	;act like 25
	LDA #$25
	STA $1693

I have to learn ASM :'(
Concerning the act like set inside the code, it is originally made by smkdan with tile 130 where I replaced by 25.

Attempting to correct my code.

Testing your code again, maybe I inserted it wrong.
Too bad really. I'll deal with another solution.

For instance I thought of seperate levels/sublevels using normal turn blocks in one case, and SMB Bricks in another case. This way I can have my SMB Brick Graphics edited with ExGFX without bringing some ugliness in my levels. Thanks a lot!

Another solution was to keep same GFX for SMB Bricks and turn blocks but with different palettes. It's also a bit of ugly since when you change palette, bounce and shatter sprites remain on the yellow palette.

So I'll have separated levels/Graphics/Palettes for each block and it will be perfect.
Okay then. The code you gave me did not work well (still remaining solid after coin collect).

But! I had bad faith in original jonwil's .bin block.

I tested it for real and it appears that "free" coins disappear on respawn as you said and not question block coins.

It appears that it counts only coins collected in the level.

So I will use this one, it it sufficient.

Case closed and sorry for all this. Thanks again.
Hello world.

As some can remember, it's been a while since I was hacking some SMW ROMs and advertised it off on SMWC.

As some can remember, I had two hacks submitted then removed
Removal log 1
Removal log 2

I have to say that the original ideas I had for this Super Zero World : Dream Quests were too big for me. I did not have the time to learn what I would learn, I did not find the resources I wanted, I did not have a clear list of what I would add to this hack. And over that I had OW issues that I could not fix.

So Super Zero World : Dream Quests is cancelled.


But I have made many levels so far and I want to share them with the community, and finally get my first accepted hack submission;

So I decided to go for a new project where I could add and correct all my old levels, so they can fit better to the rules (even the 2008 ones from the very first demo).

The level design is a bit tough, not for beginners, but also not a Kaizo Hack. I tried my best, this time, to render the gameplay more user-friendly and less unfair. Also, all the levels will contain some ExGFX/Music/Sprites/Blocks that I gathered on SMWC over time. Some things are so old that I don't even remember whose resource it is, so I hope my accreditation list will be comprehensive enough. Also I took some ExGFX on The V's Super Mario World Starlight Remix (2006), but I have seen he's not on SMWC any more... :/

Hm. I guess it is time for screenies now :

Upbeat level with Ninjis. These Ninjis are very vicious, I had trouble myself to beat the old level so I tried to use less Ninjis than before.

Classic coin hunt level. I had some feedback (removal log) about the fact I had no reset warp. It's fixed thing now. I like the palette I used.

Another level. Since it's not fully converted from one hack to another I only have one screenshot.

I'll try to keep you updated with new screens in the future, and I'll be off to a testing session once the Hack is over, this way I raise my chances to have my submission accepted. Any volunteers?

Thanks for reading this thread.
O hey.

I need a bit of help, actually I'm being stuck while designing a level. I have no good ideas.


I had one single level called "Underwater cave", as name implies it is a deep-deep cave found after diving a lot.

Before, it had 2 water tiles on layer 1 at the entrance and at the exit and it was good. But now I begin to understand Layer 3 better and I would like to change the level so it uses low/high tiles of water, as it is in original level 127 (Mondo).

I have issues with my used sprites.
I have : Buzzy Beetles, Spike tops, Swooper Bats, Sideways Pirahana Plants, (recently added) basic Fishes, (recently added) Brown Platforms, (recently added) Blooper. Fishes, Blooper and Platforms fit well.

I feel that the usual underground sprites do not fit well with this atmosphere I now want to give. I feel that I have to redesign the entire level since, before, it was basically some upbeat thingy where you jump on enemies and dodge Pirhana Plants.

Any ideas would be welcome. But I will also continue research on my own.

Thanks in adavance.

PS : Here is a random screeny taken in-game while testing. How do you find it?
Thank you Technius.

I figured a way out with Swooper bats/Bloopers/Urchins/Fishes and the difficulty is medium. It should do good.


While I'm still working on my next screenshots for my project's thread,

here is an old video from a level I am willing to put in my project.


(I don't know whetehr the youtube stuff works, here is the "integrate" option link below).

Works fine, right?
Mayrio > Thanks a lot! It is big work because my level design used to be a bit unfair and not player-friendly.

nathanrayman1998 > Thanks a lot too! I should deliver some more screenies within days. And I have corrected this palette issue you told me about. Now it renders a bit better, what do you think?

In fact the water in the BG is ExAnimated with two frames and moves to the left, as a torrent would do ;)
O hey, me again.

I have trouble with a multiple-sublevels level in my project.

I disposed multiple sublevels in a linear order with 300 time each.

Over all the 7 sublevels, a midway point bar is located in the 3rd sublevel.

The midway point bar comes from the extended objects menu.

But, it does not seem to work properly since when I die, I start the level all over.

What can I do?
Hm maybe.

In fact the midway entrance is he same than Main entrance for all other sublevels, except the one I want to enter at the middle. See below.

Thanks a lot yoshicookiezeus.

So I have to re-check all my levels so there's no mistake with this function.
Yep that's what I've done now. Thanks again :D
Hey, me again.

Since nice people seem to answer quickly my questions, I've decided to open up a bigger thread so I don't have to open one thread for each little trouble I meet :D

I actually have two current issues :

1/ I've tried to use this Powerup removing block (NOPOWER2.asm, inserted with BTSD, acting like 25) to remove any powerup from Mario, making him little Mario. But when I pass this block nothing happens :/

2/ Dumb question, I don't remember how I can activate or desactivate the "No-Yoshi intro" ^^

Thank you both!

Hmmm... Actually I have functional .bin blocks in my hack and I did not manage to find all their .asm counterparts on Central. I may watch over this one day, but not now. I'll try out another solution.

About the No Yoshi Intro, it seems that it happens only in levels set for this (GFX Headers Rope 3, Castle, Ghost House).
But is it possible to make it spawn in "normal" levels?
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Darkslayer's Profile - Posts by Darkslayer

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