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Oh yay!

Thanks I'll give a try.

Hey this is me, Darkslayer.
Some news!

For those interesed, here are some more screenies.

My level "Underwater cave" updated, and now more elegant : "Underwater Grotto"
Part 1 :

Part 2 :

Also a level I had made years ago, totally redecorated : "Golden cave"

And another one, a coin hunt maze :

Hey this is me, Darkslayer.

Some screens!

Hey this is me, Darkslayer.

Just scanned for the screenshots and appreciated some gimmicks explanations so far.

I'm happy to see people taking nearly all the mechanics from SMB3.

I don't why but this game have had much more feels on me than SMW did.

That's why my project tries to simulate (partially) the graphics associated to SMB3, though I continue to design SMW-ish gameplays.

I will for sure watch over this and expect your release ;)

Good luck!

Hey this is me, Darkslayer.
Hello Final Theory.

I've read the first page of posts then jumped to last page.

It feels weird to know that I'm the first tester to come and comment after your second Beta release.

I've completed 14 puzzles so far, but I'm stuck in this cave level. Guess the right move is too fast for me. We can discuss it in PM if you want.

Also some details remain but you surely already know : No-Yoshi scenery before GhostHouse-themed level for instance,...

Hey this is me, Darkslayer.
Hello Erik577.

This hack looks good-designed, are they NSMB Graphics that you use? I never played it.

Also I'm sort of astonished of your tilemp remaps because I didn't know this is actually possible. You mean you replaced all these tiles from Mario, bounce sprites, etc, in another GFX in game memory? It seems fairly more practical, this way you can stack much more enemies' GFX in GFX00 and GFX01 and associated SP1 and SP2 ExGFX, without keeping these global tiles safe... Or maybe I misunderstood the process. Any ways what is it and how can I manage to do this also?

BTW : Coucou Maruhai, ça fait un bail ^^
(Hi Maruhai, it's been a while ^^)

Hey this is me, Darkslayer.
The pics seem appealing, I'll expect to see more, good luck ;)

Hey this is me, Darkslayer.
Hello Ten!

I've been viewing your gallery in the first post and it was like great, I love the BGs and the palettes and allthat cool stuff you try to make with the design!!!

I'll try out one day your demo and I think it is totally worth my time.

Hope the project carries on.

thesmb3fan144, I disagree with you since you seem very categorical. I used to think like you, putting difficulty in every little gimmick/bonus/etc, but I don't think this is mandatory to make good design. Even more, it can be frustrating sometimes.

Hey this is me, Darkslayer.
Hello guys!

I've only read the first post, but the screenshots made me smile so far : it really looks beautiful. You seem to manage to create very unique atmospheres. The most interesting I found out is the Reassembly part where there are many good ideas, such as fishing Eeries and Fish.

I would like to join also, for 1-2 levels, if available.
My section would be original and/or reassembly. By the way, do original use shared palettes only or custom palettes are allowed?

I think I have to look over all the rules because they are already listed somewhere.

Just tell me what levels are available, and, if it applies, I will go for my design and send you something.

Thanks and carry on it is really good!

Edit : I saw that levels 1 and A are not claimed yet. I would like to take'em? I'll treat level 1 first, and no big deal if level A is claimed before I'm done. I'll conform to the rule that the first level must be tested and approved before going to a second level.

After the eventual approval, I'll just need to know how many sublevels I can do and what numbers are available.

Expecting answer on this topic or by PM asap ^^

Hey this is me, Darkslayer.

Basically this thread is somehow a showoff place for my random level design ideas (packed in test levels), and I hope I can get feedback at some point.

I begin with this video of a grasslands level : it is themed around blue Koopas becos OLOL they're so mean they throw shells. This test is a simple edit of level 106, but you can also comment overall design.

What do you think?


Hey this is me, Darkslayer.
Thanks a lot K3fka for your visit!
BTW how do you do to have an avatar that changes every time page is refreshed.

Undersea Grotto is a very neat name!
Also I fixed a bit this "cave" that did not feel like a cave.

In fact, at the beginning, this level was intended to be an open-air cave related called Buzzy Beetle's gold mine... But yeah it's a bit better now that I removed this context gimmick.

I now want to introduce to all an important advance I made : I have an OverWorld!

It took me days to imagine how I could render something interesting. Here are some characteristics :
- I decided to divide it in many areas. There will be + or - 30 exits within 22-23 levels. I still have one or two levels to add.
- Since some levels are challenging; since there is no story; since there is only one boss (at the end); all the paths are already revealed so you can skip any level to go through the game.
- Still, the Yellow Switch Palace has to be beaten in order to beat one of the levels.
- I gave Big Dots a signification : they are taken by what I call "Trial levels" or "Ordeal levels" (don't know yet what fits best); this kind of level is very challenging and will automatically be rewarded by a save prompt.

And finally, media :
- A video to demonstrate how it will be (don't worry, I also plan to insert some music).
- A picture below (main OW only) :

Hey this is me, Darkslayer.
TheDarknex, I am truely impressed by what you've done with your graphics so far.

Wario is astonishing and your gameplay demo is very smooth!

My turn to give something to this thread.

As some may have seen in my dedicated thread, I now have an OW for my project. I'd like to share a video and a picture here also.

Don't hesitate to give feedback!


Pic below :

Hey this is me, Darkslayer.
Still no replies?

I know my level isn't the most interesting one but I expected at least some criticism...

Hey this is me, Darkslayer.
Thanks alot Gloomier! It was totally the kind of comment I expected.

True that people may be less interested by random "test" levels than an actual project. Actually I'm planning to take a new project soon but since I'm a bit rusty with SMW-Hacking, I will begin softly with a 20-25 exits Vanilla hack. I need to think of it very well. I need to go back to the basics and to align myself with the nowadays standards (i.e level non-linearity, etc etc...). It requires me to read level design excellent tutorials we have on there. It requires me to test anything that comes to my mind before actually start something.

The actual purpose of this thread is... How to put it... Try an idea and harvest some comments, like the one you made. I'll think of posting things in the screenshot and videos thread also.

About your appreciation of my design, I found very neat advice. For instance I didn't know blue Koopas could shoot stunned Goombas. After that, yes it is a simple gimmick idea. I agree that I have to make something more interesting with the foreground to obtain challenging obstacles.

Thanks again for taking your time to answer! #fim{:D}

Hey this is me, Darkslayer.
Hello Von Farenheit and thank you for your visit.

I didn't even think of perspective because all them pictures for the "perspective errors - goodbye!" tutorial are outdated and won't show anymore (one may want to fix that?! Where the hell is Teo17?) and I also thought I could do by myself without considering extra-accurate aesthetical details... In my opinion, I stayed consistent enough : that's something.

And... Actually this is my first complete OW, so I remain proud of it...

But! I will consider correcting this tilting phenomenon if it is THAT bothering... Don't know how to figure it out yet. Could you eventually point out my errors in detail and tell me why it's wrong?

About the colors... I don't think it is very necessary tbh, my levels already fit the OW schemes they're planned for.

Decorations? Maybe I will with some neat ExGFX. But I'm very afraid it could screw all my pathes on, like it did in my old project. Do you have a tip for preventing this to happen???

I'm now upset because your comment was a bit harsh, but I'll be fine.

Hey this is me, Darkslayer.
I guess so.

Okay for the decorations (only if I get an answer for a correct ExGFX implement).

But about terrains there's nothing more I can do. In this hack the Snow terrain has its consacred submap with correct palette; and there are no desert levels. And, grasslands, well I thought if it's green it seems like grasslands, but seemingly I was wrong.

Also please remember that this hack is not intended to be an ace. It just presents my old levels, so the OW does not have a need to be kickass imo.

Thanks for the feedback though, I'll do my best to mix up our opinions so everyone is satisfied, and then post again.

Hey this is me, Darkslayer.
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qantuum's Profile - Posts by qantuum

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