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Can Someone tell me how edit music in a boss battle?
It work for levels,but not for boss battles
Can someone explain me what's the N-SPC Patch for musics cause there's some music that doesn't work and its said in description N-SPC Patch required.
I dont know where download the HuFlungDu's addmusic(I already looked in the tools section) but with the addmusic I already have I tried to add the -se after the rom's name but it juste doesn't work
Can I do that think with all addmusic programs cause I think the addmusic I use is easier to use than this one
When I open this addmusic it directly close,I dont konw why.
I was playing Final Fantasy VI on my VBA emulator,but now that I have a GBA emulator on psp I'd like to FFVI on my PSP,but I dont want to start the game all over again so I decided to transfert my VBA save in my psp but for some reasons it doesn't load my sav.What should I do?
Hey guys I have 2 ideas of SMW hack: My first project is a remake Super Mario bros 2 with super mario world,you know with powers up,yoshi,when you jump on an enemy he die,like all mario bros games.I dont like SMB2 that's why I want to remake the game,but before I start,I want to make sure that,first of all this idea doesn't exist otherwise I'd just download the hack,but I want to make sure that this project is possible,I'd like to have some tips,some advises,program that could help me to realise that hack.This hack will have the same graphics,but not exaltly all the same songs (there will still have the original songs but I could add some songs from other mario games) I could add some bonus levels and more...The name of this hack could be
Super Mario bros 2 Plus.

My second project is a remake of New super Mario bros wii and New Super Mario bros(DS) in one game.I dont think is possible to have the bosses from those games so I'd put the originals bosses from SMW.I want to remake those game cause personally I think they were too easy so in that remake the level will be remixed to be harder (but not alot I dont want an impossible game too) But I was thinking about it and there was I problem:in SMW we can't have some platform that we found in NSMB and NSMBWii,but I think i can deal with it.The name of this hack could be New super mario world.

So if you have any suggestion,idea,advises or anything else,I'd like to read them.
Well,there's no need to change the graphics if I cant,I could just keep the originals.
Okey guys,here's my situation:About last week I tried Super Metroid and I really like the game so I decided to try Metroid Trilogy and Metroid other M,but the thing is that I usually dont really like first person shooter games like COD or halo(but there's some exeptions like Goldeneye 007)My gaming style are game like Zelda,Mario,Star fox,Sonic,Kingdom hearts,Final Fantasy but I watch some videos and it really look like fun so should I buy those 2 games?
Yeah It happened to me and I almost lost my job because of that.
My first Console was the N64,It was a gift for my birthday when I was 7years old and it came with Star Wars episode I racer,my very first game
I think I've figured how to fix this problem,all you have to do its to download the v 4.1.5,I dont know if it will work for you,but it worked for me
Everytime I put the ''3 platforms on chain'' somewhere,one of the 3 platforms is cut in a half and I have the same problem with ''chain balls'',but at least its not on every chain balls.How can I fix that?
Yes,it was the wrong sprite tile memory,I set it to 0E and it works well now,thanks :)
I watched a tutorial on how to install custom graphic,I tested with the original SMB 1 graphics and everything looks perfect...on Lunar Magic,but when its time to test the stage its completly messed up,how can I fix that?
Oh,nevermind I found the problem,I forgot a tiny little step,but I didn't though it was important.
I was trying to add a new stage on my overworld,I add the level 12 and it works just fine,but when I beat the stage Mario wron't be able to go to the next stage,I've been to the ``Modify level tile settings`` and I put direction to enable ''normal'' and ''secret'' exit to 'UP' and my path is just fine(its a straight line so there can be no mistake and its not my first custom path)
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