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I've downloaded a Wario Bros. sprite pack with Wario and Waluigi bin files and a Wario,Waluigi,Fire Wario,Fire Waluigi tpl files,just like graphics packs,so do I have to rename the Wario(and Waluigi) bin file to ExGFXxx and then import the tpl file just like I would usually do with custom graphics?
How do I use the patch?
I wanted to know if there were a way to trigger the game's credit aside from beating the original Bowser and his clown car?Could I trigger the credit scene just be beating and ordinary level?
Alright thanks
I'm trying to put the Giant masked koopa boss and he's working just fine,the problem is his attacks,he's suppose to throw rock and fireball,but mine doesn't,when he turns yellow the rocks don't drop and when he turns red,he doesn't throw fireballs.In my sprite tool's block notes,I put the masked koopa at 28 and the rocks at 29 like I did with Birdo with his rideable eggs,but I didn't have that problem with Birdo.Whether I put 2 or 3 on the extra bits,he wron't throw the rocks.How do I fix this?(I had the same problem with Kirby,he couldn't throw his fireballs)
Oh,it worked for Kirby thanks,I guess its the same think with the Masked koopa boss,I have to open the ASM file and do the same thing.
Yeah,it works just fine now,thanks guys.
Usually when you download a ExGFX pack(custom graphic) it comes with a sample level,but every times I open one everything its all messed up,so how do I open them properly?
Oh,now its working,thanks
I was trying to change Mario's palette and I was able to,but I figured that it changed his palette for the entire game,then I had the idea to load a custom palette file,but when I do that Mario's palette doesn't change at all,so I was wondering if there were any ways to change mario's palette only for a specific level?
Thanks for the patch,now I have to look how to install it.
I used a patch so that I could change the palette of Mario with custom GFX and it worked just fine,but ever since I have weird graphical glitch everywhere in my hack.

Here's a few exemples:

and my favorite:

I used xkas and I renamed the ASM and my rom to "test.asm" and "test.smc",maybe I miss something?
I opened my rom with the Hex editor and I saw complete line with ''00'' is this the free space that I'm looking for?I'm not sure I understand where I'm suppose to look
I put $7E146C(Which I found in the RAM map and the type was empty) in front of the !CodeFreespace,but now the rom freezes,I don't understand.
Where do I write "$146C"?

Moderator edit: Please use pastebay or other paste bin site when you post too larger data.
By removing ":" off of the "$7E:0DC3" I can see the Nintendo present but it freezes right after that
If I don't remove the ":" the graphics are completely messed up on Lunar Magic and when I load the rom on the emulator nothing happens
I have multiple safe copy,I'll try with an other one,but after patching my rom lunar magic is telling me "Sprite GFX file 0xB" is too large!" then "The graphics file is larger than it should be.This may cause glitches during gameplay" and then lunar magic graphic are completly messed up(How do I restore my rom?)
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