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On Addmusic 405 I've noticed that the music list for levels started from 20 and ends to 9F,but I was wondering if it was possible to extend that list to have music for levels on A0,A1 all the way till FE by simply writing them on the blocnote
My favorite 2D Sonic game is Sonic 3 and knuckles and my favorite 3D is Sonic adventure 2 Battle
I downloaded the sprite that when there are no enemies on screen the level will end,but its not working with custom sprites what should I change on the ASM file here:

;; When the first extra bit is clear, the it plays the level clear music. When the first
;; extra bit is set, it will play the boss defeat music.


; sprite init JSL

dcb "INIT"

; sprite code JSL

dcb "MAIN"
LDA $1493

STX $00
STA $01

LDY #$0B
LDA $190F,y
AND #$40
LDA $14C8,y

AND #$04


; key gen

LDA #$FF ; \ End
STA $1493 ; / Level
lda #$0C
sta $1DFB ; change music to "Course Clear!"

; keyhole gen

LDA #$FF ; \ End
STA $1493 ; / Level
lda #$0B
sta $1DFB ; change music to "Boss defeated!"
I was using the non-boss homing thwomp,SMB Bowser,but when they fall on lava the battle is not ending and I made a long room where you have to beat mutliple enemies to end the stage and when I kill all the non-custom ennemies the sprite will activate even though there's still a custom enemy in the room,but if it worked for you,I guess I'll try to reinsert it in my rom in case I forgot something
Does anyone here had the same problem:I'm able to go on PSN,the Internet connection works just fine on my PS3,I downloaded a few games from the PS Store,but when I'm trying to play online it doesn't seen to work well.I was only able to play 3 times online,the games were Super Street Fighter IV and Sonic 4 Ep II.
Well my problem seem to be that I can't anybody,but I was able to found someone Online,I worked perfectly,but I not normal that I can't found anyone not and I can't upload my records to the leaderboard of Sonic 4 EP2,but I was able in EPISODE 1 on my Wii.
No nothing new,same router and the same provider for many years.But what is a firewall and what is DMZ.
The Sonic adventure games are my favorite in the serie,I like the fact that there's multiple caracter.Even if my favorite character to play as is Sonic I like playing as Knuckles or as Tails(in SA1) and its a shame that the latest Sonic games focus only on Sonic,Tails and Eggman,Knuckles was my favorite character and he didn't appeared since SONIC 06(I'm talking about the major games).
After I succesfully manage to insert some random custom blocks,I wanted to put Giant Blocks in my hack and it worked just fine except for the graphics

It seem great and all,but when I actually hit the block

The flower appear just fine,but the block just looks ugly,Is there a way to make it so that when I hit the block it becomes this block instead:

Yes I've done that already,but tile 130 is the grey stone block,so even if I were to change the stone block graphics wouldn't it only be 1/4 of the Giant block?
I've done that already,the two blocks above act like 130 and about the ground pound,I dont know since I dont have ground pound in my hack
Originally posted by Poloros
Assuming you're using the giant blocks from SMWC, there should be a line somewhere in the code that looks something like this:

TileNumber:		dw $0503,$0502,$0513,$0512 ;Upright-Upleft-Downright-Downleft

Those are the Map16 numbers of the giant 'used' block that is created after you hit the ? block. Find those and change those four Map16 tiles to be your used block. If you're already using them for something (which seems likely, as they aren't just default tiles in your screenshot), you can change the numbers in the code to whatever four tiles are convenient for you. Also note that if you change them, you should change them in both the bottom-right block's code and the bottom-left block's code.

I tried your method and now my giant blocks are working just fine,thanks dude :)
I was wondering if there were a way to start a level with 0 coin.I was hoping to found a custom sprite,generator or a custom block to do so,but they don't exist,so I though maybe someone here knows a way to start of with 0 coin.
I don't really know how to put it into words,but I'll do my best.Here's the thing,you know when you have a sample level with a custom BG ,you can copy the custom BG from the sample level and then paste it in your rom hack so that you don't have to make the custom BG yourself tile by tile.My problem is that the sample level I've downloaded uses the MAP16 page 45,but I alrealy used the page 45,55,65 and 75 so I can't just copy-paste the BG from the sample.So my question is: Is there a way to change the page where the backgroud of the sample level take his tile so that I can put it where there's free page in my rom hack?
Where exactly I'm a suppose to fill the difference between the two pages?

Edit:Oh! never mind I've figured it out,Thanks for the help dude
Originally posted by Koopster

I think just this would do:

dcb "INIT"
dcb "MAIN"

STZ $0DBF	;coin counter

I tried this methode and it worked,thanks guys
I'd like the spikes in my hack to be instant kill(Like the Mega Man games) so I though that there would be a custom block that would be instant kill but I didn't found any.Then I was thinking to make the spikes act like lava with MAP16,but for some reason big Mario can swim through.So I was wondering if any of you would know a way.
Its working,thanks for the help guys.
How do I change the boss music that plays when fighting the Koopalings and Reznor?
I want all the bosses to use the same music,but I'm not sure I understand what to do with these numbers you gave me.
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