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The shell does need to be flashing so that Yoshi can fly, but you can go ahead and get Yoshi with a cape if you want to. (You'll still have to dismount Yoshi before you stomp the Yellow Koopa)
Ha ha! I'm so jealous of all your new hopping lizards, ghettyouth. Excellent work.

Remnic: Does that Milde just flatten when you stomp it? What's the Cactus, a bouncing football?
Instead of going to an actual downloadable zip, the "Frozen Sprite Block" mikeyk submitted today tries to download "download.php," so it's impossible to download the file.
There's a really old archive now, but that PM's probably long gone.
Ooh, It's always nice to see a new Mario sprite. Hooray for NES SMB3 fire colors!
It should be a simple matter of changing the horizontal tile displacement. If you change x1984C from [FC 00 FC 00 FE] to [00 00 00 00 00] and x19858 from [04 00 04 00 02] to [00 00 00 00 00], that should do it.
Look here.
That's the tall Shy Guy, right? I've seen hacks in the past that tried to use him and didn't correct the horizontal displacement, and that didn't look so great, so good call on that.
You should be able to fix the head moving up and down by changing x19864 from F1 to F0. But yeah, you might find a custom Stretch sprite more useful. Here, I'll just modify the displacements on my Green Rex sprite...

Custom Strech Sprite

If that doesn't insert properly, let me know.
I really like those Piranhas made out of tetrads, but if all the enemies look like the stuff making up the foreground and background, things could get really confusing. I don't much like the layer 3 castle bricks and windows mixed with new foregrounds, so those should probably be edited.
Originally posted by The Kins
Yoshi's from Mario Party Advance, I think.

Which means I should probably get the head offsets from Icegoom's hack.

Buuuuut I'm lazy.

Your laziness has saved you some time, then, because I didn't make any changes to Yoshi's Head position in SMWRedrawn. I just kind of awkwardly crammed it into the game's original space. That Yoshi's looking good, anyway, but I think Mario probably sits a bit too high in the saddle.
Hmm... maybe give the tetrads they're made up of a different pattern? X's through the squares or something, I dunno...
I KiLLrOy99 I's Yoshi's Island GFX

The title screen is junk, and Mario immediately falls and dies as soon as the game starts. Game Over screen, no way to continue. If you're fast, you can hit start before Mario dies and start the game up. All the levels on the map are revealed when you start, and you can enter the first or second level. The second one leads to an endless bonus game. The first one is an actual level, however:

This door leads to another endless bonus game. Moral of the story? Make sure your exits lead somewhere.
It's from an interview with Shigeru Miyamoto in Mario Mania, the SMW player's guide.

Q. How do you decide when to make another Mario game?

A. After we finish a Mario game, the staff usually vows never to do another one! But once the game is released, we start thinking it may not be such a bad idea to add another title to the series. We usually have lots of ideas that we haven't been able to implement yet. A good example is Yoshi the dinosaur who just appeared in Super Mario World. We wanted to have Mario ride a dinosaur ever since we finished the original Super Mario Bros., but it was impossible technically. We were finally able to get Yoshi off the drawing boards with the Super NES.

And then there's this sketch in the margins of that page. I don't know if Miyamoto drew it or what:

It looks like they had several ideas, and Yoshi might have ended up being quadrapedal or a pterodactyl.
tbbe5's "Uper World" has been deleted because the game froze on the "Mario Start" screen once you tried to enter the first level. Make sure that patches are created using clean ROMs.
There's a SMB3 Dry Bones included in this.
I can't complete Desert Depths 3. Right after the midway point, there are three note blocks. There's a star trinket off to the right, but there's nothing beneath it. Opening the hack in Lunar Magic, I see that there's supposed to be a checkered platform underneath it, but no how many times I scroll on and off the screen, I can't get it to appear. The vertical/horizontal bridge above the checkered platform also doesn't appear most of the time. Guess I'll have to use a level skip cheat to move on...
MegaGames' (formerly Ausem Games) "Three Fun Levels" has been deleted. They weren't fun a year ago, and they're still not fun now. Obvious 105 and 106 edits plus a sky level with nothing but swing lifts and cement blocks. We're looking for something with a little more substance, guys.
The demo with the Marx battle is still available here. Remember, you can inflate yourself into Balloon Mario by tapping B while in the air.
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