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Ooh, now that's a great looking level, B.B.Link. Electricity enemies are really nicely integrated into the design, as are Pitchin' Chucks. (Which die in two hits now?) The bonus room where you have to take out the Koopas has a nice DKC feel to it. Does the level completely replace an old one, or are you keeping the old levels and adding new ones into the mix along the way?

Does hitting that blue question block give Yoshi infinite flying time? One thing I've always liked about your levels is how considerate you are about providing a way for Yoshi when most hacks would just force you to abandon him when you get to a climbing section. Are the blue coins always there, or are they just present when Yoshi's flying? (I ask because some appear to be hovering over a bottomless pit, so the player might be tempted to drop off to collect them and die) I'm a little concerned that poison mushrooms might be bit difficult to differentiate from normal mushrooms, but it's probably a bit more obvious in-game than it is in a video.

Oh, and I note that some of the question blocks spit out Mushrooms when Mario is already big. Did you change the graphics for yellow ! blocks to look like normal question blocks, or did you do a hex edit so that flower/feather question blocks always spit out Mushrooms?
I could definitely get behind something like a five star difficulty rating which you could use to sort hacks. That way, your Kaizo Mario Worlds could exist here and non-hardcore gamers could avoid them like the plague. Of course, if the hack authors were allowed to set their own difficulty ratings, there'd probably be a lot of hacks listed as being less difficult than they actually were, since people tend to think their own levels are easy.
Denying approval to Rstar's "Super Mario Country Demo 1" because it's a ROM. Looking past that, there are enemies and bottomless pits in the intro level, so that would be a disqualification even if it were properly patched.

Denying approval to Wariorulz's "Super Wario World" because Mario dies in the opening demo. (And bizzarely, none of the sprites in the demo (Mario, Yoshi, or enemies) are visible, so you can't tell what's happening anyway. Once you die and get to play the level for yourself, everyone shows up fine) If you do manage to hit start before you die, the game itself is full of the sort of bizarre glitched up levels you would expect from a hack named "Super Wario World." We're talking 3-up moons everywhere, floating squares of water, invisible climbing nets, enemies with the complete wrong graphics sets, and of course, a lovely all-black Yoshi.
Legend of the 8 Swords deleted.

I certainly wouldn't miss Another Mario World, B.B.Link. It's just another one of the dozens of mediocre hacks I've played in the past and completely forgotten about. I may have said things in the past that might have made you think otherwise, but I completely trust your instincts on this sort of thing. If it's not fun at all, then who really wants it sitting around? (And yet I've never got around to deleting Bramble Invasion, for some reason)
Nice little demo, B.B.Link. I can see how much work you've already put into this. The new music's working out great. All the graphical fixes are nice, but I'm more pleased to see updates to the levels themselves. The levels still have the same basic structure as the ones from the old game, but you've added in plenty of new surprises that make them feel like new. (new bonus rooms, trickily hiding a key hidden in a bonus room, skybound items for flying Yoshi or cape Mario to snag, and of course the Bomb Lakitu attack)

That's my first time seeing the Lakitu Boss, by the way, as I've never tested it out myself. A couple of notes: You can down him in one hit if you carry a shell with you, (which you can't really control) and if you boost off of Yoshi, you can bounce on his head five times to defeat him, so the spiked helmet might not make the most sense. I was happy to see that the Bob-ombs were non-resetting.

You've actually got me wondering how you did a few things. You stopped Yoshi from bouncing when he's sitting there waiting for Mario, got rid of the fade-out effect at end of level, (which I see a lot of people do but have no idea how to do myself) and changed the cape physics so that Mario can't glide. Did you use ghettoyouth's castle entrance sprite to make the custom entrance to Toad's House?

Some miscellaneous weirdness: It sounds odd to me that there's no sound effect when you collect a Yoshi Cookie. The traditional Dragon Coin sound isn't necessary, but it'd be nice to have something there. I'm not really liking the way the Piranhas look with red lips. Either use tweaker to have them use palette D so their lips will be green or use the alternate white-lipped version. Winged blue Shy Guys turn red if you whack them with a cape.

Some Mario tilemap stuff: Mario's "kicking a shell" frame is the same as his "riding Yoshi" frame. Did you mean to do that? I note that you've redrawn Mario's hands and head thingy so that you could give fire (pill?) Mario a different color scheme. I'll say that I prefer the sprinting frames I gave you instead of just repeating the walkcycle for when Mario goes into fast run. And I don't really like Mario turning into his big "exploded" form when he dies because the way it flips back and forth looks weird. I can make you an "exploded" frame where Mario faces the camera so that it will animate better, if you want.

darklink898 (heh, never knew it bothered you when people dropped the number from your name) is right about some of the palettes. I typically use slightly more muted colors than SMW's default colors, and I think the sprite palettes could use some tweaking. Dark colored outlines are better than straight black outlines, and turning down the saturation a bit on the other colors just looks a little better. The palettes on the bushes look a bit off. There's not enough contrast between the two medium shades and the highlight color is too bright white. The background darklink898 pointed out looks better in-game than in the shot, but it could use some more tweaking. The sky doesn't gradient quite right, and the trees could use a bit more contrast. I'd do it something like this:

I imagine all that palette stuff came off as incredibly nit-picky, so keep in mind it's just advice and I'm not really complaining.

I think the reason the blocks that contain mushrooms turn into cement blocks when they bounce is because you changed the bounce sprite for the turn/throw block into a cement block. (I'm pretty sure I remember seeing the expanding/shrinking block bridges looking like cement blocks in one of your videos) You would probably solve that by using a hex edit to make some other question block spit out mushrooms instead of editing the yellow ! block to use question block graphics. On the subject of bounce block sprites, the bouncing note block looks miscolored.

As for fixing the big Virus's mirroring problems, I wasn't sure if you were going to use it, so I never looked into that. Big Boo's tilemap and mirroring data is 160 bytes, so it'll be a bit of work fixing it. You need to go to address 0x184F8 and input all this: (I tried to break it up into lines so it'd be easier to input)

[.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. E8 E8 E8 80 A0 C6 E6 82]
[A2 C4 E4 84 A4 C4 E4 86 A6 C6 E6 E8 E8 E8 E8 80]
[A0 C6 E6 82 A2 C4 E4 84 A4 C4 E4 8C A6 C6 E6 E8]
[E8 E8 E8 80 A0 C6 E6 82 A2 C4 E4 84 A4 C4 E4 86]
[A6 C6 E6 E8 E8 E8 E8 E8 80 A0 C6 E6 82 A2 C4 E4]
[84 A4 C4 E4 86 A6 C6 E6 00 00 00 00 00 40 40 00]
[00 40 40 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00]
[00 40 40 00 00 40 40 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00]
[00 00 00 00 00 40 40 00 00 40 40 00 00 00 00 00]
[00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 40 40 00 00 40 40]
[00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00]

Whew! I ought to update the Big Boo article on the wiki now that I figured out what everything does. That ought to make the Big Virus always face the camera, more or less. If you wanted to make it so that the big Virus had a different side view and front view, I might be able to do that, but it would require more remapping.

Also, do you want to change the big Virus's palette from the ugly bluish white that Big Boo uses? Changing Big Boo's palette is a lot of work, but I've done it once before and could probably do it again. Tell me what color you'd want the big virus to be and I'd see what I could do.

I rather like the direction you've gone with the inside of the Toad houses. Do you want me to continue working on the style I showed you before, or do you just want to go with what you've got? At any rate, I'll finish up the Toad in bed graphics and I could add a bit more detail to your TV and lightbulb.

That new video's pretty cool, but it looks to me like Boss Bass ought to be able to eat Mario when he's standing still on the board walk that's one tile above the water, but that can't really be helped, I guess. Mario's still vulnerable near the end when the boards are hanging down in the water, right? Is Boss Bass still vulnerable to fireballs?
Originally posted by darklink898
I got an idea for you. What about making a different virus for each Toad, and it would be a different disease for each toad. One could have a cold, the other could have a gastric problem and so on like that. That way you can give the levels a new feel.

He could give each Virus a slightly different look with ExGFX, but they'd all have to have graphics which flipped horizontally and they'd all have to use the same palette, unless someone were to code a custom Big Boo boss. Speaking of the big Virus's palette, in order to make the virus blue with yellow eyes, go to x1BB82 and input this:

... ... FF 7F 63 0C 21 04 42 0C 42 10 82 14 A3 14
85 04 FF 7F E7 1C 22 08 42 10 62 18 A3 1C E3 18
A7 04 FF 7F 6B 2D 42 08 63 14 83 1C C4 20 04 21
E9 04 FF 7F EF 3D 43 0C 64 18 A4 24 05 2D 65 2D
2B 05 FF 7F 73 4E 43 10 85 20 C5 2C 46 39 C7 39
6F 05 FF 7F F7 5E 64 14 A6 28 06 41 A7 49 49 4A
F3 09 FF 7F 7B 6F 85 18 08 35 48 51 2A 62 0C 5F
79 0A FF 7F FF 7F A7 20 2A 41 AB 69 CD 7E F0 7B
3F 0B

Originally posted by B.B.Link
I did that purposely to give them a "Powerdown" pallete effect pallete. Like fire Mario clothes back into regular Mario clothes. Different color Shyguys will have different powers depending on the color of them.

Ah, that's actually pretty clever.

02167 Blur effect set to 00

Gah! How long has that been sitting in the ROM map? I don't remember seeing anything like that when I looked several months ago, but I'm pretty good at missing obvious stuff. That's incredibly helpful for clearing up space for background colors. Thanks.

A reason why I changed them because, to me, it always looked silly for Mario to run with his hands out like an idiot, even if he had a cape and was trying to fly. So, absolutely no offense, but I like him without those frames. To me it gives him that "long jump" look from SM64.

OK, it's your game, so do whatever you want. I personally like how "focused" Mario looks when he kind of leans forward and runs with his arms out like in NSMB, and I think the normal walkcycle looks too spastic when its sped up for a full out run. But, um, yeah, your game, so I'll shut up.

For now i'll just use the style I have, but for the sequel I would defiantly use the GFX you showed me before. Also if you want, you could touchup those TV and lightbulb GFX's and send them to me.

I'll see if I can improve the TV and lightbulb, then. Do you have any other Toad House furniture you'd like me to work on?
Hey guys, been awhile for sure. But I am currently stuck at a relatives house and while looking for something to do I remember this place and decided to stop in. Anyways, gotta be on my way for the moment before somebody notices I wandered off to use my phone. Have a great Easter and cya all around!
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