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Without testing it, I think you need to change 1098E from 07 to 05.
Originally posted by B.B.Link
I'm lost here. Is it OK for you to use icegoom's Mario's Lost World full demo as a base for your own hack?

Originally posted by icegoom
I suppose this game could conceivably be used as a base hack, although it would be difficult without the sources for the custom blocks and sprites. I've gone ahead and included .m16, .ssc, and .dsc files to make the hack easier to view. Just stick them in the same directory as MLW.smc and Lunar Magic.

I said that as a kind of throwing my hands up, "If you reeeaaally want to try to use this as a base, I guess I can't stop you, but it's not going to be easy" type of thing. I can't imagine the hack would be easy to work with for someone who's not me, (I've got a folder full of custom palette files and .gif preview files for each ExGfx file so I can easily tell what's in each) and the inability to add new custom sprites and blocks would be a definite sticking point. There are also plenty of glitches that need fixing that are going to get carried over to any new hacks. So yeah, I'm not that happy about people using this as a base, and I think there are far better options, but I guess I'm not going to attempt to block people from doing so.

That said, it's freakin' weird seeing my vacation Mario sprite in another game, (much more so than the environmental graphics) and I'm kind of wishing you'd use the NSMB sprite in its place or something. I didn't have much use for the No Yoshi sign anymore after applying Counter Break Y, so I guess it's good for someone to get some use out of that. The jungle and sandy foregrounds are generic enough that they can fit into other games, but pillaging the cruise ship concept for no real reason other than it's there just seems kind of cheap to me. If you honestly have need of a ship for your game and my graphics are the best ones available, use them. But if it's a level that could conceivably be something else, I wish you'd not rip off the concept.
Mario Illusion World's a nice start, but I think it could use a little more polishing before it's feature worthy. There's actually a Star Road tile which doesn't connect properly and makes you get stuck off in the grass, but I haven't deleted it because the rest of the hack is well done.

I've always supported Mystery of the Seven Orbs for featured status. For some reason, I've never gotten around to playing Super Challenge World. (Really need to rectify that) If it's as well put together as Seven Orbs, it probably is feature worthy, too.
OK, so we're done here.
Hmm... I've always sort of considered it a waste for Blue Shelless Koopas to have separate graphics from other Shelless Koopas, so you could give them all the same graphics. Or you could make the flopping Cheep Cheep use its second page swimming frames flipped upside down instead of having separate flopping frames on the first page:

0x0B319 [9D F6 15] Change to EA EA EA and Cheep Cheep's tilemap will use a single GFX page
0x09E0D [67 69 88 CE] Cheep Cheep tilemap (change 88 CE to 67 69)

If you want to get rid of floating point notations and replace them with blank space, that would also free up a tile and a half, but that's a lot of work. I'm thinking the Cheep is probably the best option, but I don't really know what you've already changed, so moving the key and info box could be reasonable if you're not planning on using them very much.
It remains utterly weird seeing my graphics in another hack, but I guess it's kind of interesting seeing how someone else uses them. Having any trouble getting NSMB Mario in? The player tilemaps don't quite line up between the two games.

You're using Tribal Towers as a dock? Hmm... I guess that works. The Bomb Koopas in my level had green-tinged skin so that they'd fit in with the green tower. (Like the Rexes being red to fit in with the red tower) In other areas, they had their normal tan skin. Elevators and Bandits? It's entirely possible to use different enemy sets than I did, you know. The way I've got things remapped makes it so that you can do all sorts of novel enemy combinations if you just make some new ExGFX files.

The underwater shots could probably stand some additional decoration. I didn't make that many decorative tiles for underwater areas, but you're perfectly free to rip some from other games. Really, you ought to try using some additional ExGFX in some of the areas to give your game more an identity of its own. Couple of misspellings: "signiture" should be "signature" and "Attension" should be "Attention." If "Shittake" refers to the mushroom, I think it's "Shitake."

The Pink Blurps just being Eeries with different graphics is something I've already changed in my game. (Fish need to be fireball and cape killable) You have the problem of not being able to insert new sprites, so I guess you'll just have to make do with what you have. The palette on the green coral's kind of messed up. You'll want to make the green tones the same luminosity levels as their counterparts on the grey palette.
This belongs in the requests thread.
Originally posted by TLMB
If you looked closely, their is a cement wall with
a turn block at the bottom...

What's to stop you from just carrying a shell, a Goomba, or even the P-Switch to throw at the turn block? Or using a cape to either whack it or just fly over? If you're going to get a Super Shell to follow you through an entire level, there needs to be some kind of pay-off at the end. (See the level "Shining Twilight" in Joshua's Treasure Hunt for an example)

Since you don't appear to be using Rexes, you could easily make an ExGfx file with Ninjis. Just paste their graphics in the proper place over the top of Rex. Magikoopa's going to conflict with Banzai Bill, if you plan to keep using it, so that's no good.

So yeah, no screenshots, link to an unfinished youtube level... I guess I'd better close this. This isn't a horrible start to your level, but it needs a lot more polishing.
Luigi's Last Desire replaced.
When I made the Yoshi sprite for A Yoshi, I told him it was up to him whether he shared it with anyone or not. They're his property for the time being, so don't ask me if you can use them. (By the way, I never quite finished all the castle destruction poses, did I? I can still do that if you haven't edited the frames for yourself)

As for that Baby Yoshi graphics patch, there's something about graphics-only changes like that cluttering up the patches section that rubs me the wrong way. I'm seriously considering deleting that thing.
Originally posted by Alonso
In the Peach cruiser level of Mario Lost World has a secret exit?

Anyone want to tell me what the difference is between all these VIP Mario and Wall Mix hacks are? The two newest ones appear to be the same game only with different Mario graphics, but I haven't played into them very far. If they're the same to the end, maybe they could be consolidated into a single .zip file?
Download Sprite Tool and follow its readme. If you have specific problems, make a more specific thread.
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