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If you use an HDMA Piranha custom sprite, it'll show up in front of objects. If they go into a pipe, though, you'll have to make duplicate MAP16 tiles of the pipe with priority enabled for them to be able to go behind it.
He's been warned. Ignore the giant avatar until he gets back on and changes it himself or an admin changes it for him. Using SMB3 Mario means changing the player tilemap unless you use a hack that already has him inserted as a base.
I mean you need to use the tool, Player Tilemap Editor to change which tiles the game uses to build Mario. SMB3 rotates his head towards and away from the camera as he walks, whereas SMW Mario's head stays static as he walks. You need to change that and some other frames if you want the graphics to look like they did in SMB3.
There should be no side effects if you're just changing the graphics and editing the player tilemap.
Even the trash can needs a good breakfast.
Originally posted by internoob

Climb and dodge for a 1-up

More like position yourself on the fence directly in front of the cannon and get 99 1-ups.
Deleted Pac's graphics hack yet again.
You're still able to hop back into the water back there and get the Koopas to respawn, but you do have to work a little bit harder than with the Bullet Bills, I guess. It remains a 1-up factory, but it involves a tiny bit of effort now.
Getting rid of the water would make gathering 1-ups slightly more difficult. You could still jump off the net, bounce off a Bullet Bill, then bounce back on, but that would require more effort still. If you want to completely eliminate the 1-up factory, you wouldn't put cannons anywhere near a climbing fence or water, but most players really aren't going to expend that much effort.
I'd say Alternate Mario World has as much right to be there as SMW Redrawn.
hackerboo's "Crazy Color hack" has been rejected. It was a .smc instead of an .ips, so that's automatic deletion right there, but it would have been rejected anyway, since it was just the original game with uglified palettes.
Boy, a lot of people sure do have problems with Bowser's palette. (It's really not arranged very logically) Make a custom palette and arrange row D like so:

transparent, white, black, dark green, medium green, light green, two unused slots, dark grey, light grey, dark red, medium red, light red, light orange, medium orange, dark orange.
I think mikeyk just ripped the sprites graphics from their respective games without really worrying about their palettes. I'd personally recolor them so that they match up with SMW's default palettes more closely, but that can be a lot of work and a lot of them would still require custom palettes.
Erm, yeah, feel free to rip either my Snifits or brambles. (I can't guarantee either to be exactly what you're looking for)
Ooh, lot of interesting stuff here. Original Music is a great thing indeed and all the tracks are enjoyable. I especially like the main overworld track. Ooh, and SMB2 underground theme worked into the underworld map. Me likey.

Walking bush enemies? What do they do?

That background can be a little tricky to work with. It looks like the shading on the clouds is lighter than the white of the clouds themselves, so you might want to tweak that a bit. What's with the brown question blocks?

I'm not really a fan of ground pound enemy gameplay-wise, but I love the idea of scarred Thwomps.

Is the baby Urchin a wall-guided Fuzzy/Sparky? I had the same idea but haven't gotten around to using it in my game yet.

Nice work double-sizing the Goomba. (I find it kind of relaxing to blowing up enemies then cleaning up the pixel work. Heh) I'm pretty sure the pinecones are falling spikes, but what's the bee do?

I've loved this level since I saw a video for it. Mixing big and small gas bubbles is a fine idea.

I remain impressed with all the new level icons on the overworld. Is the white outline on what is usually a shadow on the border intentional?

So yeah, this game looks to be coming along very nicely. The variety in the levels is a very good thing and I have no doubt you'll be able to make each of the 11 worlds worth playing through.
Reluctantly rejected.
Unknown's New Super Mario Bros. deluxe has been rejected.

NSMB Dx is truly a bizarre little hack. The author's taken graphics out of my NSMB Remake, Lost World, and Toad's World and made for the most part original levels. (He obviously used several NSMB Remake levels as bases, though) But the thing's full of glitches because the author didn't go to the trouble of properly setting up all the graphics from those other games. He couldn't be assed to remap Mario's tilemap (ducking Mario's headless!) or any of the enemies I'd changed, so you get bizarre instances like shelless Koopas flashing into poison mushrooms when they shoot out of their shells, then reverting to original SMW shelless Koopa graphics once they start walking. (WTF? I made NSMB styled shelless Koopas he could have used)

Half the exits don't work properly, so you end up going to level 0 a lot. For some reason, level 0 is a poorly constructed Peach Cruiser which is three screens long with multiple bonus games, with only the first one actually functioning. He screwed up the map, so this is the level you enter if you press a button on the space you start on.

The furthest I could get was the World 3 fortress. The level ender in Bowser Jr.'s room doesn't work, so there's no way to continue. I'd almost like to fix the errors in this and host a working version of the game here, but sadly, it's locked and unlocking it causes plenty of graphical screw-ups. So yeah, I'm never all that happy about deleting something that uses my graphics, (ego and all that) but this is too glitchy to host in its current form.
Yeah, and I don't think the creator of Mario Fantasy would like that. <_<
I think he said he didn't want anyone to unlock his hack and/or steal anything from it...

It's come to my attention that Mario Fantasy's Mario and Yoshi sprites have been uploaded to the site. Hopefully these will be deleted soon, but I'm going to ask anyone who downloaded them not to use them. They're being distributed without the author's permission.
If the graphics were up on a Japanese site, then they were put there without the author's permission. (I don't know about the Barrel Cannon or Marx, but the Mario and Yoshi graphics for sure) He contacted me and asked that they be removed from here, so I'd like you guys to respect his wishes and not use them.
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