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The coin turns into a whole Koopa head? That shouldn't be happening.

If some sprites are getting slightly messed up by Koopa heads which take up a whole 16x16 tile instead of leaving the upper right corner of the tile blank, you can fix those by remapping some other stuff. The sprites which use the blank space in the upper right corner of Koopa's head are 10 point notations, jumping Piranhas, and portable springboards. (There might be more, but that's what I can remember right now, so I'm going with that) You need to remap those sprites so that anywhere they're using tile 83 they use tile 69 instead. (69 is another blank tile used by the water splash) So specifically, you need to change:

x12F4D [83 83 83 83] 10 point notations

x9E25 [83 83] Portable Springboard

x9DC1 [83 83 C4 C4 83 83] Jumpin' Piranha Plant
Ah, OK. Changing those 83's to 69's at 12F4D would fix the 10 points problem, but I guess you found another solution.
Banzai Bill's attributes start at x157D4. There are 16 bytes there, all ending in 3's. You want to change the 3's into 7's to make it use palette B.
Here's a video which shows how to get the secret exit.
Editing and, for us mod types, deleting reviews is broken. It looks like the comment numbers are linking back to the old site. If I hit "edit" for Zondekel's review of Brutal Mario, for example, the text says:
This was a good base hack but if it was with more elements of SMB3 like the desert the ice cave and fortress and water zone and a bunch more like a remade SMB3 version of mario and luigi thene this would be a perfect SMB3 redrawn hack becasue no level design was left out and chacter's would be in a new style of SMB3.

Which I would imagine is an old review for SMB3 Redrawn.
TheRealUltimateYoshi's Boosylvania has been denied approval. It was a ROM instead of a patch. Just out of curiosity, I tried out the first level, which was a Ghost House with Fishin' Boo and a bunch of those huge green bubbles. Mario disappeared, as did Fishin' Boo, and I died when I touched, um, something. Set your sprite memory properly, people. Oh, and learn to make patches.
I believe that changing sprite palette 7 will only change Bowser's colors in his still picture during the credits. Smallhacker also made a tool which you can use to change Bowser's palette, SMW Boss Battle Palette Editor.
Hmm... be grateful you got so much feedback before I noticed this, psyfirefly. These are pretty obvious 105 and 106 edits. Clear out the old levels and build something new from scratch, please. Um, closed and stuff.
So, I have to disapprove Reini's Mario's Destiny, since the Yoshi's Island 2 equivalent is impossible to pass:

I'm assuming that's supposed to be a Silver P-Switch instead of a Blue one. Without it being the right color, there's no way past that line of munchers. Always play through your levels before submitting them. I'll also add that this hack has the worst loading times I've seen since Super Mario Infinity, but I guess that can't be helped with all the pieces the levels are made from.

EDIT: Aw, crap. Now that I look at this again, I see that there actually is a Silver switch hidden elsewhere and I simply didn't explore the level well enough. Entirely my bad. I apologize, Reini. Please resubmit.
All the unused levels are like that. You can use level 112 for something else if you want. There's no telling what the programmers were going to do with that switch palace in the original game, and speculating about it isn't really the purpose of this forum, so...
All right, I finally got around to moderating the ROM Addresses, but someone else will have to take care of the RAM Addresses. And yeah, it would be rather nice to have a reminder on the front page that there are Addresses that need to be moderated.
"Mod" is actually probably a better term if you're just modifying the levels and not personally making any changes to the game's code. If there's more to your project, then make a thread about your project as a whole instead of just posting another 1-1 remake video.
All right, let's try removing a hack that actually deserves it this time:

Mario41001's "SMW Bling Boo's Wrath" (That's a typo for "Blind Boo" judging by the name of the patch) has been denied approval. Mario dies in the opening demo when a shelless Koopa falls on him. You can press start before this happens to start the game, but the opening message never comes up in the intro level, so you're stuck there forever.
Gah! The moons! That's unacceptable even for a bonus area. While this is an improvement from the previous level video you posted, running at full speed and jumping between note blocks is still too difficult for most people. You're obviously the exception if you find doing so easy. You're not really showing any receptiveness to criticism, so I'm closing this.

There's a palette error on that climbing Koopa. See the big black spot on the back of his head? That should be a highlight. Make sure that color 8 of your custom palette is a light peach tone instead of a black.
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