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Heh. I do spot problems with stuff I've made a lot easier than something ripped from somewhere else.
yourself's "Return to the Mushroom Kingdom" has been denied approval. The graphics are a mess throughout:

title screen


first level

If I was going to guess, I'd say this was caused by some kind of error in using the HDMA kit. This is obviously going to require fixing before it's playable.

Moving on, Mario41001's Blind Boo's Wrath has been disapproved again. This version did fix the problems with the first one (the opening demo and intro level actually work) but there are new problems. The map screen allows the player to walk to most of the levels on the map, and as far as I can tell, there's no reward for completing a level:

The first two levels are short and foeless. The third level starts out in a ghost house, heads out to a bridge, then goes to a castle. The castle looks quite familiar:

Modified version of the opening hall of Morton's Castle.

Next room is another part of Morton's Castle.

We then move on to a long hallway full of Magikoopas, Bowser Fire, Flashing Shells, and virtually every other enemy available. Unfortunately, when you get to this section with Thwomps:

The game freezes up. So for that, I have to decree this game unplayable. No idea what would cause that, but it needs to be fixed anyway. A more goal-oriented overworld and original levels would also help matters.
Yourself, are you sure you're using a clean ROM to make your patch? All three versions of your hack that you've submitted to the site have had horribly garbled graphics for me. (I was just about to delete the two versions waiting to be moderated for that reason)
The death frame looks like Yoshi's fireball? That's odd. Yoshi's fireballs are tiles 04 and 2B, and Spike's death frame should be A0 by default.

The death frame should be stored here:

LDY $15EA,x
LDA #$A0
STA $0302,y

so you'd change whatever the value was for "LDA #$xx" to A2.

Most people who want to give Lakitu SMB3 graphics delete the dust cloud graphics in GFX00 entirely and then paste Lakitu's cloud tile over his body tile in GFX02.
Here's a video of a hack with a whole bunch of different types of Bullies:


I posted a comment asking the guy who uploaded the video if he remembered where he found the hack, but for some reason he deleted my comment. I'm interested in playing it, but googling the title given to the video only turns up the video itself.

I did stick some Bullies into Ludwig's Castle in Lost World. (It's not an actual new level, I was just testing the idea of them impeding the player's progress as a spiked ceiling is falling) I think the graphics I made for them for Lost World are slightly better than the older ones somebody uploaded as ExGFX here, so feel free to rip those. Here's a link to the Bully sprite itself. (I'm not sure if it's included in the latest version of Sprite Tool...)
Three disapprovals tonight:

Giga's "Mario's Wacky World" because events don't work on the overworld. After you complete the custom blocks tutorial level and the unnecessarily repetitive Yoshi's House equivalent, there's nowhere else you can go. I'm still not a fan of all the custom blocks whose functions are not well-indicated by their graphics, but the lack of a functioning overworld is the true reason for this rejection.

Mario41001's "Super Mario Quest For The Star World" because there's simply nothing to it. It has three areas: "Mario's Pad," a one screen house made of cement blocks which you just exit off the side, an unchanged Yoshi's House, and "Pipe Central" a longish SMB3 pipe maze level with very few enemies or obstacles. More substance, please.

Yourself's "Return to the Mushroom Kingdom" patch is finally functional now that he's found a clean ROM, but it would appear that he used darklink's hack as a base without permission, so I'm removing it at darklink's request. Yourself, if you want this hosted here, either talk it out with darklink or make levels that aren't based on his hack.
Um, OK, I guess. Keytastrophe is finito.
Guess I'm deleting Mario's Destiny, then. And after all the trouble we went through getting it up...
Question answered, so closed and sent to basic.
For a level ender, have you tried out Smallhacker's "Beat Level Instantly" block in the custom blocks section? I don't think it'll do exactly what you're looking for (I've never actually used it) but you wouldn't have to deal with goal points.

While YI Shy Guys probably fit better with SMW's control scheme, I'd be super psyched to see SMB2 carryable Shy Guys. I'm surprised no one's attempted to code those yet, now that we have the carryable egg for a base. I prefer SMAS colors for Shy Guys, but if you're having more than two varieties of Shy Guy, Koopa colors might clear up any confusion on which type does what.
I guess if the man doesn't want to share where he got the hack, there's no way to force him. Would a Japanese hack use the name "Bowser?" I thought he was called "Koopa" in Japan and then what we call "Koopa Troopas" were "Noko Nokos."

I don't really think those Bully graphics fit with SMB3 sprites, and had I known people were going to have different colors of Bullies, I would have colored the Bullies themselves differently so that the palette swaps would have looked a little better. My newer graphics handle palette swaps much better and are more accurate to SM64DS art, I think:

Originally posted by alexnobody
I request the deletion of NSMB remake demo. It is not only a remake, but a poor one at that. Bowser Jr. is a Charging Chuck, numerous things are replaced with springs, and spots are left in where you need to wall jump, even though you can't. It just demolishes everything SMW and NSMB stand for in a single hack.

Yes, I did see a request like this near the top, but I don't know what the response was. Either way, I added some more reasons.

Oh no! A remake that isn't completely accurate? We'd better delete Super Mario Bros. DX, Lost Levels DX, and Super Mario Bros 2. DX as well, since they're not exactly like the games they're based on. I really don't understand why the existence of this hack offends you so, alexnobody.

I remade the game as accurately as I could in the time limit I set for myself, and that meant making sacrifices like not coding an actual Baby Bowser sprite or actual pipes which shoot the player upwards. (Not that I have the ability to code such things now, either) And please, point out a place where you got stuck because you couldn't wall jump. I do plan on releasing an update with some fixes to world one and some new levels from world 2 pretty soon, but it's still not going to be up to the ridiculous standard you've set.

I can understand wanting to un-feature it. It's short and has several graphical glitches. I thought it would be helpful to feature it since it has a new Mario and some original environmental graphics which people can rip, and it has some value as a base hack. But completely deleting it? That seems unnecessarily harsh for something that has more changes than many full hacks hosted here.
I've always thought the score to be completely useless in SMW and wouldn't personally be bothered not seeing the points collected from the timer, but I can see wanting at least some sort of fanfare for beating a level. I love the double sized Goombas. No way those should be changed to look like SMB3 Goombas. I hadn't checked mikey's youtube account for a few days. Ha ha! I guess we play the waiting game for him to release all those SMB2 sprites...
You can jump on Bullies without taking damage in SM64 and in their SMW custom sprite form, too, which has never really made sense with those horns. I guess they're pretty blunt.
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