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I didn't make all the graphics. There were a few rips available at MFGG when I was working on it, so I used those wherever possible, but I did still have to color reduce them and touch them up to get them to work with SMW's palettes. I was watching youtube videos to see the levels themselves because I didn't own the actual game. I've been able to fix all the earlier inaccuracies by viewing the levels with Treeki's NSMB editor, so the next release should be better.
I'm thinking the next version might go up to the world 2 tower. I'm just kind of picking at it every now and then, so a release isn't exactly imminent.

Are you sure that version's glitch free, darklink? There's no text to the intro message, and you start off at Yoshi's Zoo instead of the old starting point. There are unrevealed paths above and below Yoshi's House, so you'e able to move on to Death Peak or go back to Forest Maze, but there's no way to get to the old first level, Shy Guys' Domain. If that's all intentional, I'll change them out.
Exactly. You're perfectly able to use a hack as a base if you have the author's permission. When has there ever been a rule against using open source stuff? And why in the world would you find it strange that anyone wishes to provide the public with resources, alexnobody? mikeyk could have kept his sprite hacking knowledge to himself and been the only one with custom sprites, but instead he chose to make Sprite Tool and allow everyone to enjoy them. S.N.N. could keep all his music making expertise to himself, but instead he fills all sorts of requests. I can't program, but I'm a decent pixel artist, so allowing people to use my graphics is my contribution to the community.

I just don't understand this aversion you have to graphics work, I guess. It's all well and good to put hours of work into good level design or an ASM hack, but if you spend the same amount of making original graphics, you haven't done any work at all? Graphics are part of the experience of playing a video game, whether you like it or not. So yes, a good portion of the work I put into the NSMB remake was graphical stuff. Your idea of a perfect NSMB remake is something that has NSMB's exact physics but SMW's graphics? Well, I'm not capable of programming such a thing. So sorry.

Really, I'm not going to delete this hack, so I can't see that anything fruitful's going to come of cluttering up this thread discussing it. If you actually want to help improve the NSMB Remake instead of just whining, hit me up with a list of the "many things that are wrong that could quite easily be changed" via PM. Of the two suggestions you've already made, firstly, there was no Boom Boom sprite when I made this. One exists now, but it's not publically available, so even if I got permission to use it, I couldn't include a sprites folder like I did with the first release. Secondly, the "dead end" you cite is not a dead end at all; it's an alternate path to get a Star Coin.

Gah, this is entirely too much typing for what was essentially an abandoned project anyway...
Are you using a custom palette? If you change the tones on the right half of palettes 9, A, or B, that will affect the berries. If not, check address xC546 and see if the values there are [02 04 06].
Ah, if you want to go five digits, that's address 0C546, then. But yeah, if the berries are showing up correctly when you don't use ExGFX, that's not the issue anyway.

You're absolutely sure that the berry tile is exactly the same in the ExGFX file as it is in GFX01? Because it really sounds like the berry's been recolored to use the left half of the palette. Palette 9, which the red berry's colors occupy the right side of, is grey. palette A, which the pink berry uses the right side of is yellow. The dark grey stumps me, though, because palette B is blue.

If the graphics are exactly the same, that would be very odd for the berries to be drawing their colors from the left side of their palettes instead of the right only when you use ExGFX.
All right, replacing Luigi's Last Desire. Just so you know, though, there's an exit which takes you to an endless bonus game at the end of the vertical climb with all the Chain Chomps in Prehistoric Secret.
darklink: Ha ha! OK, replacing again. I'm going to assume you've just fixed the exit, since I don't think I want to play through the game a second time just now. I'll also get rid of the original Triforce Island.

EDIT: OK, so now that I try out the newer version of Luigi's Last Desire, it starts me out on the map at Prehistoric Cave 3, which is the end of the demo, so I'm reverting it back to the previous version until you can change that.

Inky: Yeah, Ultima Mario World's been sitting there for a couple of days now. Seems like I had reservations about it when I played it, but I guess I'll just go ahead and approve it and get rid of it if people find too many problems with it.
I'm denying approval to hackerboo's "Super Mario Bros Reloaded." What he's done here is taken Pac's SMBDX and just changed the text and shifted the overworld around. The overworld has all paths revealed already, so you can just walk to any level you want, and they don't seem to be arranged in any particular order. There's absolutely no reward for beating any level. What's worse, the levels are still exactly the same as the ones in SMBDX. The hack looks and plays fine, but that's only because it's Pac's game. So um, yeah, taking someone else's hack and leaving it exactly as it is except for wrecking the overworld isn't exactly what we're looking for.
Yeah, there's nothing like that in the ROM map, sorry. In the future, if you see some information like that that interests you, add it to your personal notes right away. If you do find the address, go ahead and submit it to the ROM map here so that others can take advantage of it.
Funkymunk: You must have forgotten to change the level, because you can beat the fortress and get glitchy events to activate. This doesn't really affect gameplay, I guess, but yeah, you probably should have made at least a complete world before releasing a demo.

darklink: Um, I hate to say it, but that's still starting me out at Prehistoric Secret instead of at the beginning of the game.

SuperMarioSquig: All right, getting rid of first Tetris World demo.

delmaru: Yeah, I've considered deleting this one myself, but I've relented. Bramble Invasion is too hard to be anything near fun, but I suppose it does all work properly. Do we delete functional games simply because we don't like them? Let's get a couple more opinions on this...
Now that one works. Replaced.
All good points, Dispari.

We do have to judge hacks on a case-by-case basis. Some hacks we grandfather in on the basis of historical value, even if they'd probably be rejected if they were submitted new today. I get as sick of playing the original levels as anyone, so I have no qualms about killing a hack that just has levels that are slight modifications of the original game. Ugly cement block levels are more of a grey area for me. If they're original and they're not glitched up, I feel less justified in destroying them, despite their obvious suckitude. Same with hacks that are too ridiculously difficult. I don't like them, but there are people who live for super difficult stuff, so those hacks were made to cater to them.

Heh, I guess I'm probably the most lenient staff member when it comes to hack moderation. If it looks like some effort has been put in and I can't find any glitches that prevent the game from being completed, I'll generally let it stay, even if I don't like it very much personally. Whereas Link will torch anything that's not fun, and I do admire that.

But if I'm not liking a game, I do look for any excuse I can find to nuke it. A recent example being Reini's Metroid-themed hack, which was difficult enough that I really wasn't having fun, so the first glitch I thought I encountered, I stopped playing and denied approval. (And then had to take it back when I found out it wasn't an actual glitch) And on the other hand, if I'm really liking a game, I'll let it stay despite discovering glitches which should technically disqualify it. (It's possible to get stuck in a few areas of RamzaNeko's games, but they're nicely done otherwise)

So anyway, can I honestly see any value in hosting Bramble Invasion? If it weren't for the (possibly stolen) ExGFX, this would just be two levels made of cement blocks and Munchers. Meh, I wouldn't be at all sad to see it go, and I'm thinking the author's already got all the useful criticism he's going to get. I'm going to look over the other hacks uploaded today and get back to this one, I guess.
Denying approval to mariounite2's "?" on the basis that the patch doesn't work. You get a glitched up Nintendo Presents logo, then the game freezes on a black screen.

Deleting Mario41001's "LUIGIS ADVENTURE" because this patch doesn't work, either. Same story, glitched up logo followed by a crash.

Mario41001's "Luigi's Adventure Updated!" has the same problem as his previous patch, so that one gets deleted, too.

Deleting zuper mario's "Mario & Mt. Everest." Mario dies in the intro, stupidly running into a pit of Munchers right off the bat. If you hit start before this happens, there's no message in the intro level, so you're stuck there forever.
You can make a rudimentary background by putting decorations like cloud tiles on layer 1, but you can't have a full background as normal.
If you want rain, you can use ExAnimation to replace the air tile and still have a background. (The rain doesn't fall in front of blocks and terrain if you use that method, however)
The tile you'd want to input as the "destination" in ExAnimation would be F8. If you change MAP16 tile 25 to use use four different tiles instead of repeating tile F8 four times, that would allow you to have more detailed rain graphics.
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