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Someone submitted some older Bully graphics I'd done in the ExGFX section, or you can try using these:

Requesting graphics is not the purpose of Advanced Hacking, so I'll kick this elsewhere.
Always a joy to see a good speedrun. I'm impressed with how much difference the music makes. This really does seem more like a new game than a typical SMW hack. Those Ivies are tricksy little fellows, blending into their environment quite well. Do you have the priority on them set so that they'll go behind all scenery, or do you just always place them behind the short bushes? Also nice to see what a monument level is going to be like. Even if the boss is something as simple as a couple of Chucks, it still adds a nice feel of importance to the level.
There's a Rex disassembly which comes with Sprite Tool. Here's a sprite based of Rex which you can modify. It's pretty easy to edit his HP, and it wouldn't be too hard to to change his graphics so that he didn't shrink when stomped. The only thing that might be difficult is figuring out how to make it so that he activates the end of the level after beating him.
Typed the address in wrong, sorry. I suppose you could modify the original Rex and use it as the boss and then use the custom sprite as a normal Rex, but that's the opposite of how I'd do it. What do you mean by "lightning?" The Sumo Bros.' lightning bolt which explodes into a wall of fire, or just flashing and thunder in the background. Ghettoyouth made a custom sprite to generate the second kind.
Grab the key at the beginning of the level. Carry it here:

and either use the invisible note block or bounce off the the Swooper to get to an upper path. Jump between the floating rocks until you get to a vertical pipe, which will take you to a new area full of Super Koopas. Carry the key until you get to the keyhole. You can break the bricks surrounding the keyhole by throwing the key at them if you're small.
You could have tried searching the name with google. "Super Mario Zone" turns up four results, none of which is a hack, so I'd say you're in the clear. And honestly, if there was some obscure hack that already had that name, you could go ahead and use it. None of us own names here. We'd just differentiate with "manaphy87's Super Mario Zone" and "randomguy's Super Mario Zone" if need be. Closing.
Actually, both of the Bully sprites I've made use Lost World palettes, which are 16 colors. (The original SMW doesn't have all the grey tones for the body or the light and dark oranges in the horns) Here, I'll color reduce these to use the original game's palettes:

Separate graphics are necessary depending on whether you're using palette 9 or one of the other palettes.
YY-Chr edits graphics, not palettes. Click the rainbow star icon to open the palette editor. Iggy Koopa uses shared palette B, which affects all blue sprites. So if you edit this palette, it will not only affect Iggy Koopa's colors, it will also change Blue Koopas, Rex, Rip Van Fish, Urchin, and all other sprites which are blue.
I'm deleting $hadow$'s "Luigi Returned." Apparently, it used an old hack of Ice Man's, "Super Mario's Quest," as a base without permission. (Ice Man's old username is still in end credits) Stealing other people's work is a no-no, even if you use it to create original levels. Yeah, it's nice to have ExGFX all set up for you when you go to create your levels, but you need to get permission first. $hadow$, if you'd like this to be hosted here again, either talk to Ice Man or start over in a clean ROM and rip your own graphics.
Originally posted by Dispari Scuro
We've been putting them behind layer enabled scenery... how would I go about setting their priority?

I'm assuming you could just change the priority bits of the tile properties, but I have a poor understanding of how they work. You could probably look a Piranha Plant's properties and copy what you see, since they always go behind the scenery.
Learn everything you can about pixel art. Look around for some tutorials to teach you the basics. (Here's a great one I just found) Zoom in close on professional sprites and on good pixel art such as that showcased at pixeljoint and try to figure out what it is that makes the art so good. Utilize custom palettes to give yourself 15 colors to work with instead of eight. (It can make a big difference) Always use a reference when you're drawing something. It'll turn out better than something you just attempt to draw out of your head.
Kaboomba is basically a walking diagonal Bullet shooter, so you'll need to remap either diagonal Bullet Bill or Spike to avoid them conflicting.
I can't take any credit for the tutorial other than spending five seconds googling it, but I'm glad you find it useful.

Originally posted by Boing
you don't really need Photoshop, I was able to do that stuff in MSPaint.

Photoshop is overkill for pixel art, but I find MSPaint to be a little too limited. Something with the ability to rotate at something other than 90° angles is really useful, and layers can help out a lot if you're trying to animate parts of a sprite while leaving other parts untouched. (Moving limbs in front of the face, for instance) I use a program called Graphics Gale which actually works a lot like YY-Chr in its control setup and palette management abilities, but has a lot of nice extras like layers, the ability to snap to grids, and of course, animation.
I can delete it. Looks like you got a very helpful review, so I'll go ahead and repost that so you don't miss out on the advice:

Originally posted by Kyoseron
I just finished playing the hack all the way to the end, and I must say, it was definitely worth it, especially since it is hyreforgling's first SMW hack, and was quite awesome for a first hack. This is my first review, by the way. (Warning: long review.)

As you go through the game, it gets a lot more tricky. The first level was a bit easy like it should be, the second one was pretty good (except the music blocks glitched in graphics when I jumped on them), and I'll admit I fell for the P-block trap at the beginning of the third level D:

You have castle design down to a science, even though this is your first hack. Timing is everything in both of them. The first castle was more difficult than the second one, so maybe change the order of them in the final release. Now how many times did I get killed by the falling walls near the end... hmmm... These castles take much concentration to finish, and that's how a boss level should be. Excellent.

I appreciate this hack even more because you don't try to use a whole ton of ASM to make it great, but rather, push SMW's already built-in capabilities to the limit. Also, I like the GFX tweaks you made to the coins, and the little "YAY" when you earn an extra life. You also made power-ups quite rare, and lives hard to get, which add to the challenge, but it's rarely frustrating.

Don't be afraid to add custom music and more of your own graphics (since you're pretty good with drawing) in the final, and be sure to decorate the early linear levels since the first two were average. The game got pretty good after the third level, and addictive at the first castle. Everything should be relatively easy to transfer.

ASM is optional, but you don't really need it since you're familiar enough with SMW to bring out the best in it.

My rating: 8.5/10

+ Pros:
+Tricky traps when you least expect them
+Excellent castle design
+Short, sweet levels that still test your reflexes
+Nice personal touch with the Yoshi coin - looks like a palm tree medallion and looks right-at-home with other SMW GFX
+The secrets are VERY well hidden in the ocean levels
+No overload of cheap power-ups, Yoshis, or moons, but rather BALANCED in how many there are. (in fact, I only found one feather and none of the other two) :D
+The title screen was well-done in my opinion.
+Ninja Mario!
+Difficult but not frustrating - it can test your patience, though.

- Cons:
-Early levels are linear, undecorated
-Second level's music blocks have glitchy GFX when you jump on them
-Bonus room colors - Yellow and blue - maybe change the yellow to something that doesn't scream.
-I think there was one blind jump, and make sure the player knows to jump up in the Not-So-Big Cliff level so they hit the teleport block and not fall to their death. Coins as a guide? ^_^

Fixing those flaws should be a piece of cake since they're minor. Take your time with the final because many of the demo ones were impressive, and I'd be surprised if you can do better than that. The first castle was an epic win. You have the right idea.
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