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Ah, goody. I thoroughly approve of this new policy. I've been sporadically deleting some of the more idiotic comments, but I'll be doing more thorough sweeps of the reviews now.

A review can consist of just two or three sentences if need be. It doesn't have to be a thorough discourse on every aspect of the game (although that would be great) but it needs to be more substantive than "lol awesome 10/10" or "too hard."
Nice work on these. Fang's especially useful with its different flight patterns, and I'm thinking the Cloud Drop could make for some nice gameplay possibilities, too.
Don't rip from Mario Odyssey.
Deleted BMann7000's "Super Mario World - Mario 2007." The patch doesn't work properly, so all it does is mess up the checksum and otherwise leave the original game exactly as it was.
The user with the name "BMF54321" got banned because he wasn't the real BMF. You can only rip another member's graphics if you have their permission. (I'd rather not get into the whole argument about it being acceptable to rip from professional games but not from amateurs. Just don't, OK?)
A couple of deletions this afternoon:

goldenyoshi8's "super mirror worlds" - This is a ROM.

DarthRiko's "Super Screwed Up World" - To quote the hack descprition:

Originally posted by hack description
dis is teh bestest haxxor eva! tis 1 is eva betta than brutal mario. LOLOL!!!!11!! Lets see u beet tis 1.

Seriously, this is just a stupid hack I made. I don't even expect this to make it past the moderation stage. It is actually a bit difficult to beat, just because you can't see anything.

So yep, it's not making it past the moderation stage. Near as I can tell, this is just the original game with all the graphics screwed up. It is really hard to see what you're doing, so I'm not testing it further than the middle of Yoshi's Island 1.
The castle destruction egg is the same one used in the levels, so changing one will affect the other. You can replace the egg in GFX13 with sword graphics, and then use an ExGFX file with egg graphics in the proper place in any level where you can get Yoshi.
It can be sometimes be difficult to come up with a lot to say, especially if the hack's really good, but it's possible to point out specific things you like in a review, such as "Excellent music. I really liked the tune used in the first boss battle." I don't think three sentences is unreasonable, but I guess there's no point to padding out a review just to get it up to length. I'm not personally going to delete something that's actually helpful if it doesn't quite reach a length requirement.

Originally posted by AtomicShroom
I recently edited one of my comments into a full review, but it got deleted. Why?

Most likely accidental. I'm almost positive the only comments I've deleted have been little two word replies or completely off-topic stuff, but I suppose it's possible I might have clicked to delete the wrong review at some point. Um, rewrite it if you can remember any of it, I guess.
There's already an ASM Hack request thread in the Advanced Hacking forum. Use that.
Denied approval to internoob's "Super Mario's Great Adventure." The patch didn't do anything. Do you people bother to test these things?
I never saw Goosebumps, (Was that originally on Fox Kids on Saturday mornings? Doesn't really seem like a good timeslot for a scary show...) but I watched Are You Afraid of the Dark? every Saturday night back in the day. There are a lot of episodes I enjoyed, but I think the only one that actually scared me was the one with the evil clown. I was totally able to figure out the twist ending to The Sixth Sense because I'd seen the Are You Afraid of the Dark? episode that M. Night Shyamalan stole the idea from.
Why does Dry Bones grow a pair of arms before it throws its bone? (The throwing frame doesn't go with SMB3 walking graphics)
OK, Great Adventure removed.

Originally posted by EGGsr4EGGpeople1
I never liked Kirby world, it sounds great because it's kirby, but when you play it... yeah.

Any reason other than not liking it?
What is "SMW:OM**?"
Its body is drawn in a completely different style and the Dry Bones somehow sprouts boots on its feet when it stands on its hind legs. Don't be lazy.
Ha ha! Why would anyone turn the letters "FG" into asterisks? OK, that's what I thought, and that hack hasn't been hosted here in a while, so request fulfilled, I guess.
Oh no! Over-ratted! I hope the rats don't start breaking open the eggs and eating them!
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