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Personally, I've been using snes9x for about 2 years now for my ROM meeds and it's been great. When I've been playing ROM hacks however, Zsnes tends to run A LOT better. I made the total switch recently and I'm enjoying less crashing and less sound bugs. I presume though when creating a hack it needs to be compatible with Zsnes and snes9x (and Bsnes is the other, i think?)

Love Zsnes now, going to keep using it, but when I recorded Mega Man X I used snes9x, I have yet to test its full recording capabilities...
Personally, I agree with the thought of it being just a scare tactic. There will always be people who say the end is coming, and there always has been. They have never been right; what makes this one so more convincing then the others?

We should all be able to live to 2020 and not have to worry about this.
The Ai for survivors in Deadrising 1. I wouldn't say it ruined the game but it definitely caused a lot of unwanted frustration when trying to save 50 of them....I have a lot of bad memories of that... #w{=(}
Originally posted by leod
Originally posted by DDM295
when creating a hack it needs to be compatible with Zsnes and snes9x (and Bsnes is the other, i think?)

Wrong, the only requirement is bsnes (and thus the real SNES console), you can completely ignore both ZSNES and SNES9x when creating a hack.

Really? Well that's good to know for any hacks I may end up doing. I'm gonna guess that making sure it works on all 3 is still a good idea though right?
I chose 'DDM295' due to originally having a 'Tube of the You variety' channel name called 'darkduckmovies'. I then naturally shortened it and added the numbers to correlate to my Birthday.
Originally posted by Zero-X
LOL and OMG aren't even real words.

They have become my arch grammatical enemy since people started saying them in real life. Over the internet it's fine I suppose, but in real life just actually 'Laugh Out Loud' or say 'Oh My God'.
Besides 'Super Mario World' (oh the irony!) I have been also playing 'Hogs Of War' which is a terrific rip off of 'Worms' for the PS1 and 'Monster Hunter Tri' for the Wii. Needless to say I find MH3 incredibly addictive and to boot, has the best online facilities for the Wii to date. Pure Awesomesauce is all I can say to add to that.
I used to play minecraft with my friends on an online server we made. It was really good fun until we started having wars on it and griefing each other and using cannons to blow up our structures. Now they all take it WAY too seriously. I actually put up a sign at the spawn point that says 'remember, it's only a game'.

Since then there have been significantly less wars, I think we work better but I've got bored of it, which is ironically a reason I found this forum; the internet is full of strange plot twists 'aint it?
On the subject of the 3DS one, I am totally stoked for it. I heard it's back to the classic battling elements from the first two (which are some of my favourite RPG's of all time). Super Paper Mario was a neat new experiment, but I felt it was a little...washed out, trying to combine RPG and platforming into one experience. Love the Baby Yoshi from Paper Mario TYD, cute and deadly.... #w{>=)}
What is funny is that usually after seeing an advertisement somewhere, I will be less inclined to buy the product, just because the ad annoyed me so much.

Now I have Adblock Plus for Chrome, so the ones on Youtube are finally gone! Hours of my life saved!
I used to really enjoy shooters, especially Halo 3 and play it a bit too much to be healthy. Then I stopped playing for about 4 months and came back to find my skill significantly unpolished (I could still beat all my friends, they were not the best Halo players about. :3 ). I would sometimes mess up, and my team-mates would go ballistic taking it way too seriously, even though I never truly had a choice to be on their team as match-maker is meant to keep everything balanced and ultimately decides the teams. I then started playing lone wolves. To be honest, too many people play FPS' to win and not to have fun. It is a GAME after all, not a job. (unless you are MLG or something.) Why can't people just be cordial and polite on the internet, even in the middle of a virtual war, then I would still be playing to this day.
I usually have a glass of milk before bed, although it's not compulsory. I then go to the toilet, so not to be 'interrupted' through the night. At 10pm I go up to my room, check my wardrobe (I have absolutely no clue why, force of habit I guess.) and then turn off the light shut my door for total darkness, and finally lie on my stomach until I dream about zombie invasions and the like. I wake up naturally at 6:45am for school days and 7:30am in holidays. I rarely don't sleep all the way through the night.
I am anticipating it, but I won't rush out and get it on launch day. I would rather wait and see if it truly is worth the price tag. Defiantly one of the titles I am more excited about this year. I thought Portal 1 was new and interesting, and I just hope they can keep that up with 2, it's got a lot of hype to live up to.
To be honest, I don't truly hate a game to the bottom of my soul, every game has strengths and weaknesses, positives and negatives etc.

If I had to say the game I least enjoyed, it would have to be 'Shrek's Treasure Hunt' for the PS1. It was a dull item collecting game and I remember disliking it due to its repetitive structure which just involved collecting indiscriminate objects that had nothing to do with Shrek. I'm just going from memories though, it has been a long time since I have ventured down that dark tunnel of movie spin off games.

Seriously don't buy it, I was obviously a silly 6/7(/8?!) year old to think it had merit enough for my saved up british pounds.

I was also looking through the collection and I found my mom had bought 'Barbie Race And Ride' for £20! Big mistake is all I can say. #w{=D}
Called My Rayquaza 'Slash'.

I also called my Charmander 'Squirtle', must have confused Bug Catcher Mike or whoever he is.
My friend bugged me to watch this for days so I finally did and I gotta say, it's pretty good, especially when racked against a lot of cartoons made today.

if you want his exact words:

'Dude, you have to watch the new 'My Little Pony Cartoon', then we can be bronys (is that how you spell it? Sorry if it's wrong.). It's awesome sh** for hardcore mother fu****s!'

He actually said that, how could I argue back against that? So yeah, I need to watch more but episode 1 was pretty enjoyable, though I wouldn't call myself a 'Brony' quite yet.
I remember in year 8 (that's about 12-13.) my friends and I used to watch it every break for a month or so and were obsessed with it. Since then, I haven't even glanced back at it; I just don't find the extreme violence so funny any more. Guess that's one of the gripes of getting older, not so easily amused. I can definitely get why people would like it though.
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Huxellberger's Profile - Posts by Huxellberger

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