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-I found Whitney in GSC to be incredibly easy contrary to what many others say.

-Megaman BN4 is my favorite out of the BN series.

-I can never find myself playing as long as I did in my first playthrough in my second playthrough of a game.

-In Minecraft when I get really bored I grief structures on my server.

-I played through Megaman 10 on easy mode because I fail so hard on normal.

-I sometimes RP in-game by myself.

-If I'm losing in any Smash Bros game I just KO myself to die in honour. XD

-I find Pokemon B&W to be boring in general, feels to empty and there's not much post-game material.

-After first visiting the catacombs in in Creepy Castle in DK64 I never went back in there ever again, except only once years later just to get those Golden Bananas.

-I love Yoshi's Story and all the fun and happy stuff in it. =3

-I make so many new towns in Animal Crossing that I've lost count.

-I've D/C on people a few times more so out of being bored of playing the same stage/mode/etc over and over.

-I do whatever it takes to get my coin star in Mario Party 3, even turning on my friends by stealing their coins or killing them off in mini-games.

I do agree that swearing has gotten a little out of hand from time to time, though I don't see any reason to stop people because its their choice to swear or not. I myself swear but only when I'm really pissed off but other than that I almost never swear outside of that kind of situation. I do find it annoying though when your talking with someone and every sentence has a F***, Sh**, etc in it.

I saw that video today, full of epic win.

I'm currently playing Megaman Battle Network 6 Falzar version. I've been trying to complete all the requests to battle Protoman FV. I keep getting bombarded by ElementmanSP everytime I need to goto the Skytown net area. =P

This summer I'm going to the Bahamas for a week with my family, then after that there's just free time. I'm hoping to release a small demo for my pokemon hack in that time, and do more stuff than I did last summer which was just lazing about.

I use the SMW Central - Menu Right, I don't know why, I just like it.

During the week I spend about 15-20 minutes a few times a day, on the weekends however it depends on if I feel like it or not. =P

When I first got my braces all I was able to eat was soft food like pudding and liguids like soup. Anyways the day after my cousin's family and mine both went up to my aunt's cottage for the summer. One day at lunch thinking I should start to eat somewhat more harder foods, I ate a bread bun but wasn't able to chew it well which lead to choking. Luckily my aunt knew the heimlic manuever and saved my life. After the whole ordeal everything felt surreal for the rest of the day.

Originally posted by Mue
I believe (my theory) that most people here miss school is because of the fact that you don't see your friends anymore as much. I mean, think about it. Everyday you're surrounded by your friends at school and other people, now that you're at home and that your friends are likely to have gone to different colleges/universities, that's what you miss. At least, that's what I'll really miss when I leave this year.

Meh, this year I'm graduating, I'll miss some friends, but I'll keep in touch with close ones. As for the rest of the people at my school, not so much, they were never really that 'nice' to me anyways.

I've been playing LoZ: Oracle of Seasons I got a few days back, currently I'm just taking a break with the story and exploring with my lovable Moosh trying to find some piece of hearts.

For me it's the Machine Gun, it was my main weapon on my first playthrough of Cave Story. Plus it deals tons of damage in a short amount of time at the expense of a ammo loss.

I'll be on a shopping trip with the family, and at midnight I'll probably watch whatever movie is on TV. The next day I'll probably get a chuckle out of a few fanatic people runing around the streets.

I've never had a girlfriend, and I"m glad I haven't had one in high school. For one thing it is pointless and never truely love, except on rare occasions. Secondly from what I've seen there is to much drama tacked on with having a girlfriend. Even now that I'm graduating next month from high school, I don't expect to have a girlfriend in college. I'd like one since it'll be a mature enviroment but I doubt it, I'm more of a guy that is seen as a friend by girls.

I have a job, being a dishwasher at a restaurant. It pays well for what I do, but this summer I might get a second job to save up money for books for college this fall.

Also today is my prom. :D At first I wasn't going to go at all, but after enough asking to go from my friends I decided to go. Kinda nervous though, and excited. Anyone else have their prom soon or this year?


Well like I said, at first I didn't want to go, but got pushed a lot into going. But now that I think about I don't mind. Sure there are people who only go for the drinking and crap. (At the after-parties, BTW) But not everyone is there for that, some people want to have a good time. I don't find very surprising how negatively people feel about it, that seems like a widespread reaction to it. Anywho I'll decide for myself if prom was good or not tonight.

I agree with that, the music is going to be mainly that mainstream junk. If song requests are allowed, I'm going to go up every once in awhile just to get some variety in the music. =P

I like the layout Daxter, the windows border looks neat. Anywho I had great time at prom and such, and I don't need a suit till graduation next month. For now I'm going back to learning C# to at least make a basic form for my WL2 level editor. I'm maybe 2/16ths through the book I got on it. XD

I didn't mean Windows, I meant how the post is enclosed within a dialog or whatever its called window. I should've worded it better. :P

Its been hot here for the past two days, which is much welcomed considering the past weeks where filled with rain. I've been so tired that today and yesterday as soon as I come home I just fall asleep till the next day. So hungry... :P

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ElecRenzor's Profile - Posts by ElecRenzor

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