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Started playing MMBN4 Blue Moon again, currently I'm on Continue 2 and at the Castillo Park storyline. I tried to make a better chip folder but failed. Anywho I'm on my way to find those lost employees.

Originally posted by losoall
Originally posted by ElecRenzor
Started playing MMBN4 Blue Moon again, currently I'm on Continue 2 and at the Castillo Park storyline. I tried to make a better chip folder but failed. Anywho I'm on my way to find those lost employees.

I got to say, i thought the fourth was the least of the six (or seven, if you count 4.5) games. Just felt annoying playing the storyline 3-4 times to finally get all the Souls or what ever it's called (I can't remember at the moment, but you needed all six of them to access the darker parts of the Undernet)

Well I guess I like it since it was the first of the BN series I played, I do agree that some of the repetition is boring, especially the Shademan storyline and the point collecting bit which is coming up soon. But at least the difficulty is upped each playthrough until a certain point where it is constantly hard. Overall I like every game of the BN series with a slight dislike to BN6's easy bosses.

Originally posted by crobat231985
Alright, thanks for the recommendations guys.

Also, I'm looking for some new NES and SNES games. I usually play either platform, puzzle, rpg, or fighter games and want to try a combination of big-named titles (Metroid and Kid Icarus for example) as well as some of the more underrated games (can't think of some off the top of my head) Any suggestions?

If you have a Wii there's a neat little platform game on the VC by the name of DoReMi Fantasy: Milon's Doki Doki Adventure. Its pretty interesting for a platformer and very engaging. Plus it has some awesome music, IMO. Just a word of warning it is an export game that isn't translated, so if you don't mind that then it should be okay.

I think I'd be okay if the elevator got stuck, hopefully I'd have something on hand like my DS to keep me from getting bored. If I didn't I might panic or fall asleep from waiting. I'd probably freak out though if the elevator stopped in a building that has maybe 10+ floors. It nearly happened once at the 38th or so floor at my grandma's apartment building, luckily it was just the elevator taking a long time to open the doors.

Well hopefully you at least manage to get something together. I've got many reviews for exams these next few weeks and after that graduatuon. Luckily I only have 2 exams.

Save states haven't really killed gaming for probably because I use save states more for testing others or my own ROM hacks rather than using them while playing through ROMs.

I can't say I've had dreams about SMWC, nope nothing of the sort.

Today is my last day at my co-op and its really quite sad. I thought everyone or at least most people would be here but on my walk to the place my supervisor drove nearby, then shouted she was heading out and would be back by the time I leave. So here I am all alone at my co-op since everyone else is out too, on my last day. *sniffle* =P

Hehe, I haven't gotten a PM as of yet, but probably because I haven't done much in the community hack-wise and such.

I use it only for HTML and if I've been away, then come back to check if someone might have posted a similar response or answer. Although, I really need to start using it for checking over the post to see if I haven't made a mistake. I usually see an error after posting and then I have to edit it.


Speaking of exams I have my final one today and then I'm done my first semester in college with has been arguably a perilous and tiring experience. I'll be so glad when I'm finished today I'll be free! ...for 3 weeks. :P

Neosz that sucks, I mean unless she had mentioned beforehand to be prepared just in case then it might be different. But to fail a student because they weren't ready to present on a day they weren't scheduled to present on is a low blow. You should tell someone higher up about this because that isn't right at all.

Actually it hasn't snowed that much here at all with only the occasional flurry but other than that nothing. Although I don't mind because shoveling is a pain in the back, literally.

Eh, I like the idea and still try to believe the spirit in it but for the most part, no. It's kind of funny it wasn't because anyone told me or I found my parents wrapping the presents, it just sort of clicked in my head the truth behind the Claus. :P

Originally posted by S.N.N.
The only thing I really asked anyone for this year was Skyward Sword. Other than that, I'm pretty satisfied (and even without that, I'd be just as satisfied).

Honestly, the older you get, the less you tend to care about receiving stuff.

Very true, it was actually a problem writing my own list since I came across a few blanks on what to put on it, but I did manage to put something together.

-Super Mario 3D Land

-Torches album by Foster the People

-Skyward Sword for the Wii (Wii Motion Plus)

-Paprika (Really want to see it)

-Amnesia: The Dark Descent

-Hooded Sweaters, etc.

I don't undestand why I asked for Amnesia but something compels me to play it.

So very nervous at this moment, my marks for this semester are being posted and it was a rough one. So far I've passed all my classes, all except one which I'm waiting for the prof to post the mark up. It's clawing at my brain just waiting to see if I can move forward. D:

In other news, finishing up my Christmas shopping today.

It's been nine months and eleven days for me, although much of that time is mostly lurking and occasional posting. Here's hoping I actually start working on something soon.

Hmm for me it would be my Gr.10 Math class and my Gr.11 law class. The teacher I had for math was not only very nice but gave some interesting projects for us to work on. If I recall one of my favorites was how trigonometry is in specific jobs and what not. Much better than my later math classes.

My law class was interesting too, albeit hard but fun nonetheless. We went on a few trips to the Toronto courthouse (Not sure of full name) and probably one of my favorite parts of the class was the mock trials we did.


I've done a few jigsaw puzzles when I was little, but they seem to have slipped out of my attention as time passed. The only recent jigsaw puzzle I've done is those Bottle challenge puzzles from B-K, lol.

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