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This is indeed turning out to be a nice hack. but I might be able to help(Musicwise)Because I know in Zophar domain there is SPC files for the game known as Yoshi's own opinion is that A Yoshi's hack team should freely experiment with different music while at the same finding some use for the music from Yoshi's Island.God Bless you all and good luck with the upcoming hack.

P.S and here is a link the Zophar Domains SNES SPC Files
I am honestly wishing I was playing the demo for A Yoshi Quest For The Golden Eggs right now, and from what I read so far from this post it sounds like a promising game and for five reasons

1.A Five Star Plot STARS:*****

2.Gameplay that is almost like the orignal Yoshi's Island

3.Top quality level design

4.Unique enemies and bosses

5.Expert ASM Codework

and need I say more?
Before I became a member,I used to come to this site as a guest
and I read the old thread and saw the youtube videos of this hack.
I think I killed this thread and therefore I would like to apologize to you,A Yoshi and Kaeru for accidenly killing this thread.I am really sorry about this happening.
I think in that case you guys may need one more person to help you out,I am not neccessarly offering my talent,but I am currenlty making a SMW hack and it so turns that I happen to be good at designing levels.PM Me if you guys think it worth the risk.
Just so you Guys know I am currently woking on a SMW Hack With Classical Graphics.I was working on this hack for almost a year before I joined you Guys, at least just so you know.but I Do have a list of what I done so far and here it is:

Overworld And Submaps Design 0 Percent

Level Designs 80 Percent

Plot 50 Percent

(My plot is still somewhat halfbaked,but it has somethings to do with Mario possibily returning to Subcon)

and here are some maps of level I designed

I apologize but I am afraid That Imageshack is being an ****ing
***hole and therefore you will have to download these pictures

I finally got Imageshack to work and of course now I got a few photos of level one



Be warned,Because these photos are sorta out of date
But I would like someone to help with overworld designing.

and before I go back to working on my hack(Which I have been working on since the midyear of 2007)Here is a photo of the title screen

I currenlty need someone to redesign the overworld and submaps
because I suck at overworld designing when it comes down to getting the events to work right, If you help me I promise you will be credited in my hack (which has a Subcon Theme)PM me if you want to.
Thank god all three of you are not dead! :)
I almost lost hope in this rom hack when I saw all these updates.
Keep up the good work you three!!
Well Bluemoon,that level look very well make {concept-wise}
but I hope I don't make you angery by recommending that you could
use castlevania 1 Level 3 music for that level in you SMW hack
(I had the song "Wicked Child" In mind when I saw that)
I hope I am not being rude or anything....
But I would like to see more screenshots of levels in this hack
because srceenshot of ExGFX don't tell me how far you got with this hack. because to me,progress counts the most(And I learned that the hard way)I know you are a good level designer by looking at the screenshots of the levels you designed so far.please don't dissapoint me now.
At MWC:I hear you buddy. :)
well MWC You are offically Hired and I will try to send you a copy of my Hack as so as I can.
I would rather go with the last resort because it took me some time
to fully put in the racoon mario patch (1/4 of an hour to put in)
And I would not like too work with mario's GFX all over again.

Edit:Since I can't Double post when I really need too the most
I Now got a list of the places in the overworld that will be in my rom hack and without futher delay,here they are!

World One:Yoshi's Paradise
World Two:Subcon Savannah
World Three:Aqua Caverns
World Four:Destati Mountains
World Five:Frosty Woods
World Six:Pirhana Plateau
World Seven:Mystic Skyways
(To replace the Star Road and
give Castle Seven An area in subcon)
World Eight:Realm of Darkness

Secret World:The World The Never Was
(Strait Outta Kingdom Hearts Two,This
will replace the Special Zone and It will
prove to be a plot device for the sequel
to This Hack)
Since I can't Double post in my own thread
I got some new photos of my hack, The New Adventures Of Super Mario
and here they are

This is a pictures of level two

and this one is a picture of the first castle
Does this remind you of something?

Another Picture... WTF STH Green Hill GFX w/ SMAS SMB 1-2-1 Background

This is the second half of castle one and it a lot harder than the first half considering the medium speed left to right autoscrolling
and the horizontal flying koopas and the thwomps.
I am staying with the classic smw mario because I like him,wheter you like it or not.
The second screen is supposed to be a reference to SMAS SMB 1 and
I Know the koopas do not fit well and therefore I will probaly wind up
having to revert them back to Classic SMW GFX(Which I will seriously regret doing unless someone can help me out here)but I would like some comments on the third and fourth screenshots just so I can know everybody's opinion 'cause right now I am redoing all of my levels with ExGFX so you guys might want to PM me if you want the current version of my hack and of course I had not got a PM Reply from MWC
yet,and to think he offered to design my overworld and I gave him the job and promised him he would be credited for his work.
I think this would be a good song for a boss fight it if was convert into a spc file for SMW,I hope this is not a was of your time but i am requesting this boss fight theme from Kingdom Hearts One(this theme is called Shrouding Dark Cloud)

and this on is the theme for Hallow Bastion from Kingdom Hearts One,I think this can be converted but it would be a worthy challenge, even for S.S.N I know this can be used for a castle or a ghost house.
FYI:I got some new screenshots from my rom hack(I am still hoping that MWC is checking his PM's because I sent him not one but two

I think that enough now to hold you guys off till next time I post
oh, and by the way those are all photos of world two-level one in my hack.
I just heard from MWC.apparently he accepted the job,but let this be kbow from here on out,that this is now OUR Hack.MWC and I are going to be working together on this hack, and just so you know I learned how to do both foregrond and background ExGFX so yes I am going to have levels with ExGFX.I don't Have any ASM Knowlage but I hope you will all enjoy OUR Hack.
...But Before I go I have some new screenshots of Our hack and this time is Level Three of World One

and yes I am aware That I have used Broozer Mushroom BG for this Level
and I promise I will give credit where credit is due.(Meaning that I will give credits to everybody that I borrowed ExGFX From)
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