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Posts by XolifreX
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Hello there, I'm XOlifréX and I need help :)

I'm making a castle where are browser statues that spit fire.

But the problem is that I can set that the fire hurts mario, but when the fire is not visible anymore it still hurts mario, and thats not what I want. I want that when the fire is not visible anymore, it doesn't hurt Mario anymore.

If someone knows how to make that, Can you please tell how to, or give me a toturial video (you don't have to, but that hould be very awesome :3) or give me a toturial doc file. :)

Anyways, this pic comes from my hack that I'm currently working at 'Super Mario Bros The Little Islands Adventures'.

I don't know yet when I'm going to rellease it. but its Far from done, so it will be probebly take more then a year before its done. (Sometimes I take a break for like 2-3 Months.)

Anyways, thanks for reading and help me if you can :)

Youtube channels: XolifreX, TheOlifreStar96.
Nice, but you've forget MKWii. You can hack it with SZS Modifier and CTool.

Youtube channels: XolifreX, TheOlifreStar96.
Hey there,

I would like to add a sprite or something that let spawn a sprite at the spot were I placed the thing that let the sprite spawn.

I would like a goomba Spawner:
(Pic from SMAS SMB3)

And I would also like to have a Bomb Omb Spawner:
(Pic from Luigi's Adventure 3)

I've tried to find it at my own, however I was unable to find one.
Also I didn't realy knew what kind a thing I was looking for.
Is is a generator? or a normal sprite or a block? I don't know.

Would someone please like to help or give me the right file for the spawner? =)

Thank you.

Youtube channels: XolifreX, TheOlifreStar96.
Waow it works!!

Thank you very very much, guys! =D

Youtube channels: XolifreX, TheOlifreStar96.
My Level: (without a SMW rom, sorry for that <:$ :( )

Its called Stardust Puzzle.
It has 1 Exit and 2 Pipes to go in.

Enjoy :) :)

ErsanEdit: No linking to ROMs:
Do not submit illegal material.
This includes commercial music, video, ROMs and software and anything you do not have the rights to distribute.

Youtube channels: XolifreX, TheOlifreStar96.
Waow, what an awesome hack Yoshis Fan :D
Great Job.

I'm doing a Let's Play of this hack on Youtube
If you want to follow it, here's a link :)
Subscripe to me if you want and enjoy it :)

Youtube channels: XolifreX, TheOlifreStar96.
I already posted this, but:

Be sure to follow my Let's Play of this awesome Yoshi's Island hack :)
And also subscripe to me if you liked it andhave a youtube channel. :)

I will do more SMW hacks in the future.
Thank you for the guys that're going to subscripe :)
That realy helps me out allot. :D


Youtube channels: XolifreX, TheOlifreStar96.
I have a (big) problem with AddMusic405.
Its kind of a fun breaking error.
Watch this video.
It shows you what happends and what I do to insert my music.

When I use this program, and I use a p-swtich while I enter a pipe/door, it always freezes. :(
That's kinda a problem for Ghost Levels. ;s

Does someone knows why this happends? Or does someone know what I do wrong?
I'd really apriceate it! :) :)

PS: this also happends when I use HuFlungDu's Addmusic v4.05.02


Youtube channels: XolifreX, TheOlifreStar96.
Oooh ok,

Thanks guys for all the replys :)
I'm going to use your advice now and see if the error is fixed. :3



Youtube channels: XolifreX, TheOlifreStar96.
Ik wist eigenlijk niet dat er zoveel Nederlanders op SMWCentral zitten :33

Nu alleen nog een paar Belgen vinden zoals ik. x)

Youtube channels: XolifreX, TheOlifreStar96.
Realy nice tutorial! :o
Learned a lot from it! Keep up the great work!

Youtube channels: XolifreX, TheOlifreStar96.
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XolifreX's Profile - Posts by XolifreX

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