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Great thanks !
And also :
1. if it is possible, how should I do ?
2. So I'm waiting for a kind person to link this patch.

1. Ok, I think I'm going to give up this idea...
2. Thank you ! But the springboard was just I wanted to use ! HAHAHA
*both laughing and crying*

I always wanted to know : Why there are paths on the original SMW that don't appear in LM ? (I'm just talking about the one in Forest of illusion and the two in Choco island)

eh... I've another question about sprites :
Is sprite status of Yoshi equal to #$08 ?
And also :
Is it possible to replace a original sprite, like the poison mushroom in spritetool ? I know there is something about "sprite acts like" detailed in the readme of spritetool, but...

How can I disable them ?

Originally posted by Shinnok
Assuming you know to change these values on a hex editor

Yes I know do it.

Thank you !

Originally posted by Shinnok
Hope that helps.

Of course ! ^^

Well, if you want to make it more "illusion" or "mystical", yes, the first is better.

But... It should start today or it is just me ?...

Originally posted by The Heavenly Haunter
If anyone is curious, the next contest will be a "Create the Scariest Ghost House Level" contest, starting on the 8th and running for 12 days

Originally posted by The Heavenly Haunter
Hey guys. I know this might come as a shock to you, but there are 24 hours in a day.

Technically there are 23 hours 56 min and 4s... :P

I really like your BG :)

Too bad, I will not enter the contest, I have had recently a lot of .... eh ... "to do" ? well, I have great ideas, but it seems to be impossible to make my level in two days. :'/

Good luck to the others.

Ah ! ça y est, tu as posté ton hack dg ? tu as calmé ta soif de post ?
Bon je vais essayer d'y jouer si j'ai le temps ^^
Mais c'est petit comme message par rapport à ce que tu nous as bassiné sur lunariville ;) je plaisante.

OK dg, but when I posted you hadn't edited yet !

Mmm... En anglais... bon.
Well done for your sky-time level, it's nice, but have you think at a single level without pipes ? I mean, I can help you (I think) to delete the pipes and makes it look like the first level of brutal mario.
En français : As-tu pensé à faire un niveau dont les palettes changeraient en fonction de l'avancée de Mario ? un peu comme le premier niveau de brutal mario... Je pense que je pourrai t'aider à le faire avec un peu d'ASM. Ca rendrait peut-être mieux, non ?
C'est à toi de voir.

Oh my god, you're a god !
This code help me a lot, thank you !

@Jimmy52905 : the block you created... I already made it for my hack. It's nice you submited it. I also found this bug and used the same method to prevent it. But there is another bug : when you pass the block, the screen is slightly moved. However, this doesn't appear when you force the player to go back in the level ; I mean if he is going back in the level and touch this block, we can't see any difference.

I found this by watching an IRC discussion.

Nose : I ound this topic by watchig an IRC disussion.

Maybe I have a too big nose XD
By the way, my keyboard stinck, I haven't realized it <_<
Edit : oops I haven't seen I added a word...

I love you <3

I've never learned so much in one day! And it's when I wanted to do hdma.
Very helpful, thanks. :)

One question:
LDA #$3F ; enable color math on everything 
STA $40 
LDA #$02 ; use background color instead of subscreen layers 
STA $44 
LDA #$1F ; Put all layers on the main screen 
STA $212C 
LDA #$00 ; No layers on subscreen 
STA $212D

2130 wb+++- CGWSEL - Color Addition Select
s = Add subscreen (instead of fixed color)

Why LDA #$02 STA $44 will make use BG color instead of subscreen layers if regs.txt says s = subscreen instead of BG color ?

There are some bugs I found when I make a gradient effect affecting other layers :
- when there are too many sprites, flash color appears ;
- the gradient appears on the game over screen :/

Any way to fix them ?

EDIT : error #2:
'...not the one at $7FA000...' (indirect hdma)
'!FREERAM = $7FA100'

I wonder how I could have got a such screenshot, because it appears for one frame, but then here it is:

The gradient is supposed to be like this:

(by the way, it appears at the end too, so it may be cool to get rid of it when 'course clear' :) )

Another glitch: completely screwed up level exit:

The code :
REP #$20 ; 16 bit A 
LDA #$3200 ; $43X0 = 00 
STA $4330 ; $43x1 = 32 
LDA #LVL1RED ; get pointer to red color table 
STA $4332 ; store it to low and high byte pointer 
PHK ; get bank 
PLY ; 
STY $4334 ; store to bank pointer byte 
SEP #$20
LDA #$08 ; Enable HDMA on channels 3 4 and 5 
TSB $0D9F ; 
LDA #$3F ; enable color math on everything 
STA $40 
LDA #$00 ; use background color instead of subscreen layers 
STA $44 
LDA #$1F ; Put all layers on the main screen 
STA $212C 
LDA #$00 ; No layers on subscreen 
STA $212D
RTS ; return 
db $2D,$00 
db $80,$00 
db $03,$20
db $03,$22
db $03,$23
db $03,$25
db $03,$26
db $03,$28
db $03,$29
db $03,$2B
db $03,$2D
db $03,$2E
db $03,$30
db $03,$31
db $03,$33
db $03,$34
db $03,$36
db $00

Oh and I'm happy, I've finally succeeded to make this V-Scroll effect, the desert effect :D

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S.L's Profile - Posts by S.L

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