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Will you continue? I didn't saw you a looooooong time now....
this hack is fuckin* godlike...i have to play now, i've found no bugs yet.
let's hope for some great music ports and exgfx, i decided to make a new large hack.
will use the icy gfx fg in my upcoming hack.
looks great, i will use it :)
Originally posted by Underway
Thanks a lot guys. Also sorry I completly forgot to take a new screenshot of the second ExGFX so here is the released version:

i could cry. this level design is so godlike, i wish i can make levels like these too... ;(
Originally posted by Jeorge535

Moria: With practice, you will be able to #w{=3}

i have the practice of 1 1/2 years ._. i'm only able to make kaizo hacks with cool exgfx etc.
looks interesting, i'll play it :3
great... wanna play it
i saw some posts from eshroom corp but i can't delete them i'm a human i need 1,5 seconds to load the page and klick on "delete"...
great! i'll use some stuff in my hack
Originally posted by The Dark Plumber
It's probably because of the time of the day. Just wait until when the traffic is usually high.

in germany it's 2 p.m. now :P
i'll test it out
downloaded it yesterday. i should play it now cause it looks just epic and i'm sad #w{|o}
are they everywhere or only in the C3 topics?
next C3 i'll post something too |-O
looks GODLIKE. i have to play it now. can i use the kirby-spike-gfx for my munchers? credit would be given too...
i made it trough...that was really good. i need more! i love IWBTG- or SMB (super meat boy)- like hacks, the idea with the saw-placement was good too...looking forward for the next demo ♥
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