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I don`t know is that the right forum, but I have a question. I`ve seen some videos tutorials for Lunar Magic, in which the toolbar has icons from the patch Super Mario World Redrawn. I don`t know is it a special version, or an Easter Egg. Can you tell me how to do it?

Edit (07/22/16): If it wasn't plainly obvious, this is my first post. Please note that it was made in 2011, over 5 years ago (as of 2016). Back then I could not speak English well and I was generally really dumb. If you're reading through my posts, expect nothing but childish remarks for the first couple of pages. Please do not let said pages influence your general idea of me, as I am completely different now. Thank you.
So, I'm using Lunar Magic 1.90 and XKas GUI. I imported the Darken Pause and The Goal Fade Remove patches. Everything is in free space. The only problem is that the game freezes evey time a custom sprite comes in-screen. And yes - I'm sure that nothing's glitched, because I'm using a newly-imported free space. Can you tell me what's the problem? Thanks in advance!
Thanks! I will try it out!
Originally posted by Iceguy
Are you using the free-space finder in Xkas GUI? It's known to be buggy I think so you shouldn't use it.

But yeah, just scrap using Xkas GUI altogether. I've seen many threads where people have issues with it patching certain patches.

1. I used the Free Space Logger (Slogger)
2. I tried the normal version of XKas... Same problem.

EDIT: I tried another free space and it worked! Feel free to close this thread.
Let me help you. So firt, download Lunar Expand and the Free Space Logger (Slogger). Download the normal version of XKas. Expand your ROM with Lunar Expand and then drag it on the slogger icon. Look in the created text file. Look up in "Size". Search where it says "0x8000". That is free space. Copy the LoROM offset and pase it into the patch, where it says point that to some free space. Open CMD and navigate to the directory where XKas is. It's better if you have the "Open Command Promopt" command in the right-click menu. Into CMD, type in "xkas.exe PatchName.asm ROMName.smc". Using that trick, you can apply even 5 patches, that need free space.
Hi there! Can you help me with something? How can I change the player to Luigi and only Luigi? Like, the name on the top, the palette, the "MARIO START!" text? If it needs ASM, then just tell me the codes. I'm not posting this as a suggestion, because it's multiple things. Credit will be given to everyone helped me.

P.S.: I will apply the "One OR two players only" patch.
Originally posted by MSAhm3d59113
Originally posted by ROM Map
013DB $00:91DB 1 byte ASM Change it to D0 to switch the "Mario/Luigi Start"

For palettes, I don't know of a simpler way other than overwriting the other palette.

For the status bar, use Status Effect, selecting the right palette and overwrite the old 'MARIO' in place for 'LUIGI'.

e: For the palettes you could try using a hex editor, and replace all values under Mario with Luigi's values:

Originally posted by ROM Map
034C8 $00:B2C8 20 bytes Palette Mario Palette
034DC $00:B2DC 20 bytes Palette Luigi palette. Colours 6-F of palette 8 while small, big, or caped Luigi.
034F0 $00:B2F0 20 bytes Palette Fire Mario's palette
03504 $00:B304 20 bytes Palette Fire Luigi palette. Colours 6-F of palette 8 while fire Luigi.

So, I will change the text, but I don't understand anything. Can you just tell me to where to jump to and what to change? Thanks in advance!
Originally posted by Wormer21
Isn't easier to copy Luigi's palette in LM and paste it to a level without custom palettes? I think it'll be much easier and you won't screw up something.

Okay, so here is what I did:
1. I copied Luigi's palettes into Mario's palettes.
2. I changed his name in the status bar.
3. I changed "x13DB" to "D0". Now it says "LUIGI START!"
4. I applied the One Player Only patch.

Now, Luigi works perfectly fine! Thank you for all of you help! Admins, feel free to close this thread.
Originally posted by KingOlaf
The Rom is already expanded. I already inserted 7 blocks in it, that's why i wonder why this problem occures.

7 blocks? That's why the problem occurs. When you insert custom blocks, they go somewhere in the ROM. You just ran out of Free Space. Try using Lunar Expand and everything will be OK.
Originally posted by omegazeroINFI
Originally posted by telinc1
Originally posted by KingOlaf
The Rom is already expanded. I already inserted 7 blocks in it, that's why i wonder why this problem occures.

7 blocks? That's why the problem occurs. When you insert custom blocks, they go somewhere in the ROM. You just ran out of Free Space. Try using Lunar Expand and everything will be OK.

just wondering but how does 7 blocks force you to run out of freespace?
i doubt those take up anymore then a 20 bytes each, then again, i dont know much about byte sizes

Well, 7 blocks are too many. 2 or 3 will not cause a problem, but 7? Oh, and if they're some kind of exented, then there's no doubt on that you ran out of Free Space. Specially if you've applied XKas patches.
Hi there! I accidentally used Map16 Page 2 for custom tiles. The problem is, that I know you must leave that page alone. Well, I can move everything, but I have some custom blocks and that will be a problem. I've heard somewhere that there is a way to disable the special bahavior of Page 2. Can you tell me what the key combination was? Thanks in advance!

P.S.: Everything's bahaving and looking propertly, but I want to be sure nothing will mess up.
Originally posted by Maxodex

Hey, thanks! It worked out very well! Now I can continue my hack without worring something can happen!
XKas GUI is really, really buggy. Use the Slogger to find free space and use the normal xkas. Just open up the command prompt, navigate to the directory XKas is in and type the following:

Originally posted by the thing you need to type in
xkas.exe PatchName.asm RomName.smc

Hit <ENTER> and everything should work.
What is HDMA? And how do you use it? Seriously, I have no idea, but I've heard it can cause some cool effects.

P.S.: If HDMA is a short for something, can you tell me for it stands for? Just like RTS is a short for Return From Subroutine.
Originally posted by yoshicookiezeus
You are in luck; this basic HDMA tutorial was posted just a day ago.

Oh, wow! Thanks a lot!
Okay, problems again. When I hit the goal point, it says

How do I change that? Same with the file names. I want it to be or "Luigi 1 etc." or "File 1 etc.". Which editor should I use?
Hey, that will actually be a nice hack! I can't wait until the realease!
To mods: Please close this thread!

Luigi lost in Telinc's World is the hack I'm doing right now. Some of the statistics are below:

Levels, as it follows:
-Albatoss Island (100%)
-Bulletly Lake (100%) /Secret Exit: Recharge Area/
-Mini Airship (100%)
-Barrel Volcano (100%)
-Wendy's Fortress (100%) /Currently thinking on a secret exit/ Forget this.
-Platforming Madness (100%)
-Blue Path 1 (100%)
-Blue Path 2 (100%)
-Blue Path 3 (99.5%)

Overworld: Kahani Island, for now.

One day, Magikoopa teleported Luigi into Telinc's World. He is unable to get out. You must find Telinc, so he can send you back to Mario's World.

The big offer
Don't miss this! If you want this hack to become a collab., then P.M. me! And don't worry - I don't bite!

This is for now. Any new updates and changes will be posted here.

Update No. 1: The title screen demo is slightly chnaged, so there are no longer 16 pixels of cut-off.

Update No. 2: The title screen demo is completely nuked.

Update No. 3: Some level names are completely changed.

New! Support my hack, by adding this into your signture:

It will appear as this:
Originally posted by camoslash
Yeah grey block spamming doesn't look too good... Well you should use the SMW logs for the airship, maybe change their palette to a dark brown instead of having them yellow. But I like the set up of the status bar =)

So, there's an airship tileset in the ExGFX section? Good to hear it! I'm also glad that you like the status bar!
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