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What you have so far looks very good. Also, on the offhand chance that you didn't decide on the name for the level, try "Vestal Hollow." It pretty much means the same thing, but without the possible negative connotations. ( is a wonderful thing.)
Sorry, I guess I just wasn't paying attention.
School doesn't end until next Thursday for me, but we are apparently celebrating already. When I left my Drawing elective class and came back, I saw that they had taped a senior girl to a chair.
I have been recently working on my first serious hacking attempt, but AddMusic is giving me an incredible amount of problems. To start with, I used the -se command because about half of the songs I am using require the N-SPC Patch. However, the songs that required it didn't work and crashed the game when I left the level. I noticed that MORE.asm wasn't in the AddMusic folder, only MORE.bin. I downloaded it from the Patches section of the site, and tried to patch it manually with Xkas GUI. However, Xkas refused to even start the patching process, and told me that there was a problem with my .NET framework. This is unusual, because it worked perfectly when I used other patches. I then tried the -se command a second time with both MORE.asm and MORE.bin in the folder, and it seemed to have worked because I got one of my songs that required the patch to work perfectly. However, when I selected music for my OW, two of the songs I picked refused to function. One of them required the N-SPC patch, while one did not. Confused, I tested out all of my level music. Most of it worked perfectly, but a few of them played at about half the right tempo, one of them played at about double the right tempo, and a few more didn't work at all. Strangely enough, some of the songs that didn't function correctly weren't even listed as requiring MORE. As someone who knows literally nothing about ASM or music, I have no clue what to do. Could someone suggest how to resolve the problem? If so, I will be very grateful.
All of the songs I'm using have a header like that, but with slightly different values.

$ED $80 $6D $2B
$ED $80 $7D $00
;-- END OF HEADER -------------------

Should I change the $2B to $68?
I fixed the header for the OW songs, but all of the weird problems are still there. If there isn't any way to fix this, I could start on a new ROM or get rid of the songs that are glitching on me. I'm just wondering if problems like this are normal.
I didn't use any other AddMusics on this rom, and the MORE.asm is the one submitted by Ultimaximus. However, I used a different command prompt for inserting the music. It told me to do

 AddMusic.exe Romname.smc -i AddMusic.ini 

Was that wrong?
OK, thanks. It works perfectly now. I'm not sure why the readme specified that I use a -i command. Maybe I read it wrong.


T like hell! Evan fled like he had never fled before, screaming for help all the way. He felt guilty that he was abandoning his beloved Pokemon, but he really didn't want to die. However, he realized that his panicked efforts to escape were in vain when he felt a metallic hand grab his shoulder from behind. He gasped when he saw that he had been caught by a cyborg, one that looked like an ordinary Japanese woman of about 30 or 40, but with metal arms and legs, and one mechanical eye. He was reminded of RoboGeisha, a horrible Japanese B movie. Desperate to survive, Evan did something that he had promised himself that he would never do. He...
GeminiRage, that's a cool idea. In fact, if someone does that, it might be cool to have the title screen after the credits, but with all nature and no technology.
Considering how unusual this theme is, I'm glad that an experienced level designer is making it. Anyway, the name Fantastic Elastic is just fantastic, but I'll propose a few names for the heck of it:

Chateau Carom
Sproing Stronghold
Vault Villa
Rebound Redoubt*

*Redoubt [ri-dout]
1. An isolated work forming a complete enclosure of any form, used to defend a prominent point.
2. An independent earthwork built within a permanent fortification to reinforce it.
For the swamp castle, I'm not sure that the music inserted in the ROM would fit in a level with a Castlevania feel. (Which I'm sad about, because that was my favorite composition made for SMCP2.)

Anyway, if you want an idea for a potential gimmick, it would be interesting if the water was corrupted/polluted/dirty and hurt/killed you, but you could "purify" it for a certain amount of time somehow. It would fit with the theme of the hack.
Actually, my idea was that Mario couldn't swim in the water at all, until he purified it for a limited amount of time. Kind of like one level in Brutal Mario. I'd include a video link to the level, but I can't remember which one it is.

Anyway, it was just an idea.
To be honest, I like the brighter one on the bottom more.
I agree that the solid girders should be lighter than the walk-through ones, but I really like the level's concept and what you have shown so far. Anyway, here are some suggestions for names:

Stratosphere Sauna
Risky Resort
Aerial Auberge
Salvo Spa
Just a quick question, but are you planning on having part of this level take place outdoors? I think that starting outdoors would suit this level very well. I'm not sure why, maybe it has something to do with the music.

Anyway, I like the graphics, but the little spaces between the bricks look a little weird. Maybe its just me.
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